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10 Reasons to Believe Christ Really Rose
Last edited 21st April 2014

The power of Christ’s weakness.


Palm Sunday Homily by Father Mike Schmitz
Last edited 14th April 2014

A Palm Sunday homily by Father Mike Schmitz.


#AskFrBarron - What Is The Kingdom of God?
Last edited 4th April 2014

We often sing and pray about "The Kingdom of God" when we are at Mass - but what does that actually mean? As Fr. Robert Barron explains in this video, the Kingdom of God is Jesus Himself!

Do's and Don'ts of Evangelisation
Last edited 1st April 2014

Do: Spread the Gospel. Don't: Be negative or off-putting about it! Here's a great example of how to successfully evangelise or how to be a total evangelisation failure.


Sacraments 201: Matrimony (more questions answered)
Last edited 31st March 2014's introduction to the Sacraments series continues when Fr. Steven Bell, CSP, answers more questions about getting married in the Catholic Church: Can we have a destination wedding? What kind of music can we use? What if we're already living together? What if we're divorced?

Should I Fast if I Have an Eating Disorder?
Last edited 30th March 2014

Q: I have a rather odd question regarding fasting during Lent while dealing with an eating disorder. Fasting (not eating) is very easy, yet could do me more harm than good. I want to practice according to the Church’s teaching, yet I want to stay healthy. What are your thoughts?

Freedom from Comparison - Fr Michael Schmitz
Last edited 27th March 2014

Freedom from Comparison.


“Our Schools Exist to Evangelize”
Last edited 24th March 2014

Sr. Anne Catherine, OP, is a member of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia ( and is principal of St. Cecilia Academy in Nashville ( The academy is a girl’s Catholic high school that is over a 150 years old, having been founded in 1860.

The Real Saint Paddy
Last edited 17th March 2014

The real St Patrick loved Jesus, even more than beer. He describes himself as a disobedient and rebellious youth, but during the next 6 years of slavery tending flocks in the hills of Ireland he had a powerful spiritual conversion. Even as a slave the kid would fast. (What? No steak & Guinness pie?) In his autobiography Patrick describes this pivotal time;

Scholarship in the Cathedral - Lenten Reflections on Recent Popes and the Evangelisation of Culture
Last edited 8th April 2014

To mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of The University of Notre Dame Australia, the Centre for Faith, Ethics and Society has organised a program of talks and reflections featuring some of the nation's most outstanding Catholic scholars, theologists and philosophers.


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