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Aussie Podcasters "What the Faith" Review Xt3's Advent App
Last edited 4th December 2014

Aussie podcasters "What the Faith" have released their latest episode about Apps for Advent, a discussion of the film, Interstellar, as well as our excitement for the upcoming releases of The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies and 2015?s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They also comment on Pope Francis’ address to the the European parliament and an app that lets you participate in the papal conclave.


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Bread 4 Today App - Interview with Matthew Howard (Co-Creator and Collaborator of App)
Last edited 8th January 2014

In this interview Xt3 talks to Matthew Howard as we discuss the app he has built called Bread 4 Today. This app is an excellent (and free) prayer resource . Matthew who works for the Redemptorists is an enthusiastic man on fire for God and using his talents and gifts in media and web to serve the Church. In this interview Matthew discussses how the idea for the app came about and the vision he has for the resource to bring people back to the Church. This interview was recorded at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival Melbourne 2013.

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The Journey Pulse 94.1FM - Week 11 (201013)
Last edited 28th October 2013

Weekly Catholic Radio Show on Pulse 94.1FM in the Illawarra and South Coast of NSW Australia

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The Benefits of the Xt3 Event Calendar for Youth Ministry
Last edited 18th October 2012

Did you know that every Diocese in the world has a homepage on, and an events calendar? The Xt3 Event Calendar is a place for parishes to share their local events with the broader Diocese and the community.


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Prometheus - Catholic Movie Reviews Podcast
Last edited 18th July 2012

Prometheus is yet another alien movie. But this one leans more on the side of a horror movie... with lots of unanswered philosophical questions.


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The Avengers - Catholic Movie Review Podcast
Last edited 11th May 2012

What happens when six super heroes team up to fight the biggest enemies in the Universe? You end up with a hit movie written and directed by nerdom’s chief storyteller Joss Whedon and played by some of today’s biggest actors. If you’re looking for an action packed and entertaining film for the weekend The Avengers is your obvious choice!


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Digital Advent Calendar from Down Under - Interview with Vatican Radio on the Xt3 Advent Calendar!
Last edited 13th December 2011

Tracey McClure of Vatican Radio interviewed Xt3's very own Katrina Lee about our 2011 Advent Calendar! Have a listen...


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Movie Review: The Dilemma
Last edited 31st January 2011

'The Dilemma' is a film based on a scenario where a man finds out that his best-friend's wife is cheating on him - and struggles with the dilemma of how to tell him. As shown in Lifeteen's 'Catholic Movie Review' podcast, this is not really a dilemma - rather it is a complex conundrum that could be solved with some simple moral decision-making. Listen to this audio for more!

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Movie Review: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Last edited 22nd October 2012

In this episode of the Catholic Movie Reviews Podcast, produced by Lifeteen, we look at next film in the Narnia Series: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This film, while not as true to the Christian message as the books by C.S. Lewis, still depicts the character of Aslan as a very clear symbol of Jesus. Although the Narnia films are not as successful as other blockbuster series - it is an exception film to use for Bible Studies, and is a perfect family movie.

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Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Last edited 22nd October 2012

In this episode of the Catholic Movie Reviews Podcast, produced by Lifeteen, we look at the 7th film in the Harry Potter Series: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. The Lifeteen team assess the character developments of stars of the series, the positive messages about good and evil, and applauds the movie for not giving into relativism. As stated in the podcast, there are soem questionable aspects of the film that make it not appropriate for young viewers - but overall a good experience. Listen to the podcast for more!

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