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Calm in the Storm? Living with Anxiety
Last edited 30th July 2014

For those of you who experience anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental health issue. In the midst of anxiety or a panic attack it may feel like no one can understand what you are experiencing or that you are alone. Have great confidence that there are many others who have experienced what you are going through, there is help, and there is even hope.


One Year Later... Still No News About Kidnapped Priest
Last edited 29th July 2014

It's been a year now since Jesuit priest, Fr. Paolo Dall'Oglio was kidnapped in Syria. Still, there are no details on his whereabouts or his kidnappers. The silence has been agonising. So much so that Fr. Dall'Oglio's family uploaded this video, asking kidnappers for answers, whether good, or bad.

Meriam Ibrahim Had No Idea She Was Going to Meet Pope Francis
Last edited 28th July 2014

Meriam Ibrahim had come to expect the unexpected. First she was thrown into prison on charges of apostasy. Then on May 15 she was sentenced to hang for the crime of abandoning Islam to become a Christian - even though she maintained she had never been a Muslim in the first place. She was released by Sudan’s supreme court on June 23, yet when she tried to leave the country three days later, she was detained once more - accused of forging her travel documents.


Meriam Meets Pope Francis after Arriving in Italy
Last edited 24th July 2014

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag and her family were received by the pontiff at his home for a 30-minute meeting in which he thanked her for her 'courageous testament of faith' and her 'tenacity', the Vatican said in a statement.


Bishop Peter Ingham Celebrates 50 years as Priest with Letter from Pope Francis
Last edited 22nd July 2014

Bishop Peter Ingham was surprised last week to receive a letter from Pope Francis congratulating him on his 50th anniversary as a priest on Friday 18 July 2014.The letter from Pope Francis, in Latin, conveyed his good wishes and blessing upon Bishop Ingham, the clergy and the people of the Diocese of Wollongong.


Diocese of Rome Expands Family Home for People Living with AIDS
Last edited 20th July 2014

For 25 years, the Caritas branch of the Diocese of Rome has taken an active approach to caring for people living with AIDS. When it first started, fear was high, and those infected had few place to turn to. The live-in facility was opened in Villa Glori, in a posh Roman neighborhood. It's not a medical center, but it's a place they can call home.

At Least 36 Australians Including a Sydney Religious Sister Among the MH17 Tragedy
Last edited 20th July 2014

A Sydney Catholic nun was among the 28 Australian citizens, as well as 8 permanant residents, known to have died in the Ukrainian Malaysian Airlines MH17 disaster which killed all 298 on board. Sister Philomene Tiernan was a member of the Religious Sisters of the Sacred Heart. She was also a much loved staff member of the Catholic girls' school Kincoppal-Rose Bay School.


What’s Bringing Young People Back to the Church?
Last edited 18th July 2014

As we look around our parishes many of us might find ourselves becoming discouraged at the ageing congregation and the lack of youth attendance. For those of us who have been moved to do something about it, we’ve probably wondered what can be done: what will bring young people back to the Church?


Catholic Archbishop Says Abuse Victims are 'The New Missionaries'
Last edited 18th July 2014

Archbishop Christopher Prowse does not know how the Catholic Church may move forward in the wake of its recent sex abuse scandals but he is convinced the victims will be a part of any solution. Appointed to lead the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn last September, Archbishop Prowse said he had been humbled and inspired by “the raw courage of so many victims of clerical sex abuse as children”.


Don’t look up. Always Look Down: Wisdom from a Bangla Nanna
Last edited 16th July 2014

Just 6 weeks ago I was living in Neutral Bay, one of the wealthiest suburbs in Sydney, but now I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh (recently judged the world’s most unliveable city, again). I am here for one year volunteering with a local non-government organisation in environmental advocacy and communications.

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