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Last edited 29th September 2009

William Park reviews the recent film 'Informant', starring Matt Damon as a slightly pudgy, middle aged family man and an executive at a big Mid-Western agri-business, who decides to blow the whistle on the illegal price fixing in which his company engages.

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i-Catholic? Apps for your i-phone...

Last edited 28th September 2009

SQPN have done it again! Check out this gently mocking (and slightly informative) clip about all the Catholic apps you can put on your i-phone!

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Tropfest 2009 Winner - Be My Brother

Last edited 3rd February 2010

Genevieve Clay's short film 'Be My Brother' was the 2009 Australian winner of the short film competition Tropfest. It's a beautiful, touching film...take 7 minutes out of your day to have a laugh, a smile, and reflect on those special people who can make life a little bit funny, and a little bit more beautiful.

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Cardinal Pell and the Podcasting Priest

Last edited 11th July 2011

Father Roderick Vonhogen, of, was recently in Australia. While here he was able to interview the Archbishop of Sydney, George Cardinal Pell. They chatted about new media, the state of the Church in Australia, the priesthood, Xt3, WYD08, and the need for young people to see the Church as an important actor in public life.


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Fr Roderick and Xt3!

Last edited 7th October 2009

Fr Roderick, the podcasting priest from, popped into Xt3 headquarters to have a chat! We showed him around Xt3 - where he was very impressed with Fr John's book collection....


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Fr Roderick in Sydney!

Last edited 30th June 2011

Fr Roderick, of SQPN, also knows as the 'Podcasting Priest' has been in Sydney on a whirlwind trip! Listen here for an update, as he does a quick podcast on Cardinal Pell, the Harbour Bridge, sushi, Xt3, and all things Sydney!


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Wake Up Call for Parents - Little Girls Encouraged and Used As Sexual Objects

Last edited 2nd September 2009

These days children's department stores sell decorative bras and


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My Sister's Keeper

Last edited 28th August 2009

The use and misuse of artificial reproductive technology (ART) is a subject that deserves more attention than it commonly gets. My Sister’s Keeper is a thought-provoking dramatization of one of the most troubling ethical issues of the ART industry: the creation of “savior siblings”.


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Behind the Scenes - Stations of the Cross WYD08

Last edited 28th August 2009

Xt3 member submission!


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Decline of traditional media

Last edited 21st August 2009

Should the threat to traditional media from the Internet really be a cause for concern?

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