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Commercials Boost Church Attendance

Last edited 6th May 2010

The Catholics Come Home commercial series has boosted Church attendance! The 'Epic' and 'Movie' commercials highlight the vital part the Catholic Church has played in establishing hospitals, churches, orphanages, and schools and its role in marriage, family life, Scripture and sacraments.

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Catholics Come Home: Epic

Last edited 26th August 2015

A heartwarming outreach to Catholics and those interested in learning more about the Church.

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What's Bringing So Many Catholics Home? PART 2

Last edited 6th May 2010

When God chooses a methodology to bring fallen away Catholics back to the Church, he can certainly choose to spread the success from one country to another. Read the rest of the Zenit's interview with the dynamic Tom Peterson here.


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Is Celibacy Healthy?

Last edited 5th May 2010

By Father James Martin, S. J.


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Congress Empowers Communication in the Church

Last edited 30th August 2010

According to the Congress at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, the Church should open itself more each time to new media just as social websites and reporters covering religious information should have a deeper knowledge of the specific identity of the Church.


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I’m Addicted to My Cellphone

Last edited 28th April 2010

People often speak loosely about youths being “addicted” to their cellphones or iPods but research carried out at the University of Maryland had students using the word themselves when they wrote about how they felt while abstaining from all media for a day!


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Pope Urges Humanisation of Digital World

Last edited 27th April 2010

Pope Benedict XVI has urged Catholics across the world to equip themselves with faith to add soul and humanity to IT technology and the internet.


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New iPad Application to Track Baby Developments During Pregnancy

Last edited 27th April 2010

A new iPad application will help parents experience pregnancy in a new way.

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Film Festival Pays Tribute to Elderly

Last edited 23rd April 2010

'Capicúa', a film by Roger Villarroya, was awared first place at the Notodofilmfest. This film is a beautiful tribute to the elderly the sanctity and value of life.

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Child Abandoned at Birth Reunites with Mother via Facebook

Last edited 22nd April 2010

In an amazing series of events, a young man who was abandoned at birth used a Facebook group to find his biological mother.  After then were reunited, the young man thanked her for resisting the temptation to have an abortion.

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