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New York's Blessed Marianne Cope is One Step Away From Being Declared a Saint

Last edited 16th December 2011

The Diocese of Syracuse in New York announced that Marianne Cope is just one step away from being declared a saint. In the 1860's, the Franciscan sister served in Syracuse, New York, before moving to Hawaii. On the Island, she ministered and cared for patients who suffered from leprosy.


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An Advent Thought from Blessed John XXIII

Last edited 15th December 2011

Advent is a very special time of year - a time of joy, and of hope. Watch this video for a short reflection on Advent - from the words of Blessed John XXIII.

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Reflection for the Feast of St. John of the Cross - 14 December

Last edited 14th December 2011

St. John of the Cross worked with St. Teresa of Avila, to reform the Carmelite order. We celebrate his feast day on 14 December. Watch this video to learn more about this great and holy Saint!

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Investigation Concludes on Alleged Fulton Sheen Miracle

Last edited 13th December 2011

A Dec. 11 Mass in Peoria, Ill. marked the official conclusion of an investigation tribunal into an alleged miracle that many attribute to the intercession of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. Since Sept. 7, the tribunal has looked into the alleged miraculous healing of James Fulton Engstrom – a one-year-old born without a pulse last year – whose parents credit his survival to the late archbishop. Visit this article to read more.

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The Light of Lights - Feast of St. Lucy, 13 December

Last edited 13th December 2011

On 13 December, the Church honors Saint Lucy - the Patron Saint of those with eye problems. Watch this video to learn more about heroic woman, who was martyred for her faith.

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The Story of "El Pelé" - "Patron of the Gypsies"

Last edited 11th December 2011

Ceferino Giménez Malla, also known as “El Pelé,” was the first gypsy to be raised to the altars. He was imprisoned and killed during the Spanish Civil War for defending a priest who was being attacked by militiamen. John Paul II beatified Ceferino Giménez in 1997, making him the first Blessed gypsy. He was unable to read or write and converted to Catholicism late in life. Watch this video for more!

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Leadership of Pope St. Damasus I Remembered on Dec. 11

Last edited 12th December 2011

On 11th December, both Roman Catholics and Eastern Catholics commemorate Pope St. Damasus I, who led the Church through a critical part of the fourth-century Arian controversy over Jesus' divinity. While not necessarily a figure of popular devotion today, Pope Damasus I made decisions that shaped the future of Western Catholicism and the universal Church! Visit this article to read more about the signicant Papacy of St. Damasus I...

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Saint Juan Diego - Feast Day 9 December

Last edited 9th December 2011

Today we celebrate the feast day of St. Juan Diego - the humble Mexican who was given the privilege of seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary at Guadalupe. Watch this video to reflect on John Paul II's homily from the canonisation St. Juan Diego!

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Guadalupe Visionary St. Juan Diego Honored Dec. 9

Last edited 8th December 2011

On Dec. 9, Catholics celebrate the feast of St. Juan Diego, the indigenous Mexican Catholic convert whose encounter with the Virgin Mary began the Church's devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe.


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Blessed Marianne Cope One-Step Closer to Official Sainthood

Last edited 8th December 2011

Blessed Marianne Cope, a 19th century German Franciscan sister who ministered to Hawaiian lepers, has advanced towards official sainthood. On 6 December 2011, a Vatican congregation recognized a second miracle attributed to her intercession. Pope Benedict XVI’s approval is all that remains for her canonization to proceed!


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