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Running Man Challenge by the Auckland Catholic Youth Ministry Team

Last edited 19th May 2016

As a Fit for Mission initiative of the Auckland Catholic Diocese, the Auckland Catholic Youth and Young Adult Ministry team were keen to share our ministry with young people via the running man challenge. The hashtag signs are promoting our World Youth Day Auckland Experience planned for 30 & 31 July and our Diocesan Pastoral Plan Fit for Mission. Our Bishop Patrick Dunn can dance. Is your Bishop or priest up for the challenge?


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Why No One’s Laughing and Everyone’s Offended: Political Correctness

Last edited 5th May 2016

Big Think recently released a video which has struck a chord in many, receiving over 9 million views in 3 days. John Cleese, a well-known comedian, basically says that political correctness has gone too far, especially on America’s college campuses, where he will no longer go to perform.


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11 Catholic Artists That Will Rock Your Playlist

Last edited 3rd March 2016

You don't hear a lot of Catholic music on the radio these days, but with the rise of the great artists we are featuring today hopefully that will change in the future. I hope you will enjoy this diverse list of both established Catholic musicians and a newcomers. These men and women have the gift of being able to lead us in prayer through their music.


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"Church-speak" - Strange Things Church People Say

Last edited 4th February 2016

Msgr. Charles Pope from the Archdiocese of Washington writes:


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(Advent Quiz) Find Out How Much You Know About Advent With These 11 Questions

Last edited 7th December 2015

Many of us have been taking part in Advent activities since we were young children. Traditions such as the Advent wreath and Jesse tree bring with them memories of childhood, but do we really know what the meaning is behind them?


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Awkward Family Moments

Last edited 13th October 2015

Families can be awkward, annoying, and frustrating. They are also irreplaceable. Our families are the primary means God has given us to practice virtue and learn to love one another. No matter how often they embarrass us.


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Pope Francis Table Cloth Magic Trick!

Last edited 11th October 2015

Pope Francis shows off his magic trick at the U.S. Bishops' meeting. Note: This video has been edited, it is just a bit of respectful fun!

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Do You Have a Pope Joke?

Last edited 15th September 2015

The Pontifical Mission Societies in the United States have launched a "Joke with the Pope campaign" to raise awareness and funds for three pontifical missions throughout the world, just ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. and the organization’s launch of their new app, Missio.


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5 Saints Who Totally Had Superpowers

Last edited 14th September 2015

God acts in mysterious ways. That truth is made particularly evident in the types of things he does with those who are especially close to him.


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Train Passengers Sing Over the Rainbow!

Last edited 28th July 2015

Monday morning blues is spontaneously transformed into glorious public sing-a-long! In Perth Australia.

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