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Leading Catholic Communicator's Legacy
Last edited 3rd February 2014

February is Catholic Press Month, so Catholic communicators examine the legacy of the late Cardinal John Foley, his impact on the Catholic press as a journalist and as president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications at the Vatican.

Mother Teresa - Movie Trailer
Last edited 29th January 2014

In an acclaimed film portrayal, Olivia Hussey illuminates the life story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, the selfless missionary who brought hope, love and salvation to the poorest of the poor. The movie examines the fundamental moments of Mother Teresa's life from her childhood in Albania in the 1920s to her first calling as a nun, the decision to leave her order and live with the poorest of the poor, the vicissitudes of founding the Congregation of the Missionaries of Charity, and her great work of service in Calcutta and the rest of the world.


Kids Don’t Know Tech and Why Education Is Important
Last edited 27th January 2014

It’s a common thought that “kids know tech”. We have taken this attitude and philosophy that young age equals tech knowledge including how to effectively and strategically use technology. They can install and open an app with ease, or set up a new account on a social network, etc.; but none of that actually demonstrates that young people are tech geniuses.

Pope Francis' Message for World Communications Day 2014
Last edited 23rd January 2014

“Communication at the service of an authentic culture of encounter” is the title of Pope Francis' message for the 48th World Day of Social Communications, the only world day established by Vatican Council II (Inter Mirifica, 1963), which is celebrated on the Sunday before the feast of Pentecost, which falls on 1 June 2014. The message is dated 24 January, memorial of St. Francis of Sales, patron saint of communicators. The full text of the message is below...


Surprised by Freude On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, here's a reflection on a famous child who could have been aborted.
Last edited 22nd January 2014

Screening across the country is a 15-minute film short called Crescendo from independent writer-director Alonso Alvarez Barreda (Historia de un letrero). It is not coming to a theater near you, and surprisingly, this is by design.


103.2 FM Mornings Movie Review: The Railway Man
Last edited 13th January 2014

Eric Lomax was serving as a Signals Officer in Singapore when it fell to the Japanese in 1942. He and his countrymen were taken captive and forced to build the Thai-Burma Railway.


Gimme Shelter
Last edited 9th January 2014

Based on the Inspiring True Story, Gimme Shelter is an independent drama film, based on a true story, about a pregnant teenager (Apple) who runs away from her abusive mother, and traces her real father.


Bread 4 Today App - Interview with Matthew Howard (Co-Creator and Collaborator of App)
Last edited 8th January 2014

In this interview Xt3 talks to Matthew Howard as we discuss the app he has built called Bread 4 Today. This app is an excellent (and free) prayer resource . Matthew who works for the Redemptorists is an enthusiastic man on fire for God and using his talents and gifts in media and web to serve the Church. In this interview Matthew discussses how the idea for the app came about and the vision he has for the resource to bring people back to the Church. This interview was recorded at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival Melbourne 2013.

Bread 4 Today - Wonderful Catholic Prayer App
Last edited 6th January 2014

The Bread 4 Today app provides access to daily prayers for reflection and meditation whenever you can spare a moment during the day. The prayer archive allows users to search past entries by category so that they can reflect on prayers that match their frame of mind. Its categories include: Courage, A just world, Relationships, Hope, Hard Times, Faith, Forgiveness and special intentions (calendar days of prayer and reflection). All prayers can be shared via social media with a tap of the screen, thanks to its integrated social media capabilities. This is definitely an app to have on your smart phone!

Pope's Twitter Account @Pontifex Has More than 10 Million Followers One Year after Launch
Last edited 13th December 2013

On 12 December 2012 Benedict XVI joined Twitter, and @Pontifex was embedded in the Vatican's modern history book. One year later, now it's Pope Francis who leads that twitter account, which has about 11 million followers. But that's nothing compared to the roughly 60 million people who get to read re-tweets. @Pontifex has nine different language accounts, including Arabic, French, German, Italian, Polish Portuguese and even Latin. The account with the most followers is in Spanish which has about 4 million. The English account comes in second with roughly 3.3 million followers.

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