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Vatican Publishes Norms on Consecrated Virgins

Last edited 4th July 2018

Almost 50 years after the Church published the new Rite of Consecrated Virginity, the Vatican has issued an instruction on the state of life, its discipline, and the responsibilities of diocesan bishops toward the vocation of consecrated virgins.


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New Archbishop for Melbourne

Last edited 1st July 2018

Pope Francis has this evening appointed the Bishop of Broken Bay, Peter A. Comensoli, as the new Archbishop of Melbourne, with effect from August 1, when he will be installed in St Patrick's Cathedral.


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Fr Ken Barker MGL - My Encounter

Last edited 28th June 2018

Fr Ken Barker MGL is the founder and moderator of the Missionaries of God's Love religious congregation and founder of the Young Men of God Movement. He is the author of five books.


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Former Pro Football Player Prepares to Take Final Vows as a Nun

Last edited 18th June 2018

Every single vocation story is different, but Sr. Rita Clare (Anne) Yoches is probably one of the more unusual.


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Live a Life Worthy of Your Calling - Women's Panel - ACYF2017

Last edited 16th May 2018

"Learn to trust more and more in God. If He knows me, He must know what's best for me ... letting go of control becomes easier when we trust the one who is in control."


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Motherhood: Physical and Spiritual Motherhood

Last edited 13th May 2018

In this video we speak to two different types of Mother's on the beautiful gift of spiritual and physical motherhood.

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Encouragement a Strong Factor in Priesthood Discernment, Study Finds

Last edited 22nd April 2018

A strong majority of the 430 men who are about to be ordained to the Catholic priesthood in the United States come from families where both parents were Catholic, and had several friends encouraging them in their vocation.


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New Report Reveals Realities of Religious Vocation in Australia Today

Last edited 22nd March 2018

A new report on recent religious vocations in Australia has uncovered some common characteristics of religious orders that are attracting new women and men, which could help strengthen religious life in Australia and overseas.


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Barcelona Seminary Launches Campaign to Show Day-to-day Activities of Seminarians

Last edited 19th March 2018

The Conciliar Seminary of Barcelona knows the importance of formation and has just launched a campaign to spread awareness about how young seminarians live their vocation daily.


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5 Myths About the Priest Shortage

Last edited 8th February 2018

It's not secret that there is a shortage of priests in the Catholic Church. What might surprise people is that vocations are actually on the rise. Here's a look at five commonly held statements that are not as true as we think.


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