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Google says no to China

Last edited 24th March 2010

Google is no longer a verb in China, or at least as of this week it can’t be. The world’s leading search engine has pulled out of the world’s largest country. The problem: Censorship.

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3 Easy Things Anyone Can Do to Evangelize Online

Last edited 24th March 2010

You don’t have to have any technical expertise or a theology degree to evangelize online. Just like in the offline world, God can powerfully use any of His creatures to reach people. Life and love on the digital continent is no different in this regard. Find out how, here!

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Vatican Tweets in Six Languages

Last edited 23rd March 2010

The Vatican began tweeting over the weekend with the launch of its own Twitter account including a feed in six languages.


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The gathering storm

Last edited 18th March 2010

The scandal of sexual abuse by priests in Europe is distracting us from an even bigger scandal in the future, one which the media helped to create.

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'Theology After Google'

Last edited 16th March 2010

The 'Theology After Google' conference takes look at religion in Web era


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"The Human Experience" arriving in movie theaters

Last edited 15th March 2010

It's been floating around for a couple of years in various forms, and popping up at private screenings and film festivals, but now it appears "The Human Experience" will finally arrive in movie theaters around the world! The movie is a powerful look into the meaning of human life, and is an experience that should not be missed...


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Facing up to grown-up responsibilities

Last edited 15th March 2010

Facebook has 400 million users. How responsible is it for the behaviour of its growing number of vandals and thugs?

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Last edited 10th March 2010

New media can be used to reach out to people, to carry the message of the Catholic Church. In this interview by Fr Tom Rosica of Salt and Light Television in Toronto, Joshua Lanzarini talks about how he brings technology and his faith together.

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Hello, Is God There?

Last edited 1st March 2010

The bishops of France are warning the faithful that a private initiative to offer confessions over the phone is not sponsored by the Catholic Church.

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Cyberbullying: Let's Fight It Together

Last edited 24th February 2010

This film, produced by Childnet for the DCSF highlights the different ways that Cyberbullying can happen and the consequences for the target.


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