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St Francis Xavier - "Oh God, I Love You"
Last edited 6th December 2010

December 3rd is the feast of the great Jesuit missionary St Francis Xavier, who brought the Catholic faith to India, Japan and to many of the surrounding Islands. St Francis Xavier's extraordinary work was motivated solely for the love of God - watch this video for more.

Feast of Saint Ambrose
Last edited 6th December 2010

On December 7th, the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of St. Ambrose, the brilliant Bishop of Milan who influenced St. Augustine's conversion and was named a Doctor of the Church. St Ambrose has one of the most extraordinary stories of any Saint - read this article to find out more.

St Nicholas
Last edited 6th December 2010

On December 6th, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St Nicholas. There are many traditions that explain why St Nicholas is connected to gift giving and charity - so listen to what Pope Benedict XVI says about this great Saint in this video.

Preliminary Steps to Sainthood for Melbourne Woman
Last edited 3rd December 2010

Mary Glowrey served in India as a medical missionary with a Dutch religious order of sisters from 1920 until her death in 1957. She left Melbourne for India in 1920 at the age of 33 leaving behind her career as an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

Saint Julian of Norwich, English mystic
Last edited 1st December 2010

This week the Pope dedicated his general audience to Julian of Norwich, an as part of his catechetical series on "The Role of Women in the Church". Saint Julian was an English mystic and a Benedictine nun, who is known for her visions of Jesus.

Forty English & Welsh Martyrs
Last edited 1st December 2010

On 1 December, the Church honours the English and Welsh martyrs who died for the faith during the era of King Henry VIII. Watch this video for their story...

Middle Children - A Reflection on St Andrew
Last edited 30th November 2010

Where do you fit in your family- are you a middle child? We often hear birth order within a family has a lot to do with one's temperament. St Andrew is beleived to have been a middle child, and like many others, seems to be overshadowed by his older brother St Peter, our first Pope. On his feast day (30 Nov), let us take the example of the more quiet and hidden - but equally important - role that St Andrew played in the history of the Church.

Arab Christian Theologian to be Celebrated Dec. 4
Last edited 29th November 2010

Catholics will remember and celebrate the life of the great Arab Church Father St. John of Damascus on Dec. 4. Eastern Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics, whose tradition has been particularly shaped by his insights, will celebrate the saint's feast on the same day as the Roman Catholic Church.

Saint John Berchmans
Last edited 29th November 2010

Today, why don't you pause for a moment and think about what life is really about? It is so easy to be distracted by the chaos that surrounds us, so take a look at the example of St. John Berchmans in this video to see what really matters in life.

St. Andrew Dung-Lac and the Vietnamese Martyrs
Last edited 25th November 2010

In honour of St. Andrew Dung-Lac and the 117 Vietnamese martyrs of the 19th century, who the Church honors on 24 November, watch this video reflection on the life of a martyr for the faith, and how we can live by their example.

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