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Anzac Day Remembered at Domus Australia in Rome

Last edited 25th April 2016

As Australians gather across the country along with those in ANZAC Cove to commemorate ANZAC Day 2016 a small group of expatriate Australians and New Zealanders will continue the tradition at a special Mass at Domus Australia in Rome.


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Jesuits Called to Reconcile Humanity with God, New Superior Says

Last edited 19th October 2016

Jesuits are called to face the challenges of today’s world and contribute toward “reconciliation among human beings and, at the same time, a reconciliation with God and creation,” the newly elected Jesuit superior general said.


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What I Learned by Failing at Evangelization

Last edited 30th September 2016



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US Catholics Flock to Venerate Heart of Padre Pio

Last edited 27th September 2016

The heart of the saint was taken to the Archdiocese of Boston, the first time the relic has left Italy


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Do a Mercy Pilgrimage These School Holidays!

Last edited 21st September 2016

This weekend, kids and teens around Australia will begin their school holidays. This is an opportune time to go on a mercy pilgrimage to top off the Jubilee Year of Mercy!


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Call For Communities of Compassion as Population Ages

Last edited 19th September 2016

Australia's bishops called on individuals, communities and governments to reject rampant ageism and the toxic attitudes that often accompany concepts such as "intergenerational theft."


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EWTN Family Shares Favourite Memories of Mother Angelica

Last edited 19th September 2016

The legacy of Mother Angelica, the Poor Clare nun who founded Catholic cable channel EWTN, continues to live on in those who watched her or worked with her.


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Practical Governance was not my Forte, says Benedict XVI

Last edited 9th September 2016

In a book-length interview Benedict XVI says he was 'more of a professor' while Francis was a 'man of practical reform' While retired Pope Benedict XVI said organisation and governance were not his strong suits, he also said: “I am unable to see myself as a failure.”


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Mass in Sign Language? Over 20 Spanish Priests Celebrate It Every Week

Last edited 9th September 2016

In the Catholic Church, the spoken language is central to the liturgy: we recite the Nicene Creed as one, we praise the Lord with the Gloria that we sing, and we bow our heads to hear the blessing we receive at the end of Mass.


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What is the Meaning Behind the Priest’s Vestments? A Practical Guide

Last edited 29th August 2016

If you have paid attention at Mass or at other liturgies at Church, you will have noted how the priest’s vestments change through the various seasons. It’s possible that you might have asked yourself why the change and what the different colors might mean. Put simply, each piece of clothing and each color has a different meaning and invites us to a deeper understanding of what is going on during the liturgy.


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