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The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary: A Beautiful Infographic

Last edited 26th June 2017

June 23 is a special day in the Catholic Calendar, as we celebrate the Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.


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El Salvador's First Cardinal a Friend of Blessed Oscar Romero

Last edited 21st June 2017

Pope Francis' decision to elevate Bishop José Gregorio Rosa Chávez is unprecedented: not only is he the first Salvadoran cardinal, he is also the first auxiliary bishop to be given a red biretta.


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Catholic Schools Launch Fairness Campaign in the Face of a $4.6b Cut to Funding

Last edited 19th June 2017

Catholic schools have launched a video campaign to highlight the impact of the Liberal-National Government's proposed funding reforms on low-fee paying Catholic school families.


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Calling Young Australians to be Part of an International Conversation

Last edited 25th May 2017

Young people across Australia are being called to share their views about life, faith, and their experience of Church through an online survey published today by the Australian Bishops.


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7 Easter Traditions to Help You Celebrate All Seven Weeks of Easter

Last edited 21st April 2017

Most people can tell you that Lent is 40 days, but how long is Easter? One day? Yes, Easter Sunday is one day, but do you know how long the season of Easter really is?


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Christians in Middle East Gather for Easter Prayers Following Palm Sunday Bombings

Last edited 18th April 2017

Christians attended an Easter service on Mount Nebo in Jordan


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Young Priest Returns Home to Bless his Village

Last edited 18th April 2017

A NEWLY ORDAINED priest has described returning with the Blessed Sacrament to his home village in northern Iraq after it was finally liberated from Daesh (ISIS) extremists.


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Church calls Australian Youth to Showcase Their talents ahead of Youth Festival

Last edited 12th April 2017

Young people across Australia are invited to showcase their musical, artistic and film making talents ahead of the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF) later this year.


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Call for Presenters and Performers at ACYF 2017

Last edited 13th April 2017

Are you a theologian or a catechist? Are you a youth minister or Church worker in evangelisation or pastoral care? Are you a social justice advocate or a speaker on Church leadership? Would you like to give a presentation at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival to be held 7-9 December 2017?


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Proof Of God or an Elaborate Hoax

Last edited 6th April 2017

In a Sunday Night special event, Mike Willesee reveals the results of a two decade-long investigation that has taken him to churches around the world. In Argentina and Mexico, blood and flesh mysteriously appeared on communion wafers inside Catholic churches.


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