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The Story of St. Kateri Tekakwitha
Last edited 20th November 2014

Known as the "Lily of the Mohawks," Kateri Tekakwitha was a bold and courageous young Native American woman who defied cultural expectations by dedicating her life to Jesus Christ in the harsh world of 17th century North America.

Saints Are Still Being Made: Meet Chiara Corbella
Last edited 19th November 2014

Chiara Corbella met her husband Enrico while on pilgrimage. Several years later they married and conceived their first child. They were no doubt thrilled with the news of the life growing inside of Chiara, but in the middle of the pregnancy the doctors informed Chiara that the child was not developing properly and would not be able to sustain her own life outside of the womb. Rather than abort baby Maria, Chiara carried her to full term, held her briefly, and watched her pass into the next life.

Remarkably Average: The Life of Blessed Chiara Badano
Last edited 16th November 2014

Once upon a time, in 1971 (yeah, not that long ago!), in Sassello, Italy a girl named Chiara Luce was born. She was an average girl who liked to sing and play tennis. She even failed math one year. She never did anything “big” like found a hospital or religious order, but she went to Church regularly and tried to love God and live the Gospel in her life.

Feast Day of St. Martin of Tours - 11 November
Last edited 11th November 2014

Today, as the world commemorates Veterans or Remembrance Day, the Catholic Church also celebrates the feast day of St. Martin of Tours, who was a soldier in the Roman Army. What can we learn from the story of this great Saint? Watch this video for more.

8 Beatification Causes Advance
Last edited 10th November 2014

In a November 7 audience with the prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, Pope approved decrees on the heroic virtues of eight servants of God, who may now be honored with the title “venerable.” All but one lived during the 20th century.


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Obscure Saint: St Nicholas Tavelic
Last edited 4th November 2014

The Encounter Obscure Saint of the Month for November is St Nicholas Tavelic and his companions, whose feast is celebrated on November 14.

Martin de Porres, Saint of the “Least”
Last edited 3rd November 2014

Eight-year-old Martin de Porres was not what most people today would call a “normal” child. Living in Lima, Peru, in 1587, the boy was already in training to be a barber, which in his world also meant learning to be a surgeon, pharmacist, and physician. And there was something else that singled him out: Martin loved to pray. Isabel Garcia, whose house he lived in, would peek into his room late at night and see him on his knees before a crucifix, his face bathed in tears.

Pope on All Saints Day: Beatitudes Will Lead us to God
Last edited 2nd November 2014

During Mass for the Solemnity of All Souls at Rome’s Verano cemetery, Pope Francis exhorted believers to follow the way of the beatitudes, calling it the path that will lead to sanctity.


A Reflection for All Saints Day - 1 November
Last edited 30th October 2014

On 1 November the Catholic Church celebrates All Saints Day. The Saints have no need of honour from us - so why do we celebrate this feast day? Because we long to be united with happiness among the Saints. Watch this video reflection for more!

St Louis Guanella - Respector of Life, Saint of Society's Most Vulnerable
Last edited 26th October 2014

Saint Louis Guanella witnessed the ravages of poverty, illness and the neglect of the most vulnerable while growing up in the Southern Alps of Italy. He saw the handicapped and the elderly abandoned and underfed when mid-19th century society standards considered them useless and a burden. He was so filled with love for the marginalised that he devoted his life to serving them as a priest, and to founding two religious orders to carry out that work. We celebrate his feast day on 25 October.

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