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"Church-speak" - Strange Things Church People Say
Last edited 4th February 2016

Msgr. Charles Pope from the Archdiocese of Washington writes:


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The Francis Minute: The Recipe for a Happy Family
Last edited 28th January 2016

Trusting and hoping in the Lord is not always easy. Listening to the words of Pope Francis about Mary's attitude at the Wedding Feast of Cana, we can find inspiration to live as she did. This is a beautiful catechesis for the family. We invite you to enjoy this animation produced by

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#ASKFRMIKE: Lucifer, the Trinity, and Leisurely Sundays
Last edited 27th January 2016

Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles several tough questions from his audience, like...


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#StealingTime - A Youth Ministry Video
Last edited 17th January 2016

We always ask for more hours in a day, but what if the hours we’ve been given aren’t enough because they’ve been stolen? And what if we’re the ones doing the stealing? Explore the possibility that we can take back time by doing one simple, but difficult thing.


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Risk Living: A Story About Tragedy and Hope
Last edited 13th January 2016

A family reflects on the life and tragic death of their son and the legacy he left behind, inspiring them and others to live life to the fullest. Watch this video by for their incredible story!

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Did the Church Ever Sell Indulgences?
Last edited 7th January 2016

When we think of indulgences, many of us think of an outdated and unfair Church practice that alienated many Catholics and sparked the Reformation centuries ago. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz sets things straight, explaining how indulgences are an offering of God’s grace—a way to remove the temporal consequences of sin. Even though Christ forgives our sins, we are still wounded by sin in this life. The Church offers indulgences as a sort of spiritual therapy as we recover from those wounds.

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Providence: A Video by Christopher Stefanick
Last edited 6th January 2016

Jesus said, 'Apart from me, you can do nothing.' We need God, and we need others, for everything. We need to remember this, because when we are grateful to God and others, we are generous... and that is a recipe for happiness. Watch this video for more!

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Why God Loves You
Last edited 4th January 2016

God wants our brokenness. He wants everything that makes us imperfect in the eyes of the world. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz offers a relieving truth about God's paradoxical love for us, how he love us - not in spite of our weaknesses - but because of them. Find out why.


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Surge of the Heart: A Video About Prayer
Last edited 13th January 2016

What is prayer? Why does it matter? Is it worth your time? These two teens talk about their experience with prayer, and why it's something they've committed to in their faith journey.


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What is Happiness Anyway?
Last edited 3rd January 2016

Happiness can be defined as the feeling of pleasure when a need or desire is met. Unhappiness results when we expect that need or desire to be met, and it isn’t. Happiness is a superficial, fleeting emotion. It fades quickly unless the need or desire is met again and again.


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