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Cartoony, Colourful and Happy - Prayer Cards of Saints
Last edited 17th September 2014

Graphic Designer Jane Maisey was inspired to do the cards when she was seeking the intercession of St. Rita for personal reasons. She looked at what was available and found seriously gloomy cards. “The imagery out there is quite depressing and very old fashioned. It’s not enticing to people, it’s not joyful,” she said.


Pope: Homily for Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Last edited 14th September 2014

Pope Francis marked the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross Sunday with Mass celebrated in St. Peter’s basilica during which he presided over the Sacrament of Marriage of twenty couples.


Pat Keady Invites You to Ignite Conference 2014
Last edited 9th September 2014

Ignite Youth Director, Pat Keady invites you to Brisbane, Australia to attend Ignite Conference 2014: Illuminate.


The Call to Fraternal Correction - A Homily for the 23rd Sunday of the Year
Last edited 8th September 2014

We live in times in which there is a widespread notion that to correct sinners is to “judge” them. Never mind that it is sin that we judge, not the sinner. Never mind that in accusing us of judging, the worldly-minded are themselves doing the very judging they condemn. Never mind any of that; the point of the charge is to seek to shame us into silence. And despite the fact that Scripture consistently directs us to correct the sinner, many Catholics have bought into the notion that correcting the sinner is “judging” him. In this, the devil, who orchestrates the “correcting is judging” campaign, rejoices; for if he can keep us from correcting one another, sin can and does flourish.


Pitch Imperfect
Last edited 8th September 2014

Last week, as soon as Mass ended, the sweet little old lady sitting in front of me loudly announced to anyone within earshot that I (apparently) sing off-key. Totally shocked, I responded, “Well, I guess that’s why I’m out here, and not back there in the choir loft.” Listen, lady, I never promised you perfection from the pew behind you. But I’d be lying if I said her comment didn’t sting, just a little. After all, I was always taught to do my best, in everything I attempted: in school, clubs, sports, relationships, even faith – and I’ll include singing at Mass on the list.

Church Serves 'Women the Rest of the World has Left Behind'
Last edited 7th September 2014

Recent claims that the Catholic Church disregards women fail to acknowledge the Church’s critical work to support women and families around the world, say leaders in medicine, academia and global relief work. “Anyone who thinks that the Catholic Church doesn’t support women doesn’t know much about the Church, its mission and its presence around the world,” said Joan Rosenhauer, Executive Vice President of US Operations for Catholic Relief Services.


Get 'Illuminated' with Ignite Conference 2014
Last edited 12th September 2014

In September 2013, the Xt3 team travelled to Brisbane Australia to experience our first ever Ignite Conference. The energy, enthusiasm and devotion of the Ignite participants was not only impressive, but it also pointed to an exciting future for the Catholic Church in Australia. Xt3 will be back once again for Ignite 2014 - the 10th Ignite Conference since it first launched onto the Australian Catholic youth scene in 2001.


Pope Expresses Closeness with Christians in Iraq and Prays for WWII Victims
Last edited 3rd September 2014

Over 20,000 pilgrims packed St. Peter's Square for Pope Francis' weekly General Audience on 3 September. The Pope talked about the Church as a mother, saying that it has the Virgin Mary as its model. He greeted the pilgrims present especially those who cames from Iraq, assuring his closeness to those suffering persecution. The Pope also made mention of the 75th anniversary of the beginning of World War II. Remembering those who died in the conflict, the Pope said that "especially today, we are in need of peace.”

Beyond Labor Day: How To Be Catholic at Work
Last edited 1st September 2014

I say this with great trepidation, because of the aforesaid condition of my desk, but I think you’re supposed to keep your desk clean. I even once confessed my messy desk to a priest. For my penance he told me to organize my desk. I said, No, that was impossible, and he gave me a different penance.


Proclaim 2014 A Life-Giving Experience Of Enthusiasm, Energy & Renewal
Last edited 28th August 2014

The 500 participants at Proclaim 2014 were not only inspired by key note speakers, Father Michael White and Tom Corcoran and how the two men rebuilt their parish in Maryland, USA but left the three day conference armed with energy, enthusiasm and a series of action plans and strategies to reach out to their parish communities and bring people back to the Church.


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