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Letter to Bishops on the Bread and the Wine for the Eucharist

Last edited 11th July 2017

Circular letter to Bishops on the bread and wine for the Eucharist


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Scholarship at the Cathedral

Last edited 10th July 2017

The Notre Dame Institute for Ethics & Society is thrilled to be partnering with Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP to assist in delivering a new series of SCHOLARSHIP AT THE CATHEDRAL events.


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Cardinal Joachim Meisner, One of Four 'Dubia’ Cardinals, Dies at Age 83

Last edited 6th July 2017

Cardinal Joachim Meisner, archbishop emeritus of Cologne, Germany and one of four cardinals who sent the "dubia" to Pope Francis last year, passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 83.


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Witnessing to a World that is Waiting

Last edited 3rd July 2017

I believe that the best feeling in the world is getting some good news to distract you from studying. One time in college, while studying with some friends, we’d reached a point where we were spending more time on our phones than our upcoming test and I got a text from a friend. He shared with me that he decided he wanted to become Catholic. I freaked out, blurted the news to the study group, and ran out the door to call him. We had a great chat where he talked about how the Christian witness of some of our friends really showed him the authentic love and confidence he had been searching for. I was so excited as I finished up my phone call. Before I walked back into the room, I could hear my study group talking.


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The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary: A Beautiful Infographic

Last edited 26th June 2017

June 23 is a special day in the Catholic Calendar, as we celebrate the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.


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Polish Family Returns Pope Francis' WYD Visit: "A Spiritual Experience"

Last edited 26th June 2017

This Polish family has come not only to return Pope Francis' WYD visit to Krakow, but also to deepen their Christian roots.


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Do Catholics Worship Saints?

Last edited 21st June 2017

Fr. Mike Schmitz wants to straighten out some confusion regarding Catholics' veneration of saints. In this video he explains how - far from being icons to worship - statues and paintings of the saints are reminders of what God can do in someone’s life, so honoring the saints doesn’t take away from the glory we give God. It actually brings him greater glory.


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El Salvador's First Cardinal a Friend of Blessed Oscar Romero

Last edited 21st June 2017

Pope Francis' decision to elevate Bishop José Gregorio Rosa Chávez is unprecedented: not only is he the first Salvadoran cardinal, he is also the first auxiliary bishop to be given a red biretta.


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How NOT To Prepare For Confession

Last edited 21st June 2017

An instructional video on how not to prepare for confession.


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Catholic Schools Launch Fairness Campaign in the Face of a $4.6b Cut to Funding

Last edited 19th June 2017

Catholic schools have launched a video campaign to highlight the impact of the Liberal-National Government's proposed funding reforms on low-fee paying Catholic school families.


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