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Dinner and a Warm Place to Sleep: How Rome is Reaching Out to the Homeless

Last edited 16th January 2017

As colder weather settled over Rome last week, two area charities have found ways to reach out to those without food or shelter during the cold winter nights: one by turning a church into a temporary shelter, another by partnering with a newly-opened McDonald’s near the Vatican.


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US Church Attacker Sentenced to Death

Last edited 10th January 2017

A white supremacist has been sentenced to death for the racially motivated killings of nine black people at a South Carolina church.


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‘Take my cousin first’: Teen Tuipulotu Gallaher’s act before drowning in a Sydney beach rip.

Last edited 5th January 2017

Teen Tuipulotu ‘Tui’ Gallaher told a rescuer ‘take my cousin first’ after the pair became caught in a rip during a night swim at Maroubra Beach in Sydney just two days after Christmas.


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Homeless World Cup has Raised a Million People out of Poverty Through Soccer

Last edited 4th January 2017

These peoples' lives have completely changed in a matter of months thanks to a soccer ball. They were homeless, or at risk of social exclusion, but now, they are players competing in the "Homeless World Cup." Through this initiative, many say they have regained their self-esteem and their desire to live.


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Heart-Stopping Video Shows Two-Year-Old Rescuing His Twin Brother Trapped Beneath a Fallen Bookcase

Last edited 3rd January 2017

A quick-thiking two-year-old saved his twin brother after he was trapped under a heavy bookcase.


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Russian Ambassador to Turkey Shot dead in Ankara Art Gallery

Last edited 19th December 2016

The Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot dead by a police officer who shouted “Don’t forget Aleppo” as he pulled the trigger. The chilling attack on Monday evening, which was captured on video, appeared to be a backlash against Russian military involvement in the Syrian civil war.


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Jozef de Kesel: "Amoris Laetitia Changed the Tone with Which we Tackle Problems"

Last edited 14th December 2016

In a consistory with unusual choices, one could argue that Jozef de Kesel's election is one of the most mainstream of them all. Brussels has historically been a red hat see.


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Cambodia: The bishop that changed the lives of wheelchair-bound refugees

Last edited 13th December 2016

Thirty-one years spent in Cambodia with refugees and war victims have conferred him an inclusive and open mindset.


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School Dux For Syrian Teen Refugee

Last edited 12th December 2016

With an ATAR score of 96.65, a teenage Syrian refugee has the opportunity to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.


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What it’s Like Sitting the Gaokao, the World’s Most Notoriously Difficult Exam

Last edited 6th December 2016

HALFWAY through the year, millions of Chinese high school students will sit a gruelling university entrance examination.


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