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More Bread for the Baking
Last edited 27th January 2015

Meet a single mother in Mozambique who used clean water to build her bread-making business into a better future for her family.

Remembering Auschwitz - 27 January
Last edited 27th January 2015

Yesterday, January 27, was Holocaust Memorial Day, the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Russian troops. Lieut. Ivan Martynushkin, of the Red Army, was one of the first to enter the camp. The guards had fled and only about 7,500 prisoners remained, peering fearfully through the barbed wire. They spoke a Babel of languages.

Priest Uses Rap to Break Down Barriers & Help Young People Grow in Faith
Last edited 26th January 2015

The 170 young people who attended the recent Summer School of Evangelisation in Bathurst not only had a chance participate in a week-long retreat to open hearts and celebrate the power of the Holy Spirit, but they also had the unique opportunity of deepening their understanding and commitment to God via hip hop and rap.


Dignity Matters
Last edited 19th January 2015

Meet Manny, a young man who’s taking a few hits to his dignity from people who aren’t weighing the impact of their words.

Aussie Girl Marries Her Swiss Guard Soulmate
Last edited 20th January 2015

A week before becoming a Catholic, Joanne landed a job at L’Osservatore Romano. The new job opened the door to the Roman romance.


Free online activist Raif Badawi
Last edited 14th January 2015

Raif Badawi has been jailed for 10 years after starting a website for social and political debate in Saudi Arabia. On Friday 9 January we received the news that Raif received the first 50 lashes of his sentence.


Incredible Story of Man who Wakes after Being Frozen in his Body for 12 Years
Last edited 13th January 2015

For 12 years, Martin Pistorius was trapped in a vegetative state, unable to move or talk.Doctors told his parents he had the brain function of a three-month-old baby and to care for him until he died.Then one day he woke up, shocking everyone with his jaw-dropping tale.


I am Kelvin Cochran
Last edited 12th January 2015

In late 2014, retired Atlanta Fire Department Capt.Cindy Thompson contacted GA Voice, a Georgian LGBT group, to protest Cochran’s book and its mention of homosexuality. Thompson then brought the book to the Mayor’s LGBT liaison, Robin Shahar. Soon afterwards, LGBT activist groups began to rally for the fire chief to be fired.

New Orleans Receives a Native Son for New Auxiliary Bishop
Last edited 12th January 2015

Fr. Fernand Joseph Cheri III, O.F.M., was appointed on Monday by Pope Francis as an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, his hometown. “I look forward to just, working with the people of New Orleans again,” Fr. Cheri said Jan. 12 at a press conference announcing his appointment.

Paris Policeman’s Brother: ‘Islam is a Religion of love. My Brother was Killed by Terrorists, by False Muslims’
Last edited 11th January 2015

Ahmed Merabet was the first police officer at the scene of the Charlie Hebdo attack. He was shot dead in cold blood. Now his brother has appealed for calm

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