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St. Rafael Arnias: World Youth Day's Youngest Saint
Last edited 27th April 2011

St. Rafael Arnias is one of the patron Saints for World Youth Day 2011. He was born in 1911 into a well-off family in Spain, but gave up everything in 1934 to live a life of poverty as a Religious Brother. Soon after receiving his calling, Rafael fell sick with diabetes mellitus and suffered greatly until his death at the age of 27. Even in the most difficult and tragic moments of his life, Rafael continued to have the sense of humor that always characterized him. Find out more about his life in this article.

Free Smartphone App Promotes Hope in Divine Mercy
Last edited 21st April 2011

A free iPhone application, which was also just released for Android phones, aims to spread hope worldwide by promoting the message and devotion of Divine Mercy. This year the beatification of Pope John Paul II falls on the Feast of Divine Mercy celebrated on the 1st of May.

The Great Treasure of the Little Thérèse
Last edited 20th April 2011

At the General Audience on Wednesday, April 6, in St Peter’s Square, the Holy Father spoke to the faithful about the “marvelous story of Love” of St Thérèse of Lisieux, the “universal sister”. The following is a translation of the Pope’s Catechesis, which was given in Italian.

National Geographic Documentary Examines Relics of Third-Century Saints
Last edited 19th April 2011

Two skeletons attributed to two married martyrs from the third century could be authentic, say researchers taking part in a new National Geographic Society documentary. “All of the evidence we have gathered points toward the relics having belonged to Chrysanthus and Daria,” said investigation leader Ezio Fulcheri of the University of Genoa. “This has been a very rare opportunity to be able to study bones and other relics that relate directly back to a legend that has been passed on for almost 2,000 years. The completeness of the skeletons is also rare for martyrs of this era, implying that these relics were protected and venerated in their entirety at a very early point in history.”


Saint Mary MacKillop's Feast Day on 8 August to Become Solemnity
Last edited 14th April 2011

Australia's first Saint, Mary MacKillop, has been honoured like no other Australian with her feast day now named as a Solemnity. Download this media release from the Australian Catholic Bishops for more.

Feast of Pope Martin I
Last edited 13th April 2011

13 April is the feast of a Pope who died in the year 655 AD, and who is the last Pope to be honoured as a Martyr - his name is St. Martin I. He is known for defending the truth about the relationship between Christ's human and divine natures. Watch this video for more.

Pope St. Martin's Exile and Martyrdom Commemorated April 13
Last edited 12th April 2011

Catholics will celebrate the memory of Pope St. Martin I on April 13. This Saint suffered exile and humiliation for his defense of orthodoxy in a dispute over the relationship between Christ's human and divine natures. Visit this article to read more about his heroic life.

Feast of Saint Stanislaus
Last edited 11th April 2011

St. Stanislaus was the Bishop of Krakow from 1072 until his death in 11 April 1079. He was martyred by the Polish King Boleslaw II the Bold for defending the faith. John Paul II had a special devotion to this Polish saint - watch this video for a reflection on St. Stanislaus's life and legacy. His feast day is celebrated on 11 April.

St. John Baptist de la Salle
Last edited 7th April 2011

On 7 April, the Catholic Church celebrates the life of St John Baptist de la Salle, the Patron Saint of teachers. Fr. James Kubicki reflects on today's feast day in this video.

The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem
Last edited 7th April 2011

In the Catholic, Eastern and Orthodox Churches, there is a prayer written by St. Ephrem that is used throughout the season of Lent. Watch this video for a reflection on the Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem.


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