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Philippine Cardinal Ricardo Vidal dies

Last edited 18th October 2017

Philippine Cardinal Ricardo Vidal dies Philippine Cardinal Ricardo Vidal died in Cebu at the age of 86. He was ordained a priest in 1956 and John Paul II made him a cardinal in 1985. He participated in the conclave electing Benedict XVI, but not in that of Pope Francis, as he was already over age 80. Now the college of cardinals remains with 219 cardinals. Ninety-nine of them are not electors, but 120 of them are under 80 years old and could vote in the case of a potential conclave.

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World Mental Health Day 2017

Last edited 10th October 2017

Message from Bishop Terence Brady


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Ken Yasinski Reflects on Slacking in our Relationship with God

Last edited 8th October 2017

We all want to do what we want, without displeasing God too much. We tend to wonder how much can I get away with before I really blow it with God, and when we recognize this attitude creep up in our life we have to realize we need a conversion in this area of our life.


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Psychology student Aleksandra Chichikova crowned first Miss Wheelchair World

Last edited 8th October 2017

A psychology student from Belarus, Aleksandra Chichikova, has been crowned Miss Wheelchair World in the first-ever edition of the beauty pageant held in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday. "Fight your anxiety and your fears," the 23-year-old Chichikova said at a gala evening, after the contestants had presented themselves in national costumes and evening dresses in elaborate choreographies.


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Finding Balance in Christian Life

Last edited 3rd October 2017

Balance in life is something many of us strive for while not having much insight on how to achieve it. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz provides three principles that can help, advising that when we seek first the kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33), everything else tends to fall into place.

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Advent Introduction Video 2017

Last edited 29th September 2017

"Divinity is where one least expects to find it." That is the theme of this year's Xt3 Advent Calendar 2017.


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Five Reasons I will be voting NO - Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

Last edited 25th September 2017

By now many of you will have received your postal ballot. We have not only a right, but a duty, to participate in this vote.


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Ordinary Time Pro Tips

Last edited 25th September 2017

Like most of my fellow college-aged single Catholics, I enjoy asking married couples for advice. One of the most profound things I’ve ever heard from one of these long-lasting relationships was that everyday that you’re with the special person in your life is a day to celebrate and show your appreciation for them.


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Young People from Panama visit Pope Francis While they Prepare for World Youth Day

Last edited 25th September 2017

These teenage girls are from a school in Panama that has safeguarded a gift from Pope Francis for the young people in the country.


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Dozens Killed in Huge Mexico Quake

Last edited 19th September 2017

A strong earthquake has struck central Mexico, killing at least 93 people and toppling dozens of buildings in the capital, Mexico City, officials say.


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