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Embryos with Three Parents? The Risks are Yet to Come
Last edited 4th February 2015

Despite warnings from religious leaders and scientists, British lawmakers have voted to allow a version of in-vitro fertilisation that uses the DNA of three different people to conceive a baby. “Since this is uncharted territory and the children born from this technology would have heritable genetic changes, there are also significant unknown risks to future generations,” Dr. Paul Knoepfler, an associate professor at the University of California-Davis, told the British newspaper The Telegraph.


Philip Nitschke Fails to Overturn Suspension from Practicing Medicine
Last edited 7th January 2015

Voluntary euthanasia advocate Philip Nitschke has failed in his appeal to overturn his suspension from practicing medicine, but has vowed to take the fight further.

4 Corners: Transgender kids
Last edited 19th November 2014

Last night’s Four Corners featured a story about transgender children. In introducing the program, presenter Kerry O’Brien said that he could not think of a more “powerfully poignant” story than the one which was about to screen. He promised that the show would suspend prejudice and create understanding.

India’s War on Women Turns Deadly
Last edited 16th November 2014

Last weekend 60 women fell seriously ill after being sterilised at a camp run for the purpose in a disused hospital in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh. By Thursday 13 of the women had died. They are the latest victims in India’s long war against population, in which coercive mass sterilisation campaigns continue to play a leading role.

Landmark British Case Could Lead to Pregnant Women Being Prosecuted for Drinking, Rights Campaigners Say
Last edited 6th November 2014

A landmark legal case in the United Kingdom could lead to pregnant women being prosecuted for drinking alcohol, human rights campaigners warn.

How a Reproductive Health Pioneer Became an 'Instant Convert' Reading Humanae Vitae
Last edited 23rd October 2014

As founders of an institute studying reproductive healthcare, Thomas and Susan Hilgers have seen the benefits that natural family planning can offer in the realms of health, sexuality and human relationships.


Will Egg Freezing Liberate Women?
Last edited 20th October 2014

NBC News announced that the tech companies, Apple and Facebook, are now covering the cost of egg freezing for their female employees. The story reads like a press release for the assisted reproductive technology (ART) industry, avoiding any mention of high failure rates or potential health risks to infants born from an egg frozen in liquid nitrogen.


Canada at a Deadly Crossroads
Last edited 16th October 2014

On Wednesday, October 15 the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the appeal in the Carter case. It will decide whether the Criminal Code’s prohibition of assisted suicide is constitutional. If the prohibition is struck down, doctors will be involved in assisted suicide and euthanasia. As physicians, we have followed with a growing sense of dismay the public debate over whether to introduce into medical practice the act of inflicting death. We write to you today to give a medical perspective on this crucial debate.

Truth is Sacred: Rights of Donor-Conceived Men & Women
Last edited 16th September 2014

Damian Adams, a medical researcher in South Australia, is attempting to become the first Australian (and the second in the world) to remove his father’s name from his birth certificate. In this touching article from, he explains why...


When Babies Become Commodities - The New Eugenics
Last edited 8th September 2014

Several recent cases involving the rejection of babies by people who were using the services of surrogate mothers have drawn attention to the alarming ethical shortfalls of the surrogate industry. The first example came from Australia, where a couple who had contracted a surrogacy agreement with a Thai woman, Pattharamon Janbua, rejected one of the two babies she carried because the child had Down syndrome.


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