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Xt3 - More than just the Catholic Facebook

Last edited 16th February 2010

Rome Reports reports on ...  Xt3!!


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Of d'ohs and doughnuts: Vatican newspaper discusses Simpsons' theology

Last edited 28th December 2009

People either love or hate the TV cartoon series, "The Simpsons," but there's no doubt the 20-year-old series reflects very modern notions -- and confusion -- about religion and spirituality, the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano said.

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Mary and Joseph Billboard Torn Down

Last edited 21st December 2009

A billboard depicting Joseph and Mary in bed, aimed at provoking discussion of the Christmas story, has been defaced and torn down. The church that erected the sign won't be replacing it.

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Infidelity: in spite of everything, we still care

Last edited 20th December 2009

Mercatornet's John Robson believes there is an encouraging lesson in the public's reaction to Tiger Woods' affairs.

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Viruses That Leave Victims Red in the Facebook

Last edited 14th December 2009

It used to be that computer viruses attacked only your hard drive. Now they attack your dignity.


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Film Review - Where the Wild Things Are

Last edited 7th December 2009

A film review for "the must-see PG movie of the Christmas season".

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Wikipedia's Quest

Last edited 3rd December 2009

The Church declares one Truth. Wikipedia provides a platform in which anyone can edit the information presented there. So what did the the European Bishop's communications commission invite Delphine  Ménard, the Wikimedia treasurer in France, to a conference on media at the Vatican?

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Internet used as a tool to bring religion closer

Last edited 30th November 2009

How is the internet affecting the spread of the Church and the World Youth Day message?

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Christmas Movie List

Last edited 16th December 2009

Looking for a good Christmas movie? Click on the link 'Visit this article' below for the largest, most comprehensive, all inclusive, Christmas movie database on the web!!!


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Sex and the Journey of Redemption (Part 1)

Last edited 8th December 2009

Christopher West and his work at the Theology of the Body Institute have been a topic of debate since a controversial misrepresentation of his views on ABC's Nightline last May.  The archbishop of Philadelphia and the bishop of Harrisburg are expressing support for Christopher West and his work at the Theology of the Body Institute.


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