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Vocations Awareness Week: Australians Profess Vows as Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia
Last edited 11th August 2011

A young woman from the Archdiocese of Sydney and another from the Melbourne Archdiocese are the first Australians to profess vows as novitiates of Nashville, Tennessee's Community of the Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia. Visit this article to read about the journey of Sister Cecilia Rose Pham and Sister Mary Helen Hill, as the Church celebrate Vocations Awareness Week 2011!

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Pope Talks About the Spirituality of Monasteries
Last edited 10th August 2011

Pope Benedict XVI spoke of just how important it is to have inner silence to listen to God. The comments were made during the general audience in Castel Gandolfo, which was held in the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace. There the Pope explained why monasteries are in remote areas and close to nature.

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Fr Chris Sheehy's Sudden Death a Big Loss for Archdiocese
Last edited 10th August 2011

Sydney is in mourning the unexpected death of Father Christopher Sheehy who died suddenly on Saturday night, 6 August after suffering a heart attack. Loved by all who knew him, he was known for his deep compassion, profound love of God and the Church, and his easy down-to-earth approach and ability to touch the lives of people from all walks of life and all ages.


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New York Dominican Community Lavishes Care on the Terminally Ill
Last edited 8th August 2011

"If you have to be terminal, this is the place to come," said Harriet Boyle, as the sun poured into her room through huge windows. Harriet is living in Rosary Hill Home, a free palliative care facility run by the Dominican Sisters Congregation of St. Rose of Lima in Hawthorne, north of New York City. "It's the most unusual place I've ever been. You're not conscious of people being ill here. We all have cancer and we're all terminal, but it's serene and there are lots of moments of fun and laughter," she said.


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Pray for a Priest at World Youth Day
Last edited 4th August 2011

'Aid to the Church in Need' is asking World Youth Day participants to pledge their prayers for priests around the world in need of spiritual support. It needn't be a big commitment – just a few minutes a day while you are in Madrid – but it would be symbolic of solidarity with priests who minister to the faithful in the face of challenges and threats.


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A Prayer for All Priests on the Feast of the Curé d'Ars
Last edited 4th August 2011

4 August is the feast of the Patron Saint of all Priests - St John Vianney, also known as the Curé d'Ars. Watch this video to reflect on a prayer for priests to celebrate this feast day.

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Meet the Longest-Standing Member of Opus Dei – Father Valenciano
Last edited 3rd August 2011

He may be nearly 89 years old, but Father Fernando Valenciano can still recall with crystal clarity the day over seven decades ago when his life changed forever.


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Movie Feature: THE LAST SUMMIT
Last edited 3rd August 2011

Director: Juan Manuel CoteloPablo, a Priest, always knew that he was going to die young and that he wanted to die on a mountain. He gave his life to God… and God accepted his offer. The film shows the profound impact that a good priest can have on people. It provokes the viewer to ask a challenging question: Could I live like this? Spanish with English subtitles.


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Priests and Nuns Reveal How They Found Their Vocation
Last edited 18th July 2011

Finding a vocation is often not easy and something people can spend their lives searching. The US Conference of Bishops is reaching out to men and women to help them find their own vocation. In this series of videos, priests, nuns, and religious explain how they were called to the Church.


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Breaking Religious Ground by Using the Web
Last edited 17th July 2011

The internet is used for pretty much everything nowadays. Now these nuns are getting ready to use the web for something they're not all accustomed to. For years now, Sister de Witt has used the internet to connect with a younger crowd. The idea came, when she realized that less and less youths were going to Church. She decided to go online to chat with them, so they could re-connect with religion.

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