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UK Bishops Decry Abortion TV Ads

Last edited 26th May 2010

On Monday, advertisements for an abortion service provider started airing for the first time on U.K. television, reflecting relaxed broadcasting standards. As reported by Zenit, the bishops of England and Wales are protesting. Read this article for more!

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Steve Jobs Says iPad Revolution Means ‘Freedom from Porn’

Last edited 31st May 2010

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers, says his company will not be a party to the pornography industry and hopes that the iPad and iPhone revolution will help lead to a porn-free world.

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Catholic Bible Search Engine Launched

Last edited 28th January 2015

A new online Catholic Bible search engine, which enables people to find specific Scripture passages using keywords, was launched on May 13! So you can now search for any passage in the Bible following this link:


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Social Media Revolution

Last edited 20th May 2010

Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore!

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Gadgets, Gizmos and the Right to be Bored

Last edited 18th May 2010

It's as though the citizens of the twenty-first century have decided that human beings have a new right, the right never to experience so much as a moment's lapse in the onslaught of entertainment and information with which we surround ourselves. If we're aware of any tedium, the fault is a simple one to remedy: we just need the latest electronic device to fill those moments of inactivity and keep us from ennui.

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Prayer and the iPhone, iPad and Facebook

Last edited 18th May 2010

Italian Father Paolo Padrini wanted to put the new technologies at the service of the spiritual life of Catholics and priests in a concrete way. Thus, he came up with the iBreviary initiative, which digitized the Liturgy of the Hours for use on the iPhone and iPad!

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Catholic New Media

Last edited 16th May 2010

On the 44th World Day of Communications, the Holy Father has asked that Priests and laity should bring the life of the Church to new media.

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National e-Conference Expects 30,000 Clicks

Last edited 14th May 2010

The upcoming Mary - First Disciple National eConference is set to draw more than 30,000 participants, organisers estimate based on the number of websites that have signed on to stream the event.

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Priests at the Service of the Word, Online

Last edited 13th May 2010

Ordained ministers have been invited by the Holy Father to express their charism on the Internet, in line with the theme  chosen by the Pope for the 44th World Communications Day, to be held on May 16: "The Priest and Pastoral Ministry in a Digital World: New Media at the Service of the Word."

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Pope's Second Book on 'Jesus of Nazareth' Goes to Publishers

Last edited 11th May 2010

The Holy See has announced that the final draft of Pope Benedict XVI's long awaited second volume of "Jesus of Nazareth" has been completed and sent to the publishers.

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