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Film Review: Toy Story 3

Last edited 30th June 2010

Over 15 years, Pixar, the revolutionary animation production house, has given us 11 feature films including A Bug's Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and Up. These films have been as popular with adults as they are with children. Among the most popular has been their Toy Story series, and Toy Story 3 does not disappoint. It is terrific...


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'Young Imam': The Reality Show Creating All the Buzz in Malaysia

Last edited 29th June 2010

The U.S. has "American Idol." Britain has "The X Factor." Malaysia, one of the world's more progressive Muslim nations, has something rather different—a televised search for the country's most eligible young religious leader.

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Making First Contact Through Facebook

Last edited 27th June 2010

Adoption is undergoing a revolution. Until recently, it has been a closely managed process, with social workers going to enormous lengths to protect children placed with adoptive families from inappropriate contact with birth relatives. The exponential growth of social networking sites such as Facebook has changed that forever - and the consequences are far-reaching.

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New Media Tool for Catholic Parents

Last edited 25th June 2010

What is okay to let the kids watch, see, and listen to? What kinds of television, music, movies, and video games are being marketed to children today? How can I teach my children to make wise decisions when exposed to media? Finding the answers is never easy - but parents are no longer alone. provides parents with an overview of popular items in music, games, television, and movies that are currently being marketed to children and teens. Find out more in this article!

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Rewriting the Script

Last edited 1st July 2010

There has been a recent wave of blockbuster movies that have anti-Christian undertones. Why do blockbusters have to distort the history of Christianity? This article gives some great suggestions for future film scripts.

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New Technology Transports Viewers Through the Way of St. James

Last edited 20th June 2010

The Way of St. James is one of the most important pilgrimages in the Christian world - and now those who cannot make the pilgrimage, can experience the journey online.

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The iPriest Returns

Last edited 22nd June 2010

Can you imagine using an iPad instead of a Bible? What about the priest celebrating Mass reading from an iPad? What kind of challenges and changes does technology hold for the Church?

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Put That Big Mac Attack on Hold

Last edited 18th June 2010

You may have taken note of the new “Come As You Are” advertising campaign McDonald’s has launched. While many people have objected to the ad's apparent focus on homosexuality, the American Life League has found it a tremendous opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Find out how in this article!

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Cheap’ Entertainment

Last edited 23rd June 2010

To put it mildly, Lady Gaga’s newest video, Alejandro, is soft-core pornography and anti-religion. Is this nothing but 'cheap' entertainment? Katie Hinderer from talks about the latest Gaga spectacle in this article!

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Hyundai Pulls Television Ad After Catholic Uproar

Last edited 15th June 2010

Responding to “enough of an outcry” from Catholic individuals and blogs, Korean car maker Hyundai announced on Monday that it has pulled a World Cup-themed television ad that ran during the USA-England soccer match on Saturday featuring a "church" in Argentina mocking Catholic sacraments.

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