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Beyond Labor Day: How To Be Catholic at Work
Last edited 1st September 2014

I say this with great trepidation, because of the aforesaid condition of my desk, but I think you’re supposed to keep your desk clean. I even once confessed my messy desk to a priest. For my penance he told me to organize my desk. I said, No, that was impossible, and he gave me a different penance.


Proclaim 2014 A Life-Giving Experience Of Enthusiasm, Energy & Renewal
Last edited 28th August 2014

The 500 participants at Proclaim 2014 were not only inspired by key note speakers, Father Michael White and Tom Corcoran and how the two men rebuilt their parish in Maryland, USA but left the three day conference armed with energy, enthusiasm and a series of action plans and strategies to reach out to their parish communities and bring people back to the Church.


Pope: Stop Gossiping! Don't Let Envy Divide Your Parish
Last edited 28th August 2014

During his August 27 general audience, Pope Francis talked about Christian unity. He explained that Jesus wanted His disciples to stay united. But the Church has seen divisions throughout its history: "Looking back at history, Christians have fought among themselves because of theological differences. Let's not forget the Thirty Years' War. This is not Christian!”


Albania: The Church in Numbers
Last edited 26th August 2014

Pope Francis' visit to Albania on September 21, will mark his first apostolic trip within Europe. The country has a population of roughly 3 million people. Christians are a minority. About 7 percent belong to the Orthodox Church of Albania, while 10 percent are Catholics. The big majority of the population, though is Muslim.

Why I Love My Invisible Friend - By Father Robert Barron
Last edited 25th August 2014

One of the favourite taunts of the New Atheists is that religious people believe in an “invisible friend.” They are implying, of course, that religion is little more than a pathetic exercise in wishful thinking, a reversion to childish patterns of projection and self-protection. It is well past time, they say, for believers to grow up, leave their cherished fantasies behind, and face the real world. In offering this characterisation, the New Atheists are showing themselves to be disciples of the old atheists such as Feuerbach, Marx, Comte, and Freud, all of whom made more or less similar observations.


Pope Francis Challenges with Question: How is Your Faith?
Last edited 25th August 2014

During his Angelus address Sunday Pope Francis reflected on the Gospel account of Saint Peter's recognition of Jesus as the Lord, urging those present to honestly evaluate their own faith. “Brothers and sisters, what happened in a unique way in Saint Peter, also takes place in every Christian who develops a sincere faith in Jesus the Christ,” he told crowds gathered in St. Peter's Square on Aug. 24.


Next World Day of Peace to Address Slavery, Vatican Announces
Last edited 22nd August 2014

“Slaves no more, but brothers and sisters” is the title of the message Pope Francis will deliver for the 2015 World Day of Peace, the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace stated Thursday. “Slavery is a terrible open wound on the contemporary social body, a fatal running sore on the flesh of Christ,” the pontifical council said in an Aug. 21 statement.


This is my Body, Broken for You
Last edited 24th August 2014

“Our hearts were made for You, O Lord, and they are restless until they rest in You.”If I had to describe my faith journey in one sentence, I would steal these words from St. Augustine. From a young age I was consumed by a desire for perfection. I strove for perfection as a student, dancer, daughter, and friend. To me, imperfection was equivalent to failure.

Why I Tell My Sins to a Person: In Defense of Confession
Last edited 19th August 2014

Have you ever heard non-Catholics (and even Catholics) question why we need to go to Confession? After all, can't we just confess ours sins directly to God? In this excellent article from, Christina Mead defends the Sacrament of Confession, and explains the truth behind this great gift that Jesus left for His Church!


Indonesia Will Host the Next Asian Youth Day in 2017!
Last edited 17th August 2014

The next Asian Youth Day will take place in Indonesia in the year 2017. The announcement was made by Indian Cardinal Oswald Gracias as the Pope concluded the closing Mass for Asian Youth Day in South Korea.

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