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i-Phone app for the Vatican Museum

Last edited 28th January 2010

You can now tour the Eternal City on your i-phone! Check it out here.

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Gospel Must be Shared by Technology and Personal Witness

Last edited 28th January 2010

The Emmanuel Community hosted a symposium in Rome this week with the theme "Priests and Laity in the Mission," for which Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver gave the keynote address on Wednesday. Following his talk, CNA spoke with the archbishop about how culture is affected by modern technology, a theme that was recently touched on by Pope Benedict XVI.

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American Idol - Maddy Curtis

Last edited 9th February 2010

Watch 16 year-old Maddy Curtis wow the "American Idol" judges. Maddy Curtis, the 9th of twelve children and sister to four siblings with Downs Syndrome (three of which are adopted) could not be sweeter. Her audition of "Hallelujah" had the judges sending her to Hollywood unanimously.

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Pope's message for 44th World Day of Communications

Last edited 26th January 2010

"The priest and pastoral ministry in a digital world: new media at


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Texting to save lives

Last edited 25th January 2010

Did you know that a simple text message can make a difference on the lives of those suffering in Haiti?

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Pope Benedict XVIs message on the 44th annual World Day for Social Communications

Last edited 24th January 2010

The Pope's message for the 44th World Day of Communications has been released, with the theme: "The priest and the pastoral ministry in the digital world: new media at the service of the Word".


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Catholic Name-Calling

Last edited 20th January 2010

Neo Cat? Rad Trad? Liberal? Conservative? What happened to just 'Catholic'??


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Fr. Barron Comments on "Avatar"

Last edited 17th January 2010

Fr Robert Barron, from Word On Fire, comments on James Cameron's epic movie 'Avatar'. Great comments on what exactly constitutes 'Hollywood approved spirituality', and how it differs from the Biblical spirituality that informs Christianity.

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New Interactive Bible Unlike Any Other

Last edited 2nd February 2010

Experience the Bible like never before! The multi-faceted computer-based creation does things a conventional Bible cannot,  bringing the Word of God to life through HD video images, animations, maps, 360-degree virtual tours and more.Watch how it happens, here!

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Xt3 Tours the World!

Last edited 30th June 2010

The Director of Catholic Communications, here in the Archdiocese of Sydney went on a whirlwind tour of the world, visiting New York, Poland, Rome, Spain, and Canada. An award winning journalist in Australia, Katrina took our trusty recorder and interviewed along the way. From peaceful pro-life rallies in New York, to interviewing the editor-in-chief of Rome Reports, exploring Poland's amazing spiritual history, and chatting with the one and only Fr Tom Rosica of Salt+Light TV ... enjoy this Xt3 Podcast!

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