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Every day I need you Lord - Prayer
Last edited 27th March 2015

Every day I need you Lord


The Sign of the Cross, “That Thing You Do?”
Last edited 26th March 2015

“Teach me to do that thing you do!” he exclaimed. “What thing is that?” my friend George answered from the front of the classroom. Making a gesture with his hand on his forehead and chest and shoulders, George could see that he meant the sign of the cross. “Do you mean the sign of the cross? George asked. “Yes! That’s it, teach me the sign of the cross.” was the inmates response.

Vatican Statistics show Modest, Steady Church Growth Worldwide
Last edited 25th March 2015

The number of Catholics in the world and the number of priests and permanent deacons rose slightly in 2013, while the number of men and women in religious orders declined, according to Vatican statistics. For the second year in a row, the number of candidates for the priesthood also decreased. The numbers come from the Statistical Yearbook of the Church, which was completed in February and published in March. The yearbook reported worldwide church figures as of Dec. 31, 2013.

Japanese Archbishop Says Decline in Catholic Population Reflects Crisis for Faith
Last edited 24th March 2015

Archbishop Joseph Mitsuaki Takami of Nagasaki has reported that the faithful recognize a “deep sense of crisis” in Japanese Catholicism.

What Is Temptation, Why Does God Permit It, and What Are Its Sources?
Last edited 23rd March 2015

Why does God permit temptation? In one sense temptation is the “necessary” result of freedom. As free persons who are invited to love God and to say yes to his will, we must be permitted to say no. There must be real alternatives to what God offers. If God could force our yes, then we would not be free and our yes would have no real meaning.


The Call to Greatness: Building Men of God
Last edited 23rd March 2015

Greatness; that’s our goal as men, right? Whether we want to be a scientist or a lawyer or a football player, we want to be great. That’s a good thing because we are called to greatness by God. However, every great doctor or athlete or plumber or teacher had someone coach them.

UK Bishop Excommunicated Over Illicit Ordination
Last edited 19th March 2015

Bishop Williamson,who has denied the Holocaust, violated Church law when he ordained Father Jean-Michel Faure, 73, a bishop, without papal approval during a ceremony yesterday in Nova Friburgo, Brazil. While the Vatican did not comment immediately, canon law provides automatic excommunication for the newly ordained Bishop and for the Bishop ordaining him in cases where the ordination goes against the will of the Pope.

A Passionate Promoter of Interfaith & Intercultural Understanding
Last edited 17th March 2015

Raised on the Central Coast of NSW, Ashleigh Green says that growing up she had few opportunities to meet people from other cultures or different faiths. All this changed when on a visit to Sydney at 17 she took part in an open day at a Mosque in Auburn.


Preaching to the Pope: Capuchin Says It's an Exercise in Humility
Last edited 16th March 2015

The first time Capuchin Father Raniero Cantalamessa climbed the steps up to the papal altar in St. Peter's Basilica, he said, "it felt like I was climbing Mount Everest." The intimidating climb 35 years ago was to fulfill a mandate from St. John Paul II, who tapped the Capuchin to preach to the pope and the public on Good Friday 1980. Visit this article to read more.

Share Jesus Video: How to Live in the Light
Last edited 15th March 2015

3 ways to be a person of light in a dark world.

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