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10th Anniversary of Wikipedia
Last edited 27th January 2011

Wikipedia, one of the most popular and well-used websites in the world, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The founder of Wikipedia shares the story of the sites beginnings and growth in this video!

Texting Poll Aims to Highlight Media Influence in Abortion Debate
Last edited 26th January 2011

The pro-life group Heroic Media launched a massive texting poll to hundreds of thousands of participants at the West Coast Walk for Life and the D.C. March for Life this past weekend, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of media influence on the debate over abortion. Find out more in this article.

Message of World Communications Day 2011: Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age
Last edited 27th January 2011

Here is the full Message of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, for the 45th World Communications Day, which falls on 5 June 2011. The theme of this message is: Truth, Proclamation and Authenticity of Life in the Digital Age

Pope's World Communications Day Message 2011
Last edited 3rd June 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has asked Catholics to make their presence felt in social networks. It is part of his message for the 45th World Day of Social Communication, in which he said there is a "Christian style" of using the internet. Click here to read the Pope's message!

Exorcist Praises New Movie 'The Rite' for Showing Power of Faith
Last edited 23rd January 2011

Father Gary Thomas, whose real life experience as an exorcist-in-training is chronicled in the highly anticipated movie “The Rite,” praised the film for its positive portrayal of the Church and for its witness to the power of faith.


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Texting Relationships
Last edited 19th January 2011

No meet-ups, no phone calls. Just 140-character messages flying back and forth day and night. How has text messaging changed the way we develop relationships? Katie Hinderer looks at the loss of face-to-face bonding in our text-message culture in this article!

Holy Tweet, Tube and Truth - Message from the Vatican
Last edited 19th January 2011

Pope Benedict XVI will release his message for the forty-fifth World Day of Social Communications on 24 January. The theme of the message is "Truth, proclamation and authenticity of life in the digital age". Visit this article to find out more about the Pope's Communications message for 2011!

Most Under-Reported Vatican Stories of 2010
Last edited 19th January 2011

If it’s true that the only thing worse than negative publicity is no publicity, then 2010 was a banner year for the Vatican! As the secular media focused only on a few Vatican issues in 2010 - namely the stories that could be sensationalised - there were many other important news items that slipped the radar. Find out what they are in this article by John L Allen Jr.

Unplanned - A Review
Last edited 17th January 2011

An American woman has just released a harrowing book - Unplanned - about her experiences working in a Planned Parenthood clinic. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the US, a business that Abby Johnson reveals is deceiving all women. Visit this article for a review of Unplanned by Mercatornet.

Twenty-Somethings Taking the Pro-Life Reins
Last edited 17th January 2011

Tweeting and texting, the Echo Boomers are taking the reins of the decades-long effort to restore legal protection to the unborn in Alaska and across the U.S. These 20-somethings – children of Baby Boomers and Generation Xers – were born and raised after the 1973 Supreme Court decision of Roe v. Wade. They are survivors of the era of legalized abortion in America. But a full third of their generation did not survive – 26 million of their brothers, sisters and friends have been aborted! Visit this article to find out more.

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