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The Dos and Don’ts of Blogging

Last edited 10th June 2010

After profiling the different types of blog commenters, Matthew Warner from the National Catholic Register suggests 16 ways to be a better and holier blog commenter!

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Age Old Values Spread Through Modern Technology

Last edited 8th June 2010

In the 24 years that Father Robert Barron has been a priest, he has witnessed great advances and profound lows in the priesthood. As one of the leading Catholic evangelical priests, Father Barron uses today's technology to its fullest extent to bring God's word to the world. Father Barron has dedicated his life to sharing his faith and in this interview with ZENIT he offers words of wisdom and support to those struggling to understand the role of the priest today amidst such hardship and controversy.

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The Life of Polish Priest Jerzy Popieluszko

Last edited 7th June 2010

Jerzy Popieluszko was a charismatic Catholic priest whose sermons and opposition to Poland's Communist regime made him famous but also put his life at risk.

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94 Percent of Priests use the Internet Daily

Last edited 6th June 2010

The majority of priests, 94 percent, use internet each day. A study on how priests use the internet has confirmed this. It was carried out by two universities and supported by the Vatican.

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BABIES - Official Trailer

Last edited 4th June 2010

French film maker Thomas Balmes has found a winning recipe for producing smiles: take four wildly contrasting cultural settings, add four very cute babies, and watch what happens during the first year of their lives. The result is the new movie 'Babies'!


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The Latest Digital Technology

Last edited 2nd June 2010

Check out the crazy new technologies heading our way!

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Top 50 "Catholic-Themed" Movies

Last edited 27th August 2010

How many have you seen? Which do you think is the best? Let us know today!


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‘Why didn’t we think of this before?’

Last edited 31st May 2010

Anna Arco talks to the organisers of Catholic Voices, a bold attempt to alter the media image of Catholics during the papal visit to Britain

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'Lost' Ends with Catholic Twist

Last edited 28th May 2010

Spanish daily, La Razon, published an analysis following the finale of the television series, “Lost,” which told the story of survivors of an airline crash on a mysterious island.  The newspaper remarked that the series, which captivated millions of viewers for seven years, ended with a Catholic storyline.

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Martyred Monks Film Wins Second Prize at Cannes

Last edited 27th May 2010

"At the end the prestigious 12-day Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, a film on a group of French monks who were martyred in Africa during the 1990s won the event's second highest honor" - find out more in this article

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