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Year of Youth 2018 Resources

Last edited 8th January 2018

2018 is the Year of Youth.


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Animals Present Jesus' Birth in First Nativity Story Movie at Christmas Time

Last edited 21st December 2017

The story of Christmas has come to theatres just in time for the holidays. Told in a new way, from the perspective of the animals present at the birth, this family-safe film shows the comedic side of this famous story.


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Christmas Message from Archbishop Fisher

Last edited 21st December 2017

Merry Christmas! Christmas day has arrived, let us rejoice!


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Why this Bishop Thinks Memes May Just Be the Tool for Evangelisation Today

Last edited 20th December 2017

Between the Harambe memes and quick explanations of Catholic doctrine on his Twitter page, Richard Umbers, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney, says that online humor is about more than just the laughs.


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Testify to the Light | Youth Sermon

Last edited 14th December 2017

Who am I? What am I called to be? These are big questions we might find us asking ourselves.


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Festival Ends on Spectacular Note

Last edited 12th December 2017

Fireworks filled the sky over The Domain in Sydney on Saturday evening as 15,000 young people, families and singles celebrated what it means to be Catholic in the most public of ways.


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How Hebrew-Speaking Catholics Make Advent Longer

Last edited 27th November 2017

Every year it seems as though the spiritual preparation for Christmas lags behind the commercial preparation. What if there were more weeks to Advent?


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Preparations Begin for Christmas Manger in St. Peter's Square

Last edited 22nd November 2017

In a tradition introduced by John Paul II during his papacy 35 years ago, St. Peter's Square will showcase a large Christmas manger beginning on December 7.


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Sex in the News: How Can we Change the Headlines?

Last edited 20th November 2017

I am so bothered by the news right now. Full disclosure: I don’t watch a lot of news. I get most of my news on Twitter, like any normal person aged 35 and under with a smartphone.


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Pope Denounces ‘Indifference’ on First ‘World Day for the Poor’

Last edited 19th November 2017

POPE Francis wants the world to fight its indifference to poverty on what the Catholic Church has dubbed the first “World Day for the Poor”.


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