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Promote the Xt3 Lent Calendar App at Your School, Youth Group or Parish!
Last edited 12th February 2016

Now you can promote the Xt3 Lent Calendar App at your school, youth group or parish with our downloadable print-at-home poster.


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Social Media Crash Course from the Catholic Apostolate Centre
Last edited 10th February 2016

This Social Media Crash Course was developed as an initiative of Apostles on Mission in collaboration with Paulist Evangelization Ministries and the Catholic Apostolate Center.


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The World’s Most Popular Website Just Ripped The Rug Out From Under Australia Day
Last edited 25th January 2016

In a stunning departure from convention, today’s ‘Google Doodle’ – the picture that adorns the Google logo, and changes based on the significance of the day – has delivered what surely must be the most overtly political statement in world Google history.


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Hollywood is Releasing a new Film about an Adolescent Jesus
Last edited 24th January 2016

"The Young Messiah” is an upcoming American biblical film directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh, based on the novel by Anne Rice named "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt”.


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Xt3 Advent Calendar Promo Video 2015
Last edited 11th December 2015

The theme for this year's calendar is from Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Every day during Advent, we will be sharing a different image depicting the birth of Jesus from different eras in history. The Christmas story has been told from generation to generation, and as you will see from the series of artworks that we will be sharing during Advent, Jesus really is unchanging in our ever changing world.


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Internet Safety Infographic
Last edited 3rd November 2015

Some statistics about teens and their use of the internet.

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Internet Safety for Kids Resource Guide
Last edited 3rd November 2015

Parents can only do so much to protect you online. When you're online it's up to you to practice safe habits. Take the Internet safety quiz for kids to see how much you really know and get tips on how to keep your devices, accounts and information safer online.

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How to Become a Saint: Innovative App Offers Guidance on Becoming a Better Catholic
Last edited 2nd November 2015

There are apps for just about everything and anything. Now there's an app to help people reach sainthood. It's called Sinner2Saint and it's described as a 'personal trainer app for your soul.' Depending on one's weaknesses, it gives guidance for one's faith and inner strength.

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Pope Emojis Just Became a Thing!
Last edited 11th September 2015

We are so excited! Pope Emojis just became a thing!


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Xt3 Wins 'Best Use of New Media' Award at ACPA2015
Last edited 13th September 2015 has been honoured to win the 2015 Australian Catholic Press Assocaition Award for 'Best Use of New Media'! Congratulating Xt3 on its latest win, ACPA's judges praised the social media networking site for the way it continued to expand its marketing through multiple platforms, enabling greater accessibility for thousands of young Catholics.


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