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USCCB Issues Guidelines for Use of Social Media

Last edited 21st July 2010

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has issued a set of guidelines for using social media, especially as social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter continue to gain in popularity. "Social media are the fastest growing form of communication in the United States, especially among youth and young adults," the guidelines say. "Our church cannot ignore it, but at the same time we must engage social media in a manner that is safe, responsible and civil."

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Vatican Targeted in Cyber Attack on Google

Last edited 19th July 2010

This weekend the Vatican was targeted in a cyber attack by an unknown person who used the Google Internet search engine to misdirect Web browsers searching for information.

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Screens Take Up Leisure Time of Kids and Teenagers

Last edited 19th July 2010

According to the Foundation "Interactive Generations," children and teenagers between ages 10 and 18 spend 30 hours per week on video games, Internet, television, cell phones and mp3 devices.

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Update on SCENE 2010

Last edited 15th July 2010

The SCENE Congress in Sydney this week is drawing crowds from all over Australia! From Monday 12th July until Friday 16th July, Sydney's streets, churches, pubs and school halls will be filled with pilgrims taking part in catechesis, talks, workshops and street evangelisation. Cradio, Sydney's new Catholic radio channel, took to the streets to find out the latest - watch this video for more!


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First Christian Radio Station in Holy Land

Last edited 19th July 2010

Last week, Vatican Radio announced that the first Christian radio station in the Holy Land would be on air by Christmas. The local priest spearheading its creation told them that the station's aim is to be "a voice of peace, of hope, of dialogue and reconciliation" in the region.

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Vatican Paper Praises 'Toy Story 3'

Last edited 12th July 2010

The Vatican daily L’Osservatore Romano has offered up praise for Disney-Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” for providing moviegoers with a profound reflection on transcendental human themes and a lesson on true friendship through the experience of the film’s toy stars

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Catholic Voices: Providing Media Training to UK Catholics

Last edited 12th July 2010

With the pope's visit to the UK approaching, the Catholic Church is likely to be discussed heavily in the media. In anticipation of this, a group of lay Catholics are training other Catholics on how to speak effectively to the media on any issue such as politics, clerical sex abuse, the papacy and the beatification of Cardinal Newman.

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Toy Story 3 is Sexist?

Last edited 8th July 2010

Is Toy Story 3 sexist? Natalie Wilson of the Ms Magazine blog thinks so! In this article, Danielle Bean refutes Wilson's claims, showing that it takes a rather stretched imagination to see sexism in this great family movie!

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‘Tween’ Magazines

Last edited 19th July 2010

"If Miley Cyrus really has moved beyond her Disney Hannah Montana persona, into a more adult market... then why are ‘tween’ magazines still promoting her? Haven’t they heard that she’s all grown up now?" From

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Jason Evert On 'Twilight'

Last edited 26th August 2010

Jason Evert speaks about the 'Twilight' series, that is captivating audiences around the world. Evert speaks about both the positive and the negative messages from the series, and answers questions about the influence that it has on women in particular.


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