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Can a Man or a Woman Change Their Sex? 10 Points a Catholic Should Keep In Mind about the Transgender Issues

Last edited 28th April 2016

Simone de Beauvoir once said: "one is not born a woman, one becomes so" (on ne nait pas femme, on le devient). The idea follows then that sex is no longer understood as a given element of nature. It is not something that we receive, rather it is up for us to choose for ourselves.


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Vietnam War: The South Vietnamese who fought and died for a country they lost

Last edited 25th April 2016

For South Vietnamese veterans of the Vietnam War, April 30, 1975 was the day they lost their country. On that day, the North Vietnam communist army finally won the drawn out battle that had seen a million Vietnamese people lose their lives. But for South Vietnamese soldiers like Al Chi Hoang, the fight was far from over. In 1954 he and his family and left their home in North Vietnam on foot to escape the communist regime and had settled in the country's south. Then in 1971, Mr Hoang, a 19-year-old law student, was conscripted into the South Vietnamese army and began about 10 months of basic military training.

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Ecuador Quake Deaths Pass 500 With Hundreds Still Missing

Last edited 22nd April 2016

The death toll from Saturday's devastating earthquake in Ecuador has risen to 570 and could increase by many more, authorities in the country say.


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Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates 90th Birthday

Last edited 21st April 2016

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 90th Birthday on the 21st of April. According to Vatican Radio, many have already paid tribute to the Queen of the United Kingdom and Head of the Commonwealth, including English Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Via Twitter, the President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales shared,“The Queen offers us an example of dedicated and enduring service.


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Hero Reporter Saves Drowning Man as Flash Floods hits Houston

Last edited 19th April 2016

Houston residents woke up to find their city underwater after heavy overnight rains caused deadly flash flooding.


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Is It Possible to Argue and Remain Friends?

Last edited 18th April 2016

Based on a recent article I wrote for Catholic Exchange, I was invited to briefly discuss how to argue (perhaps heatedly) with someone, even someone close, without severing the entire friendship.


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A Message from the Pope’s Field Hospital

Last edited 18th April 2016

Non-Catholics may be wondering why Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, “Amoris Laetitia” or “The Joy of Love,” has Catholics in an uproar. Has the Pope changed Catholic doctrine? Has he left the doctrine officially intact, but changed pastoral practice so much that the doctrine is annulled?


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Two Years After Boko Haram's Schoolgirl Kidnappings, Has Anything Changed?

Last edited 15th April 2016

Two years ago, radical Islamists with the militant group Boko Haram stormed a school in Chibok, Nigeria, kidnapping 276 teen girls. The event initially sparked global outrage, with high-profile personalities taking pictures on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag, #BringBackOurGirls.


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New $5 Note is a Reminder that Beauty Goes Beyond Aesthetics

Last edited 14th April 2016

Connor, 14, will never see the new note, but to him – and 357,000 Australians, it truly is a thing of beauty.


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A Spiritual Formation Plan for Every Student

Last edited 13th April 2016

To spiritually form our students without resorting to guilt or shame requires a move away from behavior modification. Behavior shouldn’t be the benchmark for faith. A potential liability of behavior modification is that our students are spiritual babies. For example, when our students aren’t sleeping around and we hold up abstinence as Christian value, we give them a false sense of maturity.


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