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Sex in the News: How Can we Change the Headlines?

Last edited 20th November 2017

I am so bothered by the news right now. Full disclosure: I don’t watch a lot of news. I get most of my news on Twitter, like any normal person aged 35 and under with a smartphone.


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What Is The Proper Place For Physical Attraction In A Relationship?

Last edited 6th November 2017

Sarah Swafford answers a question about relationships from a viewer of Catholic Answers.


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How to Tell a Guy You're Saving Sex for Marriage

Last edited 24th October 2017

Emily received an email from a viewer who said that in the previous year, she had committed to a life of chastity. The viewer then went on to ask "How do I tell a guy that I'm saving sex after marriage while I'm dating?" In this video, Emily Wilson gives her take.

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Signs You're Settling in a Relationship: Emily Wilson (Speaker at ACYF)

Last edited 26th July 2017

In this video, Emily Wilson speaks about the signs that you're settling in a relationship. "You're braver than you think you are."


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Let God Hold Your Broken Heart: How to Deal With a Breakup

Last edited 19th July 2017

It was days before Christmas, the church was filled with poinsettias and Christmas trees, an array of white candles were placed before the altar, the nativity scene glowed serenely in the distance. I was surrounded by beauty, but rather than marveling at it, I knelt before the tabernacle and sobbed. My boyfriend and I had just ended our relationship, and even though deep down I knew this was the right decision, my heart felt as though it was shattered. As I cried, I offered it to God: “Here God, I’m laying it all down — my pain, my fears, my confusion — you can have it all, you can hold my broken heart.”


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Listening is the Music of Love

Last edited 2nd July 2017

One of the most supremely loving gestures we can give another is to listen to them. Yet for most of us, being listened to is a rare experience. What makes it so hard to give this simple gift to each other?


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Chastity and The Way of St. James

Last edited 6th April 2017

In the summer of 2014 I walked the northern route of the Camino de Santiago, starting at the Southwestern most point of France, and finishing some thirty days later in Santiago, the burial place of the Apostle St. James.


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I'm a Married Catholic Priest who Thinks Priests Shouldn't get Married

Last edited 22nd March 2017

My wife and I, we have four children, all younger than 7.


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Yes, I’m Single. And Yes, I Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Last edited 13th February 2017

I refuse to get angry or question God’s timing in my life. Except I will place it all at the foot of the cross. And completely surrender everything to Him.


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Heartbroken Young Wife Opens Up To Husband About How His Porn Habit Makes Her Feel

Last edited 12th February 2017

On an episode of The Dr. Phil Show titled ‘Sexual Standoffs,’ the popular television therapist sat with couples struggling in their relationship, particularly when it comes to sex.


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