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Make Jesus Lord of Your Life
Last edited 22nd May 2015

The most important thing you can do to hedge your bets for a joyful life is to make Jesus Lord of your life. The most beautiful aspect of our Catholic faith, in my mind, is the truth that God loves each one of us personally and uniquely.


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Pope Francis Reminds Christians to Have a Festive Faith
Last edited 17th May 2015

Speaking to vowed religious, Pope Francis said Christianity must be festive. He praised the special nourishing power of a nun’s smile.


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Do Catholics Pray to Mary?
Last edited 15th May 2015

Do Catholics “pray to Mary”. No. Because we are “surrounded by a vast cloud of witnesses” it is best to say we pray “with” the saints. They are our prayer partners, and as the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Queen of that army of prayer warriors she is the primary saint with whom we pray.


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Iraqi Christians Have Lost Everything, Except Their Faith
Last edited 14th May 2015

Having lost their homes, their heritage and their sense of dignity, Iraqi Christians victimized by the Islamic State feel abandoned by earthly powers, but their faith in God has only grown, an Iraqi nun told members of Congress May 13.


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Letters to God: 5 Reasons to Keep a Journal
Last edited 14th May 2015

It’s one thing to want to pray more. It’s another thing to actually sit down and do it. And even when you do, there are an endless number of obstacles and distractions. So often I walk into the chapel and sit there with my brain scrambled. When there are 10,000 things going on at the same time it’s easy to get overwhelmed in prayer but if I write my prayer — things are different. Writing down my thoughts and prayers force me to focus on one thing at a time. My brain automatically tries to process a bagillion things at a time but working through my thoughts slowly on paper puts my soul at rest.

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First Apparition - Our Lady of Fatima
Last edited 13th May 2015

May 13 1917 was a beautiful Sunday in Portugal’s rugged Serra de Aire uplands. Sunshine bathed the olive groves. The fresh green of Springtime in the meadows and olive groves contrasted with the vivid red of poppy flowers. The happy voices of three children playing as they watched over their families’ flocks rang out in the clear air.


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Ethical Fashion: Do You Care that a Slave Made Your Dress?
Last edited 12th May 2015

I adore a store called Forever New. It is full of stunning clothing and everywhere you look, diamante glints. For a magpie like me, this store is my nest. Half of the dresses in my wardrobe are from this shop. Forever New has received most of my income to date, and at this rate will probably end up with my inheritance too.So when a friend told me they used slave labour to produce the gorgeous clothing…I kept shopping there.

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Holy Year of Mercy: Official Prayer and Logo
Last edited 8th May 2015

During a news conference on 5 May 2015, the Vatican unveiled the official prayer, logo, calendar of events and other details of the special Holy Year of Mercy, which will be celebrated from 8 December 2015 - 20 November 2016. The motto for the Holy Year is "Merciful Like the Father." The Official Prayer and Logo are below.


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Pope Names Two New Members for Doctrine of Faith
Last edited 6th May 2015

Pope Francis has named two new members of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Archbishop of Dijon, France, Roland Minnerath and Anthony Colin Fisher, Archbishop of Sydney, Australia are the latest members to be nominated by the Holy Father to the Congregation which promotes and safeguards the Catholic Church’s doctrine of the faith and morals.


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Migrants Filling the Ranks of the next Generation of Catholic Priests
Last edited 4th May 2015

A surge in the number of young men wanting to become Catholic priests has prompted a training college to expand its premises. Its 59 students come from 11 different countries.

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