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Iraq: Jihadists Expel Monks from Historic Monastery
Last edited 22nd July 2014

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the jihadist group that now controls one-fourth of Syria and 40% of Iraq, stormed a Syrian Catholic monastery on July 20 and expelled the monks.

Finding Freedom From Fear
Last edited 20th July 2014

It has been nearly two years since my last relationship ended, but I have not been able to get over the hurt. My prayers have become pleas to God to help me trust again. How can I allow myself to trust someone again?

Cardinal Turkson: Pope Criticizes Problems of Market Economy, Not Capitalism
Last edited 16th July 2014

Justice and Peace Council President Speaks to ZENIT About Government Aid, Curial Reform, Possible Papal Trip to Africa and Pope's Views on Economy

North Korean Catholics Asked to Attend Pope's Mass
Last edited 15th July 2014

South Korean Catholic officials have renewed a request for North Korea to send about 10 Catholics to a mass to be celebrated by Pope Francis during his August visit to Seoul, a Catholic official said yesterday.

The Six Stages of Seeing a Pope Francis Headline
Last edited 15th July 2014

This blog highlights in a humorous the way Catholics feel when they read a Pope Francis headline where his words are taken out of context by the secular media.

The Best Papal World Cup Memes
Last edited 11th July 2014

What are the odds that the countries of origin of both Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis would make it to the World Cup Final? Catholics around the world are making the most of this opportunity to evangelize with some humorous photoshopped images of both Popes praying for the win of their own countries team.


The Council of Cardinals Examines the Role of Women, Married Couples and the Laity in the Curia
Last edited 6th July 2014

Today is the last day of the G9 meeting, the group of cardinals that advises the Pope on Church governance and Curial reform. Meeting in closed sessions, they are currently reviewing the structure of Vatican departments. According to the Vatican spokesperson, "they have spoken particularly about the Pontifical Councils for the Laity and the Family and, more specifically, the contribution and role of laity, married couples and women."

Free Blessings
Last edited 2nd July 2014

What happens when two seminarians stand in the middle of downtown Chicago with a sign that reads "Free Blessings"? Deacon Connor Danstrom, a student at Mundelein Seminary, recounts his experiment in spreading God's mercy and shares the many lessons he learned.

Australian Jesuits take out top spots in USA Writing Awards
Last edited 2nd July 2014

Australian Jesuits take out top spots in USA Writing Awards Excellence in Publishing Awards.


Sacred Heart of Jesus - Youth Ministry Resource
Last edited 27th June 2014

What is the devotion to the Sacred Heart? What do the thorns around the heart of Christ mean? When did this devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus begin?


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