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Interview with Dr Timoth Lock: A Psychological perspective on same-sex attraction
Last edited 1st December 2009

Is same-sex attraction something that a person is born with? What is the science behind it? Is it right to use to word 'gay'?


Stem Cell Research
Last edited 6th July 2009

Professor Neil Scolding (from the University of Bristol Institute of Clinical Neurosciences) makes stem cell research seem an easy topic in this talk, he's such a natural teacher.  Moreover, despite all the constant headlines about embryonic stem cells, Prof Scolding demonstrates that the good science and real results of adult stem cell research is having its effect.  There is a lot to be optimistic about! - Talk 40 mins; Q&As 10 mins.

"All Creation Groans" by Cardinal Schönborn OP
Last edited 19th June 2009

"All Creation Groans: The Debate over Creation and Evolution" - given by Cardinal Schönborn OP at WYD08.  More on this here


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