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Pope Benedict XVI will Make History with TV Interview
Last edited 8th March 2011

On Good Friday, April 22, the Pope will make history by appearing on television to answer questions about Jesus. This will be the first time that a pope has granted a televised interview. Pope Benedict XVI will begin the program by speaking on the person and identity of Jesus Christ, complimenting his soon-to-be released second installment of “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Rome Reports Video on the Xt3 Lent Calendar
Last edited 9th March 2011

The news agency 'Rome Reports' has done a story on Xt3's Lent Calendar for 2011 - watch this video for more!


Vatican Promotes Cooperation Between Catholic Media Organizations
Last edited 7th March 2011

According to Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the Vatican is working on the collaboration among independent Catholic media organizations. Watch this video for more.

Lights, Camera, Action - Using Movie Nights to Prepare for WYD
Last edited 6th March 2011

 World Youth Day is harnessing the power of film as a spiritual tool by offering a movie series as one of the many ways to prepare for the event. Teresa Ekobo of the WYD Cultural Events department says the films chosen for the series feature, “people who have responded to God's call and in whom we can see how God illuminated their lives, and how they valiantly faced life's problems, trials, disappointments, and fiascos while holding on to their hope.”


Film Review: 127 Hours
Last edited 4th March 2011

The Oscar-nominated film 127 Hours tells the true story of a rock climber who finds himself caught, literally, between a rock and hard place, and as a result has to amputate his own arm. However the film is much more than that - as Ronan Wright shows in this article, it is also a story of contrition and penance.

Vatican Planning to Launch Online News Portal
Last edited 3rd March 2011

Vatican's communications department is streamlining its presence on the Internet with a news portal that gathers its media coverage in one place. Pontifical Council for Social Communications president Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli announced updated plans for the new site during his department's annual meeting this week. He has referred to the project several times in the last six months during Vatican press conferences. The multimedia portal, he said, will offer news from the Vatican's newspaper, Vatican Radio and the missionary news agency Fides on a single site. According to a report in the March 2 edition of the Vatican's L'Osservatore Romano paper, the portal will be launched by Easter (April 24) in English and Italian.

Pope Calls on Church to Find Parables for Today
Last edited 1st March 2011

Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom by referring to elements from his environment: fields, seeds, flocks and other images. Today, says Benedict XVI, we are called to discover new symbols and metaphors, in order to proclaim the Gospel to a digital culture. The Pope made this reflection when he addressed participants in the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.


Pope Worries that the Web Makes Social Relations More Superficial
Last edited 2nd March 2011

While optimistic about the opportunities that the Internet provides, the Pope encourages Catholics to consider how the web is transforming culture and daily life. Benedict XVI warned that because more and more people are communicating through computers or mobile phones, true dialogue is being decreased as well as a responsibility for what said.

2 Million Young People Could Watch Your Video at WYD11
Last edited 24th February 2011

Imagine 2 million young people gathered for World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid - watching a video created by you! Create a 90-second video on anything to do with youth, the Pope, the Church, or World Youth Days... and submit your video in MP4 format on this website by 30 April 2011. The top 5 videos will not only be screened at the main WYD events, but the producers of the top 5 will also have special seats at the Prayer Vigil at Cuatro Vientos.


Fr. Barron Comments on the Return to Confession
Last edited 18th February 2011

About 40 years ago, there was a major drop off in the practice of confession in the Catholic Church. In this video, Fr Robert Barron talks about reasons why confession became unpopular, how the secular world reacted, our inherent need to confess our sins... and why in the 21st century, confession could be making comeback!


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