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Web 2.0 and a 'Mixed-up' Generation

Last edited 2nd August 2010

He's been called 'Jesuit 2.0". His name is Antonio Spadaro and he has been the editor of prestigious Jesuit journal "La Civilta Cattolica" for more than ten years. According to Fr. Spadaro, the web has only deepened and given new form to the oldest needs of man.


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'Looking For Mary' Video Competition

Last edited 24th August 2010

Mary MacKillop lived a long time ago - so how can you and your friends, and other young people, really engage with the reality of this great Australian woman? And the fact that she will soon be proclaimed a Saint?


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"There be Dragons" Trailer Debuts

Last edited 30th July 2010

'There Be Dragons' is an upcoming historical epic written and directed by Roland Joffé. The film which is set during the Spanish Civil, is scheduled to be released in late 2010 or early 2011, and includes the story of revolutionary soldiers, a journalist, his father, and a real life priest, St. Josemaría Escrivá, a recent Roman Catholic saint and founder of Opus Dei, who has been called the saint of ordinary life.

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The Night Life of the Sleepy Teenager

Last edited 29th July 2010

Teenagers are squandering sleeping time on electronic gadgets to the point where family life, studies and even health are compromised. And many parents either don’t see the problem or feel powerless to intervene!

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"The Catholic Guy" Broadcasts from Vatican Radio

Last edited 24th August 2010

The first American radio show to broadcast a week's worth of programming from Vatican Radio has returned there for a third time. Find out more about the ministry involved in Catholic radio, in this report.


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Gladiator Star Takes Role in Ben Hur Spectacular

Last edited 28th July 2010

Russell Crowe, Oscar winning star of Gladiator, will still be in early Christian mode when he takes to the stage as Narrator of the $15 million Ben Hur: The Stadium Spectacular to be staged in Sydney's on 22 and 23 October.

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Why Are the Media so Utterly Hostile to the Pope?

Last edited 29th July 2010

The sneering vitriol heaped upon the Holy Father and on Catholics in general by the media and social elites in advance of the papal visit to the UK in September has been little short of staggering. So why is it that so many in the press, seem to be baying for the Pope’s blood?

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"Toy Story 3" Also Wins at the Vatican

Last edited 24th August 2010

The Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has called the third installation of Disney-Pixar's "Toy Story" a "masterpiece" for its creative animation techniques and quality.


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Film Review: Inception

Last edited 22nd July 2010

In this 'Thinking Out Loud' episode, the team discuss how the film Inception gives us a mirror to look at modern technologies, and how they affect and inform our faith.

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Kids and Online Pornography

Last edited 21st July 2010

Everywhere you turn, someone is warning parents about the dangers of childhood obesity. While this issue is very important - are we overlooking a far bigger threat - the one to their souls through online pornography?

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