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Previously Unreleased Writings by Mother Teresa to be Published in August

Last edited 24th May 2016

A Call to Mercy: Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve will be published ahead of Mother Teresa's canonisation


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Alessandro Killed a Child – She Became a Saint, he became a Capuchin

Last edited 24th May 2016

The Church’s saints and martyrs are prime examples of mercy. They inspire us to allow this quality of mercy to grow in our hearts.


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A Step Closer to sainthood for Dorothy Day

Last edited 20th April 2016

A new stage has begun in the process toward possible canonization for Dorothy Day, the founder of the Catholic Worker Movement.


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It's Official - Mother Teresa Will Be Canonized September 4

Last edited 15th March 2016

After months of anticipation, the date of Mother Teresa's canonization has finally been announced. It falls on Sept. 4, which this year will also mark a special jubilee for workers and volunteers of mercy.


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Chiara Lubich transformed "the valley of death" into "the valley of life"

Last edited 15th March 2016

These are the expressions of joy found when visiting the person, who forever changed their lives. They are a group of 40 people from Cameroon who have visited the tomb of Chiara Lubich, in Rocca di Papa, near Rome.


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The Pope Made a Surprise Visit to Pray at the Relics of Padre Pio and Saint Leopold Mandic

Last edited 8th February 2016

After having lunch, in his home in Santa Marta, Pope Francis went to St. Peter's Basilica to pray to the relics of Padre Pio and Saint Leopold Mandic. He was accompanied by Monsignor Fisichella. He appeared without warning, to the surprise of the hundreds of pilgrims who were in the basilica. Upon arrival, he stopped standing in front of the relics of Padre Pio and Saint Leopold Mandic. Then he sat down next to some nuns and friars and joined them in prayer as one with the pilgrims. Even he carried in his hand a picture of Padre Pio and read a prayer repeatedly. He was very concentrated during his prayer, while the visitors in the basilica, shocked to see the Pope there, did not stop taking pictures. When finished, he walked back home to Santa Marta.

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Padre Pio's Incorrupt Body Is In Rome - Here's Why

Last edited 4th February 2016

The partially incorrupt body of Padre Pio has arrived to Rome for the first time ever alongside that of another friar, St. Leopold Mandic, as a special initiative for the Jubilee of Mercy.


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A Seminarian reflects on St Joseph

Last edited 15th January 2016

Seminarian Roberto Keryakos from the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Sydney, shares with one of his favourite Saints, Saint Joseph. Saint Joseph has the beautiful title Guardian of Virgins. He is Patron of the Universal Church, unborn children, fathers, workers, travelers, immigrants, and a happy death. His Feast Day is celebrated on the 19th of March.

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Soon to be Saints? India's Christians Killed in Brutal 2008 Massacre

Last edited 7th January 2016

The green light has officially been given to open the cause for sainthood of the nearly 100 Christians murdered in the Indian state of Odisha in 2008. The opening of the cause is a source of pride for the relatives of those killed, but also “for the whole Church this is a pride because our men, our women and our children, those who were martyred for the faith, they are not forgotten,” Archbishop John Barwa told CNA Jan. 5.


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“The Letters,” A New Film that Explores the Unknown Side of Mother Teresa

Last edited 6th January 2016

On the day of his 79th birthday, Pope Francis approved the miracle that will make Mother Teresa a saint.


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