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Servant of God - Frank Parater
Last edited 8th February 2011

On 7 February 1920, a 23 year-old American seminarian called Frank Parater, died while studying in Rome. This holy seminarian lived an humble life, and died a holy death - he is an example for all young people! Watch this video for more.

St. Agatha of Sicily
Last edited 5th February 2011

Saint Agatha of Sicily was born at Catania, Sicily, and she was martyred in approximately 251. She is one of seven women, excluding the Blessed Virgin Mary, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. We celebrate her feast day on 5 February.

St. Paul and the Mission of the Church
Last edited 4th February 2011

Fr. Robert Barron comments on the conversion of St. Paul in a modern context, drawing from the scriptures. Watch this video to learn more about St. Paul's role in the Mission of the Catholic Church.

Saint Ansgar
Last edited 4th February 2011

Born to the French nobility in 801, St. Ansgar became a Benedictine monk in France. He felt called to spread the word of God to Scandanavia, and eventually an Archbishop! We celebrate his feast day on 3 February.

Teresa of Avila Shows that Time Spent in Prayer is not Lost
Last edited 3rd February 2011

During the general audience this week, Pope Benedict XVI declared that "time spent in prayer is not lost" and used St. Teresa of Avila as an example of holiness. Listen to the Pope's words on St. Theresa in this video.

An Interview with Saint John Bosco
Last edited 31st January 2011

A unique event marks the year 1884 in the life of Don Bosco. He gives his first and only press interview to a French journalist writing for the Journal de Rome. Read the interview here.


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Saint John Bosco
Last edited 31st January 2011

St John Bosco was a very holy Priest with a great sense of humour. As a boy he liked to play jokes on people - and as a Priest he would tell people to enjoy themselves as much as possible, but steer completely away from sin. Watch this video for more.

Who Was St. Thomas Aquinas?
Last edited 31st January 2011

January 28 is the day the Catholic Church honors St. Thomas Aquinas. The Italian saint was a domenican priest and is widely recognized as being one of the most influential figures in the study of theology. He is also known for his ideas on ethics, political theory, and human rights. In this video, Pope Benedict XVI explains who St. Thomas really is!

Saint Thomas Aquinas
Last edited 25th January 2013

One of the most brilliant theologians of all time is Saint Thomas Aquinas. The Church celebrates his feast on 28 January - watch this video reflection for more on St. Thomas's contribution to our understanding of the Catholic faith.


True Education - St Angela
Last edited 27th January 2011

St Angela lived in the 16th century, and is known for her pure goodness and her desire to do God's will. Her feast day falls on 27 January - watch this video to learn more about this great woman!

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