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There Be Dragons - A Film of War and Forgiveness and the Making of a Saint
Last edited 24th March 2011

A new movie set in the Spanish Civil War and featuring the themes of saintliness and betrayal, love and hatred, forgiveness and violence and also finding meaning in every day life, will be released in around the world in coming months.


The Bad Theology of "The Adjustment Bureau"
Last edited 29th March 2011

'The Adjustment Bureau' is one of the most specifically theological movies in recent years. The problem is... it's pretty bad theology! The film tells the story of Matt Damon, a politician who falls in love with a woman 'Elise'. However when a group of men - or angels - inform him that being with Elise is not part of 'The Plan', Matt Damon refuses to accept his fate. The story is therefore set up as a battle between fate and freedom.


WYD in Search of the Next Spielberg
Last edited 21st March 2011

The organizers of WYD Madrid have unveiled a new competition for pilgrims. If you think you can direct a film... produce a 90 second audio-visual clip about WYD. The best videos will be screened on site in Madrid, as well as worldwide, during the estimated 20 hours of time pilgrims are expected to be waiting on the Pope's arrival.


Special Screening of 'The Human Experience' in Sydney
Last edited 18th March 2011

On Thursday 7 April 2011, there will be a special screening of the highly-anticipated Grassroots film The Human Experience at the Event Cinemas, George St, Sydney, Australia - followed by a Q&A session with the makers of the film!


Why the Media Tries to Debunk Classical Christianity
Last edited 10th March 2011

What interest does the media have in trying to debunk classical Christianity? In this video, Father Robert Barron, after responding a recent article about Historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan on CNN's website, offers further clarification on why he thinks the media is trying to debunk Christianity., Spanish Site Offers Prayers to Download
Last edited 9th March 2011

The new website "" allows you to directly listen or download daily prayers in Spanish to your Ipod or mp3 player. It follows in the footsteps of the English version "," that was created three years ago and receives 90,000 visits each week.

Pope Benedict XVI will Make History with TV Interview
Last edited 8th March 2011

On Good Friday, April 22, the Pope will make history by appearing on television to answer questions about Jesus. This will be the first time that a pope has granted a televised interview. Pope Benedict XVI will begin the program by speaking on the person and identity of Jesus Christ, complimenting his soon-to-be released second installment of “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Rome Reports Video on the Xt3 Lent Calendar
Last edited 9th March 2011

The news agency 'Rome Reports' has done a story on Xt3's Lent Calendar for 2011 - watch this video for more!


Vatican Promotes Cooperation Between Catholic Media Organizations
Last edited 7th March 2011

According to Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary for the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, the Vatican is working on the collaboration among independent Catholic media organizations. Watch this video for more.

Lights, Camera, Action - Using Movie Nights to Prepare for WYD
Last edited 6th March 2011

 World Youth Day is harnessing the power of film as a spiritual tool by offering a movie series as one of the many ways to prepare for the event. Teresa Ekobo of the WYD Cultural Events department says the films chosen for the series feature, “people who have responded to God's call and in whom we can see how God illuminated their lives, and how they valiantly faced life's problems, trials, disappointments, and fiascos while holding on to their hope.”


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