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Competing Rights in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Last edited 16th August 2017

by Margaret Somerville


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Vatican Shuts Down Fountains as Drought Hits Rome

Last edited 25th July 2017

While Rome reels from one of its worst droughts in decades, the Vatican is doing its part to conserve water by shutting down the city-state’s 100 fountains.


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Wisconsin Company Three Square Market to Microchip Employees

Last edited 24th July 2017

A Wisconsin company is to become the first in the US to microchip employees.


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6 Tips For When You Experience Low-Key Rejection

Last edited 20th July 2017

Whether it’s being blown off by a friend, not getting the job we applied for, or being left on “read” by someone we care about, low-key rejection stings. In fact, it sucks. Especially when it’s something that’s not major enough to force us to stop life in its tracks, low-key rejection niggles on in the background of our life like a sore tooth, not necessarily bad enough to stop and fix, but bad enough to hurt us all the same.


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Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue is Becoming the Most Dangerous Wonder of the World

Last edited 16th July 2017

DOES Brazil’s Christ shed a tear looking down over the sadness below him? It’s a question Rio de Janeiro’s residents ask as they gaze up to what has become the most dangerous wonder of the world. Last Friday the steep 4km Corcovado jungle trail to the giant Christ the Redeemer statue was closed the day after a Polish man was stabbed, one of 58 people to have been robbed along the trail in just 10 days. More than 150 people have been robbed this year.


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Hindu to Atheist to Agnostic to Anglican to Catholic to Priest

Last edited 13th July 2017

A remarkable journey will reach a new stage on 15 July when Br Robert Krishna OP will be ordained a priest by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP at St Benedict’s, Broadway.


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QUIZ – Worship or Secular Song? Can You Tell The Difference?! (Catholic-Link)

Last edited 12th July 2017

I was listening to some music on YouTube while cleaning the other day when a song I had never heard before came on and quickly caught my attention. Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m not up on current secular hits and, to be honest, I pretty much only ever listen to Christian music. Usually, it’s my seven-year-old who introduces me to pop music that he’s heard at school or on the bus. Not being very musically savvy, I had no idea that what I was listening to was the newest release from Macklemore, Glorious. The lyrics sound strangely like Christian music, yet I knew something was off.


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Cardinal Pell Facing Charges: The Official Statements

Last edited 29th June 2017

It was revealed yesterday that Victoria Police will charge Cardinal George Pell with historical sexual assault offences. After this was reported by certain media outlets this morning, Victoria police's deputy commissioner Shane Patton held a press conference: Following the announcement, Cardinal Pell issued a statement: He then held a media conference at the Holy See Press Office:


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11 Things That Happen When You Commit to Going to Confession More Regularly

Last edited 22nd June 2017

As Catholics, we are required to go to Confession once a year, but why stop there? We know Confession can be daunting or difficult, and there might be many reasons why you don’t want to go. However, regular Confession, whether it be monthly, every two weeks, or weekly, doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it is life changing and life giving! Here we share 11 amazing things that happen when you go to Confession more often.


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6 Practical Steps to Help Keep Your Kid in the Church

Last edited 22nd June 2017

Here is how parents can help form their children in the faith, to lasting effect.


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