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Holy Thursday Homily of Pope Francis
Last edited 18th April 2014

Pope Francis preached an extemporaneous homily during the celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper, which was held at S. Maria della Provvidenza, a rehabilitation and long-term care facility in the suburbs of Rome. The following is an English translation of Pope Francis’ reflections on the Lord’s loving act of service, an act which the Pope himself imitated later in the mass, kneeling down to wash the feet of twelve patients of the centre.


Good Friday Meditations to Focus on Abused and Marginalised
Last edited 15th April 2014

The texts of the meditations for the Way of the Cross, which Francis will lead at Rome’s ancient Colosseum on Friday, have been written by Mgr Giancarlo Bregantini, Archbishop of Campobasso-Boiano in southern Italy, who has fiercely opposed the mafia in his writings. They were published today by the Vatican publishing house Libreria Editrice Vaticana.


Take a Break. It's Time to do Less.
Last edited 13th April 2014

If you are struggling because this Lent looks like it will end up like every other, may I make a suggestion?


Lead With Beauty
Last edited 14th April 2014

Here is a reflection by Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska...


Stem Cell Debacle Déjà Vu
Last edited 11th April 2014

Once again, a major advance in stem cell science has been tainted by allegations of fraud. A leading research centre in Japan, the RIKEN Institute, has apologised for “research misconduct” by a young scientist who had found an astonishing new method for producing pluripotent stem cells.


Modest is Hottest
Last edited 10th April 2014

I was scrolling my Facebook newsfeed and suddenly my eyes were viciously assaulted by immodest and improper images that had been posted by someone clearly begging for attention; some shameless floozy selfishly attempting to enflame lust and covetousness in the heart of the unsuspecting viewer. I should mention that the person in the images was a man, and he was, mercifully, fully clothed.

Married Man’s Ordination Reveals Unusual Prohibition on Eastern Catholics
Last edited 9th April 2014

ST. LOUIS — Surrounded by his wife, daughter and the bishops of his Church, Father Wissam Akiki made history in February as the first married man in 90 years to enter the priesthood for the Maronite Catholic Church in the U.S.


Christianity is More Than a Survival Guide, Pope Insists
Last edited 8th April 2014

In his daily homily Pope Francis focused on how Jesus heals our sin with the Cross, and emphasizing that Christianity is not merely following a written formula, but rather a person who sacrificed for us.


Launch of "Jesus and the Dreaming" Celebrates Late Priest's Commitment to Aboriginal-Christian Dialogue
Last edited 8th April 2014

Father Frank Fletcher MSC was a well-known theological scholar and one of Sydney's most well-loved priests, and his ground-breaking book "Jesus and the Dreaming: Discovering Australian Spirituality through Aboriginal-Christian Dialogue," will be officially launched in Sydney in coming days.


Prayer is like talking to a friend, Pope tells congregation
Last edited 8th April 2014

In his homily at a Mass on April 3, Pope Francis said that prayer should be “just like talking to a friend.”


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