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Pope meets with CEO of Facebook: “It's about connecting people all over the world”

Last edited 29th August 2016

Pope Francis held a private meeting with the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan. The meeting was cordial and friendly.


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Pope's Video Message to the Church in the Americas

Last edited 29th August 2016

Pope Francis has sent a Video Message to the Church in the Americas, to mark the Jubilee of the Americas, organized by the Bishops’ Conference of Latin America (CELAM) and the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.


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Pope at General Audience: Prays for the victims of the 6.2-magnitude earthquake near Rome

Last edited 25th August 2016

Today, the pope opened his General Audience by announcing that he had originally prepared his catechesis on the subject of the closeness of Jesus.


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Do Your Children Know How Much you Think of Each Other?

Last edited 24th August 2016

Unity builds love. Parental unity gives consistency in the key messages you give your children. Above all, it means you show your children how to love: by the way you back each other up, by the way you live for your spouse and make service to others the lynchpin of your family life.


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Turkey Wedding Blast: 30 Dead and 90 Hurt in Gaziantep

Last edited 21st August 2016

A blast at an outdoor wedding party in the south Turkish city of Gaziantep has killed at least 30 people and injured 94 more, the authorities say.President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said so-called Islamic State (IS) was likely to have carried it out amid reports of a suicide bomber targeting the party.


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I’m Single and I Love NFP. Here’s Why…

Last edited 21st August 2016

I was 16 years old when I was first handed the “pill” by a doctor. Since day one of my first period, I have had irregular cycles. (Pause. If you are becoming a little woozy at the thought of reading about periods, remember that fertility is a gift from God. It should not be the taboo subject that society has made it out to be. Play.)


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Syria conflict: Almost 18,000 people have died in Government prisons, Amnesty says

Last edited 19th August 2016

A new report by Amnesty International claims that nearly 18,000 people have died in Government prisons in Syria since the beginning of the uprising in 2011. The charity said the investigation, based on interviews with dozens of former detainees, detailed the systematic use of torture and rape on those arrested by the Assad regime. Bashar, a Syrian refugee in Europe, is now a free man — but he said the 11 months he spent inside a prison in Syria still haunted him.


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Priest in Syria: There Is a Real Genocide Against Christians

Last edited 18th August 2016

Now his mission is to tell the whole world that there is an ongoing genocide against Christians in the Middle East. He knows this because he lived in Aleppo for three and a half years and witnessed the systematic killing of people in his parish, for being Christians.


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Distinguishing Differences in the Notion of ‘Transgenderism’

Last edited 16th August 2016

John Haldane, Professor of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and the current Chair of the Royal Institute of Philosophy in London, was a participant in a public debate recently held in Sydney on the question of whether “society must recognize transgender people’s identities”. As the topic has particular significance for healthcare practitioners, in particular psychologists, psychiatrists and others working in youth mental health services, we invited Professor Haldane to address a seminar hosted by the Plunkett Centre at St Vincent’s Hospital on the implications of this discussion for the medical profession.

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Allowing Transgender Olympians Is Unfair To Women

Last edited 12th August 2016

"I’ve never felt so overpowered in my life,” said female mixed martial arts fighter Tamikka Brents.


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