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Key Players in the Passion of Christ - Podcast on Xt3
Last edited 2nd April 2012

Xt3 explores the lives and legacies of the men and women who encountered Jesus during his Passion. This series is narrated by Katrina Lee, Director of Catholic Communications for the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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Perpetua and Felicity
Last edited 7th March 2011

On 7 March, the Church remembers the early Church martyrs St. Perpetua and St. Felicity. Both women held onto their faith with happiness until the last moment of their lives. Watch this video for more.

St. John of God's Life of Repentance Remembered on March 8
Last edited 7th March 2011

On 8 March, the Catholic Church celebrates the extraordinary life of St. John of God. This Saint lived through decades of sin and suffering before a profound conversion that led him to embrace poverty, humility and charity. He died in prayer, with his face pressed against the figure of Christ, on the night of March 7, 1550. St. John of God was canonized in 1690, and has become the patron of hospitals and the dying.


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"Vision" - The Story of Hildegard von Bingen, A Renaissance Nun in Medieval Germany
Last edited 7th March 2011

The film “Vision” tells the story of Hildegard von Bingen, a 12th century Benedictine nun who was also a composer, philosopher, physician, and an ecological activist. Needless to say that she was a pioneer in many of these fields during the Medieval times of Germany.


Source and Summit
Last edited 3rd March 2011

The Church teaches that the Eucharist the source and summit of Christian life. On 3 March, the Church honours an American woman who had an incredible devotion to the Eucharist - St. Katharine Drexel . Watch this video to find out more about her life.

Saint Francis de Sales Revolutionized the Laity
Last edited 2nd March 2011

Speaking to a packed crowd in the Paul VI Audience Hall, Pope Benedict XVI delivered his general audience speaking about Saint Francis de Sales. A seventeenth century bishop who worked to convert the many Protestants of Geneva at the time back to Catholicism. The Pope called him a revolutionary in his call for lay people to be saints.

Canonization Cause for Foundress of Mary's House in Turkey
Last edited 27th February 2011

The path to sainthood is a long road that may or may not end with the pope canonizing someone as a saint.  The step before canonization is the opening of a cause for beatification, something that doesn't happen at every Mass, especially in places like Kansas City, Missouri. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception recently had this honor for Sister Marie de Mandat-Grancey. The French nun and founder of the House of the Virgin Mary.

Film Review: "There Be Dragons" Portrays Josemaría Escrivá as New Kind of Hero
Last edited 25th February 2011

In the Middle Ages, mapmakers, faced with uncharted areas, labeled the unexplored lands "hic sunt dragones" -- here be dragons. While satellite tracking may have removed the geographical unknown, there are still many mysterious paths in the journey of life, where events and choices lead one out of what we blithely call today our "comfort zone."


Pope Blesses New Statue of Saint Maroun
Last edited 24th February 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has blessed a new sculpture of Saint Maroun outside St. Peter's Basilica. Maroun is the most famous Lebanese saint and the father of the Maronites. In his left hand he holds a small Maronite style church and at his feet is an inscription in Arabic along with a psalm.

New Phase Begins in Canonization Cause of First African-American Priest
Last edited 24th February 2011

The Archdiocese of Chicago has begun a new phase of the investigation that could ultimately canonize Fr. Augustus Tolton. As the first African-American to become a priest, Fr. Tolton demonstrated remarkable patience, courage and dedication to his ministry during a time of widespread injustice.


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