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Catholics and the 'Fourth Estate'

Last edited 5th August 2009

America's news media have enormous opinion-shaping power. Therefore it's vital for Catholics to understand how the media work, and especially how they work on us.


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Films about human dignity

Last edited 14th July 2009

Here's a selection of some great films about human dignity

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Facebook Activism

Last edited 9th July 2009

Social networking sites: Lots of clicks, but little sticks.


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Thousands Go Online For St Paul

Last edited 7th July 2009

Some 5,000 people gathered in an international e-conference to mark the end the the Pauline year, a landmark event for the Australian Church, according to the Broken Bay Diocese.

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Cardinal Pell on 'Angels and Demons'

Last edited 25th June 2009

Cardinal George Pell speaks about the recent movie 'Angels and Demons', in his sunday telegraph column for Sunday June 21st, 2009.


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Did you know?

Last edited 19th June 2009

Eye-opening video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman!


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Payoff over a Web Sensation is Elusive

Last edited 7th July 2009

Susan Boyle has already won a popularity contest on YouTube, but her runaway web success has made little money for the program’s producers or distributors.


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Good News for the Digital Age

Last edited 18th March 2010

In his message on the eve of the 43rd World Day of Communication (Sunday, 24th May), Pope Benedict XVI urges young Catholics to use their affinity with mobile phones, computers and the internet to evangelise their faith and spread the Gospel to “the new digital continent”.


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Vatican launches new iPhone apps

Last edited 7th July 2009

"The Vatican is launching iPhone and Facebook applications in an effort to help Catholics, especially younger generations, use new technologies to create a culture of dialogue, respect and friendship." Cath News


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Blessed be the Net?

Last edited 12th June 2009

"A Roman perspective on the problems of new communications". Fr Federico Lombardi SJ, Director of the Holy See's press office, encouraged communicators to meet the challenge of using the internet to engage positively to further the Gospel message of the Church.


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