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Bringing Morals to the Public Square

Last edited 24th November 2009

As much of the world moves in a secular direction, some commentators have taken to speaking of a "post-Christian" society.

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The Catholic Blogosphere

Last edited 23rd November 2009

There are hundreds of thousands of Catholic blogs on the Internet. While they can be an enormous force for good, there can be issues of quality, consistency, and good will. Watch here for Fr Tom Rosica comments on the Catholic Blogosphere.

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Fr. Barron comments on "2012"

Last edited 20th December 2009

Fr Barron comments on the new movie 2012 and 'doomsday', and examines the strong anti-Christian message throughout the movie. Warning, there may be some spoliers!

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Transforming and troubling

Last edited 16th November 2009

Mobile phones are spreading rapidly throughout Africa, bring the blessings of commerce, and the curse of spam!

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Fr. Barron comments on "District 9"

Last edited 13th November 2009

Fr. Barron uses the recently released movie "District 9" to dicuss the human perception of 'the other', and the ethics involved in the way we deal with people who we see as 'different'.

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Facebook, Google, Wikipedia and YouTube for faith

Last edited 1st December 2009

Representatives from the social network Facebook, the search engine Google, the YouTube video sharing website and the online encyclopedia Wikipedia will explain the importance of "new media" in the lives of young people, to European bishops.

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Pope speaks on new media

Last edited 30th October 2009

The Pope said the Church should use new media and speak in a way the current culture will understand to communicate the Gospel without changing its content.


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Happy 40th birthday to the internet

Last edited 29th October 2009

What a busy old year 1969 was!


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Twittering the Bible

Last edited 22nd October 2009

The inventive continue to come up with new techie ways to spread the Gospel... the latest being the “Twitter Bible,” which summarizes the over 31,000 verse Bible into nearly 4,000 short-form tweets!

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Last edited 29th September 2009

William Park reviews the recent film 'Informant', starring Matt Damon as a slightly pudgy, middle aged family man and an executive at a big Mid-Western agri-business, who decides to blow the whistle on the illegal price fixing in which his company engages.

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