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Blessed be the Net?

Last edited 12th June 2009

"A Roman perspective on the problems of new communications". Fr Federico Lombardi SJ, Director of the Holy See's press office, encouraged communicators to meet the challenge of using the internet to engage positively to further the Gospel message of the Church.


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Proud to be Catholic

Last edited 7th July 2009

Across America hundreds of thousands of former Catholics are rediscovering their faith. The reason is a media campaign inviting them to “come home.” By Jenny Cullen


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Joyful and triumphant

Last edited 6th July 2009

"Susan Boyle brought reality to TV in a way that blew the genre to pieces", Joanna Bogle


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Bella The Movie

Last edited 2nd July 2009

The official trailer for the award-winning film, Bella (winner of the People's Choice Award, Toronto Film Festival; 2007 Smithsonian Legacy Award). Inspired by a true story. 


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Dear editor: there is a life after palooza

Last edited 5th May 2011

"Newspapers may be killing themselves by capitulating to porn", By Michelle Martin. Subscribe to MercatorNet at Keywords: porn, pornography, media, newspapers, decline, audience

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Vatican Radio interviews Xt3

Last edited 6th July 2009

Susie Hodges from English Vatican Radio spoke to Ruth Davies (on behalf of Xt3) about Xt3 & the Lent Calendar (10 mins interview) If you'd like to hear more by Vatican Radio, click here


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Red Carpet Morality

Last edited 12th April 2010

"Hollywood is in the midst of putting its best and brightest up on a pedestal. Should the rest of us?", by Barbara Lilley


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Benedict XVI: internet can promote the search for truth

Last edited 2nd July 2009

Pope Benedict XVI's Message for World Communications Day. See the Vatican's Channel on YouTube for more!


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Message for the 2009 World Day of Communications

Last edited 29th June 2009

Pope Benedict XVI prepares us all for the 2009 World Day of Communications.


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Young People, Evangelization and the New Media

Last edited 17th June 2009

Address at National Youth Leaders Gathering 08; Australian Catholic Bishops Conference; November 22, 2008 by Fr. Thomas Rosica, C.S.B - Former National Director and C.E.O., World Youth Day 2002 and C.E.O. of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation and Television Network


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