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Pope Lays Out Concerns & Petitions, One Tweet at a Time
Last edited 26th August 2013

A month after the end of WYD Rio 2013, the event's impact on the Pope's Twitter account is very noticeable. In August, the account @Pontifex grew by more than 585,000 followers. In the months before, the account added an average of 240,000 followers per month. In other words, during the month of August, it grew twice as fast.

Hollywood's new trend looks to be epics based on the bible
Last edited 23rd August 2013

One of the advantages of having the Bible as the source of your movie is that you don’t have to pay for the film rights – John the Baptist doesn’t have a literary agent playing one studio off against another. So as Hollywood worries that conventional blockbusters are failing, and with memories of how lucrative Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was still strong, the Biblical epic is making an unexpected comeback.


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The Innovation of Loneliness
Last edited 22nd August 2013

Social networks are fantastic tools for making connections and sharing ideas. However they should never replace human interaction - otherwise we are all in danger of bring lonely, no matter how many friends or followers we have on Facebook and Twitter. This video is an important reminder that sometimes we need to switch off, meet up with a friend, and have a real conversation! After all, humans are social being by nature.

We Cannot Be Part-Time Christians, Pope Says on Twitter
Last edited 19th August 2013

Pope Francis told his millions of followers on Twitter today that it is impossible for Christians to have a partial or lackluster commitment to the faith.


Strategic Evangelizing: New Facebook Insights Data and What You Can Do With It
Last edited 19th August 2013

When it comes to evangelizing we don’t ever speak about statistics or data. I’m not talking about assigning specific measurables and reducing evangelizing to a mere thing. It is far larger than that. I’m talking about using the data and statistics to make your efforts in regards to evangelizing far more effective.

Don’t Develop A Social Media Strategy For Your Parish
Last edited 18th August 2013

Like most I’ve been working with various social networks and media for several years now. I’ve heard many people talk about developing a “Social Media Strategy”, and something has just never sat right with me in regards to that phrase. I was asked to write a “Social Media Strategy” recently and was really having a tough time because there was just something about that phrase. So I went look for some help. I picked up a book the other week, Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanchard. Right in the beginning of the book he makes a very important point . . . social media are things, and you don’t develop strategies around things. Strategies are developed around functions such as communications.

Francis' Press Conference on Return Flight From Brazil
Last edited 5th August 2013

Here is a ZENIT translation of the transcription provided by the Vatican of Francis' press conference on the flight home from Brazil.


Twitter Launches 'Report Abuse' Button
Last edited 31st July 2013

Social media giant Twitter has launched a new reporting button for users who are victims of online abuse. It follows a mounting backlash after a British woman was subjected to rape threats on Twitter. But cyber- safety advocates here say it's not enough and trolls or those behind the attacks need to be subject to harsher penalties.

Sorry, Retweeting the Pope Won't Get You out of Hell
Last edited 19th July 2013

Here were the tantalizingly weird headlines: “Follow pope online, get to heaven sooner - Facebook likes don't count.” “Cut your time in purgatory by following pope on Twitter.” And, worst of all, from Slate: “Pope now offering indulgences in exchange for Twitter followers.”


Philosopher Lauds Pope's Thriving Latin Twitter Account
Last edited 16th July 2013

With media outlets taking notice of the unexpected success of the Pope's tweets in Latin, a scholar conversant in the language finds it remarkable that so many are interacting in the “dead” tongue. With 123,000 followers, @Pontifex_ln is actually seen by more Twitter users than are the Pope's tweets in Polish, German and Arabic. Not only are the tweets being read in Latin, some users are responding in kind.


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