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Oridinary Sainthood 2
Last edited 22nd October 2012

The Mary MacKillop Youth Committee for the Canonisation produced the 'Heroes' booklet and video as a resource for schools and parishes to understands the role of saints and martyrs today.


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Anna María Janer Miracle Approved
Last edited 15th December 2010

A miracle attributed to the intercession of Servant of God Anna María Janer Anglarill (1800-1885) was approved on Friday by Benedict XVI, advancing the Spanish nun's cause for beatification. The Spanish founder of the Institute of Sisters of the Holy Family of Urgell was recognized for the June 9, 1951, cure of Ana Padros, who rose from her wheelchair on that day crying out, "Mother founder has cured me!"

The Feast of St. John of the Cross
Last edited 14th December 2010

Saint John of the Cross is a mystical doctor of the Church. His writings on the soul united with God in prayer reveal the most profound mystical expressions, experiences and insights ever imagined. His feast day falls on December 14.

St Lucy: Light of the World
Last edited 16th December 2010

Who is the light of the world? St Lucy, whose feast day falls on 13 December, was an early church martyr of Sicily. If we reflect on her life, Jesus shows us that He is the light of the world - as are each of us. Watch this video for more.

New Saints for the Church!
Last edited 13th December 2010

Pope Benedict XVI has advanced the sainthood causes of 16 Catholics! The Church’s newest saint will be Blessed Guido Maria Conforti, a missionary order founder and Italian bishop who died in 1931. For the full list of those who will be canonised and beatified - visit this article!

St. Damasus - A Pope of Tradition
Last edited 12th December 2010

St. Damasus was the Pope from 366 to 384. As a man well versed in the Scriptures, he commissioned St. Jerome to complete the translation of the Bible into the Latin language. Thanks to the work of St. Damasus, shortly after his reign the 72 books of the Bible were collected into one volume. Damasus is also responsible for introducing so many of the Catholic traditions that we still have today - watch this video to find out more.

Learning to Trust Like St. Joseph
Last edited 16th December 2010

Many Catholics - especially women - tend to focus on Mary rather than Joseph when looking at the Holy Family. However, in the season of Advent, Joseph has much to teach us about what it means to wait, trust, and be faithful to God! Read this article for more...

St Juan Diego - Foolish, Weak, and Lowly
Last edited 9th December 2010

St Juan Diego was considered foolish, weak and lowly in the eyes of the world. Yet God chose him to have a very special encounter with Our Lady! In his first letter to the Corinthians, St Paul said that God chose the foolish of the world, to shame the wise; God chose the weak of the world, to shame the strong; and God chose the lowly and despised of the world to reduce to nothing, those who are something, so that no human being may boast before God. Let St Juan Diego be our example!


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How Did a Holy Bishop Become Jolly Ole St. Nick?
Last edited 7th December 2010

The real St. Nicholas was nothing close to the St. Nick (Santa Claus) of the modern age. He was a thin curmudgeonly man with a zeal for the Lord that caused flairs of anger. Compromise was unknown to him. The slow transformation of him into “Jolly ole’ Saint Nicholas is a remarkable recasting of him centuries in the making... read this article by Msgr. Charles Pope to get the real story about St. Nick!

St John of Damascus
Last edited 7th December 2010

St John of Damascus lived in the 7th century. He gave up an important and prestigious job in Damascus, to become a monk in Jerusalem, and ended up becoming one of the Church's great theologians. His feast day falls on 4 December.

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