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The Canonisation of John Paul II and John XXIII in 3D
Last edited 1st April 2014

Millions will follow the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII, and the Vatican Television Center will use up to 33 TV cameras and nine satellites to make it happen. The Vatican's service will work along with others TV companies like Sky, Sony, Eutelsat, Globecast, DBW Communication and Nexo Digital.13 cameras will air the ceremony in 3D, 15 in High Definition, and five in 4K resolution.

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Noah rises to top of US box office
Last edited 31st March 2014

After weathering a sea of controversy, Noah arrived in first place at the weekend box office.


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Why I’ll Be Seeing Noah
Last edited 27th March 2014

My suspicion is that suspicious viewers will find the film stimulating, helping them see fascinating facets of the story they’ve not seen before

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Film Review - Pompeii
Last edited 25th March 2014

NEW YORK (CNS) -- "Still more imagined there were no gods left, and that the universe was plunged into eternal darkness for evermore," wrote the Roman author Pliny the Younger on the day after the cataclysmic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D.


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New Crowe film Noah banned in Indonesia
Last edited 25th March 2014

Australian actor Russell Crowe's portrayal of religious figure Noah won't be seen in Indonesian cinemas, with the film rejected by the censors.


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Classic cinema: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Last edited 24th March 2014

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939)


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Blessed John Paul II Cupcake Topper - Create Your Own Papal Cupcakes for the 27th of April 2014 - Canonisation of JPII and John XXIII
Last edited 8th April 2014

To celebrate the canonisation of Pope John Paul ll and Pope John XXlll encourage you to have a papal cupcake!


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Vatican Television Releases Never-before-seen Footage of Pope Francis' Election
Last edited 12th March 2014

To mark the first anniversary of Pope Francis' election, the Vatican Television Center compiled a 40-minute documentary of Pope Francis. It pieces together the most memorable images of his pontificate, including the trademark moment when he first stepped out into the balcony and asked the world to pray for him. But the documentary also features never-before-seen footage of his first year as Pope.

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Living Out Lent, With the Help of a Smartphone
Last edited 2nd April 2014

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent, and the archdiocese of Sydney launched a new app to help Christians live out this period of prayer and penance. It's called Xt3 Lent Calendar. Take a look at this story from Rome reports for more!


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Egypt Islamic body wants Noah movie banned
Last edited 7th March 2014

Egypt's top Islamic body says the big budget Hollywood biblical epic Noah, starring Russell Crowe, was irreligious and should not be screened in the country.


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