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Washington, D.C. to Open New Seminary
Last edited 20th October 2010

The Archbishop of Washington, D.C. is seeing an increased interest in the priesthood in his Archdiocese, despite a culture that is often at odds with the teachings of the Church. As a consequence of this increasing interest, the Archdiocese is opening a new seminary!

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The Habit of Witness
Last edited 20th October 2010

"The Habit of Witness" series features essays written by consecrated Catholic women and men sharing their encounters and experiences while dressed in the habit. In this second installment, a monastic nun explains the meaning of the habit, and how it is a daily witness to the sister, herself.

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Priesthood: Men with a Mission
Last edited 22nd December 2010

Listen to men talk about their priesthood, their call and why they are men with a mission. Where are YOU going?


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"The World Needs Priests Until The End Of Time" - Pope Benedict XVI
Last edited 13th February 2013

Pope Benedict released a letter to seminarians today, encouraging them in their vocation. It starts with an incredible story from his youth in Nazi Germany, explaining why priests are so desperately needed -- "today, tomorrow, and always":


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Pope Tells Seminarians Abuse Scandal Cannot Diminish Priesthood
Last edited 20th October 2010

Even the most reprehensible abuse cannot discredit the priestly mission, which remains great and pure. These were the words of Pope Benedict in a letter sent to seminarians worldwide. Benedict XVI pointed out that these types of abuse are absolutely deplorable and that they have caused profound pain and disgust.

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Mastermind of Chilean Miner Rescue Hopes to Become a Deacon
Last edited 15th October 2010

On Wednesday, the world watched in anticipation as 33 Chilean miners finally began to emerge through a narrow shaft, drilled half a mile below the earth. The extraordinary man who helped save them, Drillers Supply International co-owner Greg Hall, is also training to become a deacon in the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston next February.

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Leaving Soccer for the Priesthood
Last edited 14th October 2010

Watch this video to listen to how Chase Hilgenbrinck of 'New England Revolution', left life as a professional soccer player to join the priesthood!  This process, according to Chase, has taken a lot of time in discernment and personal prayer.


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Silence - The Greatest Thrill
Last edited 6th October 2010

October 6th is the feast of St Bruno, who founded the Carthusian Order. The Carthusians are one of the few orders that have followed the founder so closely, that they have never been in need of reform. This was also the order that featured in the movie "Into Great Silence". Watch this video for more on their message.

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Children's Book Addresses Priestly Vocations
Last edited 22nd September 2010

Catholic author and public speaker Elizabeth Ficocelli woke up one morning with a burning question: "Where do priests come from?" That question is now the title of her latest children's book, to be soon followed by a similar book on women religious, and then deacons. Visit this article to read an interview with Elizabeth Ficocelli about her new book idea!

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Like Abraham, Called From Her Homeland
Last edited 17th September 2010

The National Catholic Register contains the extraordinary story of Sister Olga of the Eucharist Yaqob, an Iraqi convert to Catholicism who was recently appointed as co-director of the Catholic Center at Boston University, the largest university chaplaincy in New England.


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