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Ignite Youth Sets Young Ablaze in Perth
Last edited 5th March 2015

“The whole event just made me want to connect with God” said 13-year old high school student, Stefan, as he left Perth’s first Ignite Youth event recently held at Prendiville College in Joondalup. From helpful car park attendants to allocated games’ facilitators, seamless high quality video presentations to relevant Gospel teaching, plus a national sporting hero and the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, this was an evening that was loud, bright, smooth, dark – and very slick.

SIGN THE PETITION: Save Religious Minorities Persecuted By ISIS
Last edited 5th March 2015

Are 100,000 Americans willing to say we should be doing more to save the religious minorities from the death dealers of ISIS? I think the answer to that question is Yes. Let your voice be heard, relaying the cries of our persecuted brothers and sisters in the Middle East crying out for our help.

Preparing for Confession in Lent: Tips from Pope Francis
Last edited 2nd March 2015

As Catholics are encouraged to make going to confession a significant part of their lives during Lent, Pope Francis offered some quick tips to help people prepare for the sacrament of penance. After a brief explanation of why people should go to confession -- "because we are all sinners" -- the pope listed 30 key questions to reflect on as part of making an examination of conscience and being able to "confess well."


Out of Pride and Into Humility: A Lenten Meditation
Last edited 26th February 2015

St. Bernard of Clairvaux meditated and wrote about twelve steps to deeper humility in his book "Steps of Humility and Pride." The twelve steps include Fear of God, Abnegation of self-will, Obedience, Patient endurance, Disclosure of the heart, Contentedness with what is, Lucid self-awareness, Submission to the common rule, Silence, Emotional sobriety, Restraint in speech, and Congruity between one’s inside and one’s outside.


One Thing that Must Change in Youth Ministry
Last edited 24th February 2015

One of the biggest things I believe needs to be changed in order for youth ministry to be more effective, is that we must make ministry less about what we can do and more about what we can enable others to do.

Dominicans Keep Hope Alive Among Iraqi Christian Community
Last edited 22nd February 2015

The continuing presence of courageous men and women religious is Iraq is an important sign of hope amid the suffering of the Christian population there. That was the key theme of a report released by two Dominican leaders who recently visited Baghdad and the northern Iraqi city of Erbil, capital of the Kurdistan region.

7 Apps to Help You Do Lent Right
Last edited 19th February 2015

Remember that Lent when you decided you wouldn't give up anything, but you would have a really authentic Lent with a disciplined regimen of daily prayer and spiritual reading. Yeah, that didn't go so well. A good Lent means starting with a plan. What better way to carry it out than with an app to remind you of your best intentions? Here are 7 mostly free apps to help you out.

Fury and Catholicity
Last edited 18th February 2015

ISIS beheaded 21 Coptic Christians. Surely it is time to dust off the war psalms in our breviaries, to pray the prayer to St. Michael, and to make those fervent supplications we usually tuck away to remain inoffensive within this Pluralistic Disneyland we call modernity — “Save me, my God! For you strike the jaws of all my foes; you break the teeth of the wicked.”

This Lent, Ask God for the 'Gift of Tears,' Pope Says
Last edited 18th February 2015

In his Ash Wednesday homily, Pope Francis said the time of Lent is a call to leave hypocrisy behind and reconcile with God through fasting, charity and prayerful tears before our merciful Father.


10 Last-Minute Ideas for Lenten Observance
Last edited 17th February 2015

With Lent about to begin, some of us will have thought and prayed about our Lenten resolutions for weeks, and are well prepared to commence this holy season. Others of us will be hurriedly making our Lenten resolutions in the next few hours.


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