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The rise of the sex robot: Will technology solve our loneliness problem?

Last edited 31st May 2018

Earlier this year, a 25-year-old man smashed his rental van into innocent pedestrians in downtown Toronto on a Tuesday, killing 10 and injuring more than a dozen.


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From Grief to Embracing Life: A Story of Healing

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Two years into their marriage, Sam lost her husband, Butler basketball star Andrew Smith, to cancer. Her journey of healing from the pain of grief to learning how to embrace living a full life again is nothing short of inspiring.


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Why Did We Forget How to Date? New Documentary Aims to Find Out

Last edited 19th February 2018

t was about 10 or so years ago when Kerry Cronin, a professor at Boston College, noticed something was up with the way her young students were dating – or, rather, not dating.


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Cohabitation - Why is it Bad? What is Oxytocin? Can Porn affect Marriage? | Jason Evert

Last edited 14th February 2018

In this interview Jason Evert talks about his ministry in talking to thousands of young people each year about chastity and authentic human love. He discusses the problems with cohabitation, explains oxytocin and how pornography can negatively affect your future marriage.


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What is the Problem with Contraception? Q and A with Jason Evert ACYF2015

Last edited 11th February 2018

This interview was filmed at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in 2015. Jason Evert is a chastity speaker and a firm believer in Natural Family Planning (NFP).


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What is the Purpose of Human Sexuality? Q and A with Jason Evert ACYF15

Last edited 8th February 2018

What is the purpose and meaning of sexuality? What does it mean to make love to another human being?


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12 Keys to Understanding Same-Sex Attraction and Christian Life

Last edited 30th January 2018

Let's start out by saying that when we talk about same-sex attraction, what's important is acceptance and tolerance. We aren’t talking about “tolerating” others as if there was a fundamental distinction between them and us. We are only talking about us.


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Aziz Ansari and Why Hookups Hurt | Life Teen

Last edited 17th January 2018

Aziz Ansari took a woman on a date, they proceeded to engage in sexual activity that she was uncomfortable with. That woman has shared her story and where she believes she was seriously violated, others believe she was simply engaging in a standard date/hookup. If it’s so common then, why are people so uncomfortable with what she shared?

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Sex in the News: How Can we Change the Headlines?

Last edited 20th November 2017

I am so bothered by the news right now. Full disclosure: I don’t watch a lot of news. I get most of my news on Twitter, like any normal person aged 35 and under with a smartphone.


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What Is The Proper Place For Physical Attraction In A Relationship?

Last edited 6th November 2017

Sarah Swafford answers a question about relationships from a viewer of Catholic Answers.


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