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Sexualisation of the Young is Becoming Society's Cancer
Last edited 26th February 2013

For many young people, sex has become a performance, overlaid with worry about ''How do I look? What tricks do they expect me to perform? How do I compare with others?'' Separating sex from personhood is what sexualisation does. It's robbing us of closeness. Little wonder we have one of the most depressed and lonely generations of young people ever.


Should We Date?
Last edited 19th February 2013

Dating is an important part of discerning the kind of person you want to marry. But before you launch into the dating scene, you need to ask yourself some questions to make sure you are ready... Are you interested in getting to know the person or are you lusting after them? Will dating help or hurt your soul? Are you confident with drawing boundaries when dating?


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Author sees cultural willingness to re-examine sexual revolution
Last edited 15th February 2013

A Catholic author believes that the “surprisingly positive” reception of her book on the sexual revolution shows an encouraging openness to reconsider cultural assumptions about artificial contraception.


Love at First Sight: From Friendship and Dating to Relationship Courses for Couples
Last edited 14th February 2013

Susanna and Alessandro met in the Eternal City. Their friendship eventually turned into a relationship and for the past six months they've been inseparable. When things got more serious, Susanna invited Alessandro to a series of Catholic courses. They're designed for couples who are dating and also for those who are getting ready for marriage. Alessandro agreed even though he wasn't a practicing Catholic.

2013 St Valentine’s Day Resource Kit
Last edited 14th February 2013

In a culture that is increasingly intolerant of Christian values and beliefs, feasts that have captured the imagination of the secular community, like St Valentine’s Day, represent a unique opportunity for the Church. It is an opportunity for us to proclaim our beliefs in a way that is affirming and life-giving to deeply held values that are shared by many in the wider community.


Why Wait For Sex?
Last edited 10th February 2013

Here are some very moving thoughts from a groom about the controversial topic of saving sex for marriage. The footage was taken 30 minutes before the bride walked down the isle!


Why I Am Getting Married
Last edited 6th February 2013

Why marriage? Because it’s what we’re made for...


The Pill: It’s Just a Cover Up
Last edited 28th January 2013

For many women, whether it’s insane cramps, headaches, acne, PMS, cysts, irregular cycles, or any other number of things, the only way out of the misery seems to be the magic little pill. At least that’s what society and nearly every doctor make us think. However, the truth is this: the most commonly used birth control pill is nothing more than a mask - it is only fooling our bodies and our minds. Visit this article from to read more.

Everyone’s Doing It?
Last edited 24th January 2013

Do you know why they hand out condoms at your school? Or why there’s a push for more and more over-the-counter birth control? And free birth control? Because the assumption is “everyone’s doing it.” Essentially . . . we young people are seen as animals. Rabbits, cats, dogs . . . they’re just going to do it anyway. Please tell me that you want more than just sex. Don’t you want to be loved? I do. It’s inscribed on our hearts!


Sex, Love, and God: A Commentary by Fr. Barron
Last edited 25th September 2013

A number of Catholic Church teachings have been vilified by our secular culture - and none more so than the Church's teachings on sex and morality. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron looks at the secular perception the Church and sex, and explains what the Church really says regarding sexuality.


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