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“The Greatest Miracle” - A 3D Film About Angels

Last edited 9th October 2011

On October 14, “The Great Miracle” opens in the U.S. and Mexico. It's a cartoon in 3D that follows three guardian angels who come to the aid of a young widow, a desperate bus driver and an elderly person living without hope. The arrival of the angels allows them to see the terrible struggle between good and evil that occurs around them.


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Pope Benedict XVI to Open Domus Australia - LIVE Webcast on Xt3!

Last edited 16th October 2011

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI will officially open Australia's first pilgrim centre in Rome, Domus Australia. The opening will take place on Wednesday 19 October with many invited guests travelling from Australia for the special event.


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Late Apple Co-Founder Knew the Value of Communication, Jesuit Says

Last edited 7th October 2011

Like Pope Pius XI, who founded Vatican Radio and built the Vatican train station, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs recognized the importance of expanding communication, according to Father Antonio Spadaro, editor of an influential Jesuit journal. Steve Jobs died at the age of 56 on Oct. 5 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.


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Fr. Barron Reviews the Film "Moneyball"

Last edited 6th October 2011

Everybody loves a movie about sports, and Brad Pitt's latest film "Moneyball" is getting rave reviews around the world. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron looks at what we can learn from this movie about sport, money, power, leadership... and its subtle parallel with the spiritual life.


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Martin Sheen Discusses New Film About 'The Way of St. James'

Last edited 6th October 2011

Actor Martin Sheen spoke in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 1 about his latest movie, which was filmed entirely along The Way of St. James, a European pilgrimage route that leads to the city of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.


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Anti-Christian Censorship and New Media: Report Highlights Defects

Last edited 4th October 2011

A report commissioned by the Virginia-based National Religious Broadcasters has revealed substantial problems in the way new media communications platforms treat religion.


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Catholic Voters Get New App

Last edited 29th September 2011

The company that put confession preparation on the iPhone now has a tool for Catholic voters: CatholicVote Mobile, aimed to mobilize and unify those who want to get the Church's view to Congress. A one-touch method allows Catholic voters to more easily participate in the political forum. Based on a user's GPS location or zip code, the app generates the contact information for their representative and senators. Users can select to automatically add this information to their contact lists or simply tap to connect.


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Pope to Reflect on the Need for “Silence” During Next World Communications Day

Last edited 9th October 2011

The Vatican is getting ready for the next World Communications Day. The theme is “Silence and Word” and the message is specifically aimed at journalists. The topic is meant to remind journalists to take a step back from modern technology and the constant flow of information. Silence, says the Vatican, opens a window for reflection.


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Film Review: Jane Eyre

Last edited 26th September 2011

'Jane Eyre' is a classic and popular novel, written in 1947 by Charlotte Brontë. In this article, Ronan Wright of MercatorNet reviews the newly released film based on the classic book: "The latest retelling of the timeless classic from the 19th century has a lot in common with the blockbuster Twilight series."

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Outrage Over Release of Violent Sexually Explicit Film

Last edited 20th September 2011

The 3500-strong members of Collective Shout, the grass roots organisation against the sexploitation of women and girls has called on the Classification Review Board to ban the release of the brutal, sexually violent movie, A Serbian Film.


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