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Transcendent ordeal of an outback pilgrim
Last edited 7th March 2014

Robyn Davidson's trek in 1978, 2700km overland from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean, is the stuff of legend. In the new film adapted from her memoir, Tracks, Robyn (Wasikowska) appears as an enigma, the motivations behind her odyssey oblique at best. Yet it is hard to miss her resentment towards friends who add noise to her final preparations, and towards the National Geographic photographer Rick (Driver) who intrudes intermittently on her trek in return for sponsorship from the magazine. Solitude, clearly, is largely the point.


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U.S. cardinal aids movie producers
Last edited 6th March 2014

Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington helps with the making of the movie "Son of God," released Feb. 28 2014.

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Looking for the Truth in Beauty
Last edited 17th February 2014

In this selfie era, the tyranny of beauty is inescapable, especially for young women. On social media, girls are defining their self-worth by how many likes or followers their images attract. They pose like pop stars, seeking affirmation of their “hotness”.


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Mum's Night Out - Trailer - JP2 International Film Festival Selection
Last edited 12th February 2014

All Allyson and her friends want is a peaceful, grown-up evening of dinner and conversation . . . a long-needed moms' night out. But in order to enjoy high heels, adult conversation and food not served in a bag, they need their husbands to watch the kids for a few hours-what could go wrong? Mums' Night Out is an endearing, true-to-life family comedy.

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Pope Francis Launches Tweet to Pray for Benedict XVI
Last edited 11th February 2014

On the one year anniversary of Benedict XVI’s announcement of his decision to resign from the Petrine ministry, Pope Francis has sent a tweet, asking the world to join him in prayer for the retired pontiff.


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Should Your Parish Ministries Have A Facebook Page Or Twitter Profile?
Last edited 9th February 2014

Many organizations today find themselves struggling with the management piece of social networking. It’s very common to see additional accounts being created for a product, department, location, etc. It’s typical in our parishes that every ministry wants exposure. Some parishes have probably already experienced some parish ministries wanting their own Facebook Page, Twitter profile, or maybe their own website. Some have probably had them just “pop up” without anyone even asking.

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'Something About You': Fr Rob Galea's 2014 Record
Last edited 7th February 2014

"I'd like you to be involved in what I believe to be my best record to date! 2014 is the year for the release of what we hope to be an epic narrative and music album featuring acoustic, pop and dance songs from three of the world's greatest producers: Premo D'Anger (Freesol, Justin Timberlake), DJ G Wizard (The Ministry of Sound) and Boris Cezek (Eurovision)" - Fr. Rob Galea.


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Leading Catholic Communicator's Legacy
Last edited 3rd February 2014

February is Catholic Press Month, so Catholic communicators examine the legacy of the late Cardinal John Foley, his impact on the Catholic press as a journalist and as president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications at the Vatican.

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Mother Teresa - Movie Trailer
Last edited 29th January 2014

In an acclaimed film portrayal, Olivia Hussey illuminates the life story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the selfless missionary who brought hope, love and salvation to the poorest of the poor. The movie examines the fundamental moments of Mother Teresa's life from her childhood in Albania in the 1920s to her first calling as a nun, the decision to leave her order and live with the poorest of the poor, the vicissitudes of founding the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity, and her great work of service in Calcutta and the rest of the world.


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Kids Don’t Know Tech and Why Education Is Important
Last edited 27th January 2014

It’s a common thought that “kids know tech”. We have taken this attitude and philosophy that young age equals tech knowledge including how to effectively and strategically use technology. They can install and open an app with ease, or set up a new account on a social network, etc.; but none of that actually demonstrates that young people are tech geniuses.

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