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When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

Last edited 26th October 2015

Another beautiful thing about this state of brokenness is that the One doing the healing is broken, too. Our Savior knows what it’s like to feel pain. He knows what it’s like to call desperately upon the Lord. By the power of the cross, we get to unite our suffering to Christ. When we feel pain—physical, spiritual, or emotional—we get to walk the road to Calvary with Christ. When the pain is too much, we get to fall beneath the weight of the cross, with Jesus at our side. And when we don’t think we can keep going, Jesus grabs our hand and leads us onward, bearing the burden by our side.


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Don’t Judge Me!

Last edited 25th October 2015

This is a huge topic, and I won’t be able to reach the depths of every point that can be made. However, I don’t want to remain silent because we live in a time where so many people, groups of friends, faith communities, and homes are divided on major issues — and judgment tends to run rampant when that occurs. So, I want to offer three basic steps each of us can take. The first thing we should do is acknowledge that we ourselves are not perfect or without sin. Jesus instructs the Pharisees in John 8 to do this and I think the commandment was intended for us, too. Then, we need to understand judgment and our role here on Earth. Finally, let’s admit that judging is no joking matter.

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You Don't Know Jack... About Hell!

Last edited 22nd October 2015

It’s hot… it’s fiery… you may have even told somebody to visit this place at some point. How much do you know about hell? In this video by BustedHalo, Fr. Jack Collins, CSP, is back in action in none other than NYC's "Hell's Kitchen," asking people what they know about hell.

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The Greatest Surprise: Jesus' Second Coming

Last edited 19th October 2015

What will it be like for us when Christ comes again? Will it be a great surprise, or will it be more like an unwelcome Halloween scare? Father Mike Schmitz recommends getting to know Jesus well now, so that when he comes “like a thief in the night,” we will be ready.


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New Life Teen Resources - Unpacking the all-new Life Support

Last edited 14th October 2015

After a year in the works the NEW Life Support from Life Teen is finally here. Did you get one? Show us your unboxing video and you might just win some cool Catholic goodies.

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Covet - A Youth Ministry Video on Being Content in Life

Last edited 14th October 2015

Follow three people who struggle with being content and come to resolution through the realisation of their inherent worth and God-given blessings. This is a great video for young adults and students on the topic of jealousy, envy, and what it means to be grateful for what you have.


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Telling the Truth

Last edited 8th October 2015

Writer/Director Andrew Hyatt shares his journey from living a lie to living the truth.


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Do Catholics Follow All Those Weird Old Testament Laws?

Last edited 8th October 2015

Fr. Mike Schmitz explains why Christians are called to follow some laws of the Old Testament and not others. Passing on the advice of Pope Benedict XVI, he distinguishes between universal laws, like the Ten Commandments and “case by case” laws, like those to be followed only in the kingdom of Israel and the temple.

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Life Week 2015 - Macquarie Catholic Society

Last edited 9th October 2015

Talks from Life Week 2015, hosted by the Macquarie University Catholic Society, from 6-8 October 2015.

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"The Secret To Having a Successful Relationship" - The Pope Francis Minute

Last edited 5th October 2015

A perfect relationship is never easy, but there are certain keys to keep in mind that can help you get there. Listening to Pope Francis' advice about marriage and engagement should help you to take a step in the right direction! Take a look at the latest episode of the "Pope Francis Minute" video series for more!


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