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Australian Couple Abandons Baby Born to Surrogate
Last edited 1st August 2014

An Australian couple has abandoned a Down syndrome baby born to a surrogate mother in Thailand — and now there is a race against time to save him from dying in abject poverty. Please pray for "Gammy" his birth mother tries to raise money for a series of operations and to help her care for the baby boy.


Should Birth Certificates Lie?
Last edited 29th July 2014

Does your birth certificate really tell the truth about your birth? For most, the answer to this will of course be yes. But for some people, the answer will actually be no. Emma Creswell is one of perhaps 70,000 children in Britain who have been born through donor conception and who have birth certificates that do not reflect their genetic parentage. She only found this out by chance.


The Anniversary of Humanae Vitae
Last edited 25th July 2014

Today (25 July) is not only the feast day of St. James the Apostle, but it is also the anniversary of the release of Humanae Vitae - the encyclical which reaffirmed the Catholic Church's teachings on marriage and contraception. Watch this video to learn more about the importance of this document!

Euthanasia Yes or No? A Debate with Dr. Philip Nitschke and (Then) Bishop-Elect Anthony Fisher
Last edited 25th July 2014

Euthanasia Yes or No? A Debate with Dr. Philip Nitschke and (Then) Bishop Elect Anthony Fisher. The moral question at the heart of this debate is the following: Is killing with the intention of preventing pain or other distress justifiable? This topic brought over 900 listeners in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney on 12 August 2003.

HIV and AIDS Catholic Pre-Conference, Melbourne 2014
Last edited 17th July 2014

Catholic hospitals, doctors, nurses and the Church's international aid and development agency, Caritas Internationalis not only care for more than 25% of the estimated 38 million living with AIDS/HIV worldwide, but have been at the forefront in the battle since the first cases were reported back in the early 1980s.


HIV re-emerges in 'cured' Mississippi girl
Last edited 10th July 2014

A baby girl in the US born with HIV and believed cured after very early treatment has now been found to still harbour the virus.

Supermodel Kathy Ireland uses Science and Reason to tell Mike Huckabee Why she Became Pro-Life.
Last edited 7th July 2014

Kathy Ireland a former supermodel talks about how she became a Christian and has a clear and concise explanation on why abortion is wrong.

Papua Bishops Tell Government to Save Life, Stop Sterilisations
Last edited 15th May 2014

In an open letter to the country's leaders, the Bishops' Conference of Papua New Guinea notes the mutual respect and cooperation that exists between the country's political and religious institutions. However, they warn the authorities about "new and dangerous trends" such as "the growing political ideology that links development with population control."


IVF’s Tarnished Halo
Last edited 6th May 2014

After five million children, IVF is no longer controversial in secular society. Creating children in a Petri dish for infertile couples is regarded as so splendid a Good Deed that the scientist who created the technique, Robert Edwards, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2010.


Britain: Doctors who Oppose Contraception Barred from Specializing in Reproductive Health
Last edited 29th April 2014

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare has ruled that doctors and nurses who object to contraception or the morning-after pill are ineligible for “diplomas in sexual and reproductive health as well as full membership of the faculty,” according to the Daily Telegraph.

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