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St. John Climacus
Last edited 1st April 2011

St. John Climacus - also known as John of the Ladder - was a 7th century Christian monk at the monastery on Mount Sinai. He is revered as a saint by the Roman Catholic, Oriental Orthodox , Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches. We celebrate his feast day on 30 March. Watch this video to learn more about his life.

Pakistani Bishops Ask Vatican to Recognize Bhatti as a Martyr
Last edited 30th March 2011

The Episcopal Conference of Pakistan gathered in a five day assembly and sent an official request to the Vatican to recognize Shahbaz Bhatti as a “martyr and patron of religious freedom.” Bhatti was the highest ranking Catholic official in Pakistan's government before his assassination in early March. It's believed he was killed by Muslim extremists due to his opposition of Pakistan's blasphemy law and his defense of Asia Bibi, the woman sentenced to death for violating this law. 


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The 'Little' Saints Are the Great Ones
Last edited 21st March 2011

Pope Benedict XVI has shared some of the highlights of his Lenten retreat, which this year focused on the communion of saints and the spiritual riches they hold for us. "Providence has willed that this retreat conclude with the Feast of St. Joseph, my personal patron and the patron of the Holy Church: a humble saint, a humble worker, who was made worthy to be the guardian of the Redeemer," the Pope said, concluding that it is the 'little' and 'humble' Saints who we should aim to imitate most. Visit this article to read more.

St. Joseph - A Foster Father for All
Last edited 5th February 2013

The Church celebrates the Solemnity of St. Joseph on 19 March. Joseph was an ordinary man, who said yes to God when he was asked to be the foster father of Jesus. Knowing that God trusted Joseph so much, we can also look to St. Joseph as a foster father, guiding us to make the right choices in life. Watch this video for more!


St. Cyril and the Early Church Teachings on the Eucharist
Last edited 18th March 2011

On March 18, the Church celebrates the life of a 4th century Saint - Cyril of Jerusalem. St. Cyril wrote extensively about the early Church's belief in the Eucharist, removing any doubt that the early Christians truly believed in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Watch this video for more.

Feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem - March 18
Last edited 18th March 2011

On March 18, the Church honors St. Cyril of Jerusalem, a fourth-century Bishop and Doctor of the Church whose writings are still regarded as masterful expressions of Christian faith. St. Cyril is also remembered for his exhaustive Biblical knowledge, and his endurance in the face of misunderstanding and opposition. Eastern Catholics and Eastern Orthodox Christians, who likewise celebrate him as a saint on March 18, also remember him on May 7 – the date of a miraculous apparition said to have occurred soon after his consecration as a Bishop.

St. Patrick's Prayer
Last edited 18th March 2011

Here is a reflection on the prayer that St. Patrick wrote as he prepared to meet the pagan King of Ireland, who could have decided to kill him.

Irish Bishops Send St. Patty's Day Greetings
Last edited 16th March 2011

St. Patrick's struggles are being echoed by many Irish today struggling to live and integrate in new cultures, according to the bishops of the nation. A statement today from the Irish bishops called to mind that Patrick was a migrant, as the prelates wished "everyone a joyful and peaceful St. Patrick’s Day."


Key Players in the Passion of Christ - Podcast on Xt3
Last edited 2nd April 2012

Xt3 explores the lives and legacies of the men and women who encountered Jesus during his Passion. This series is narrated by Katrina Lee, Director of Catholic Communications for the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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Perpetua and Felicity
Last edited 7th March 2011

On 7 March, the Church remembers the early Church martyrs St. Perpetua and St. Felicity. Both women held onto their faith with happiness until the last moment of their lives. Watch this video for more.

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