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Go-Kart Race For Priests, Toward a Good Cause
Last edited 18th June 2010

This route near Paris has hosted a unique event: 72 priests have participated in the 'Priest Cup', a a competition of go-karts driven by priests and with an ending of solidarity.

Sister Briege McKenna, a Nun with the Gift of Healing
Last edited 16th June 2010

As thousands of priests came to Rome to celebrate the end of Year for Priests, a nun with the gift of healing came to speak and minister at a retreat for priests and bishops in St. John Lateran Basilica.

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The Pope "Rethinks" Clerical Celibacy. In Order to Reinforce It
Last edited 18th June 2010

Celibacy – according to Pope Benedict – is an anticipation "of the world of the resurrection." It is the sign "that God exists, that God is part of my life, that I can base my life on Christ, on the future life." The complete transcript of the Holy Father’s latest statement on Priestly celibacy is available here on Xt3.

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Pope's Impassioned Promise on Sex Abuse
Last edited 15th June 2010

During the closing of the Year for priests, Pope Benedict XVI has made a commitment that the Catholic Church will do everything possible to ensure that sex abuse will not happen again.

Get Ready for Fruits of Year for Priests
Last edited 14th June 2010

The Year for Priests has come to a close, and Pope Benedict XVI has said that while all the good of the Year for Priests cannot be measured, we will certainly see its fruits!

Priests Called to Confession as Year of the Priest Comes to a Close
Last edited 11th June 2010

Priests, like Paul on the way to Damascus, 'must fall off their horse again, to fall into the arms of the merciful God...It is not enough in our pastoral work to correct only the structures of our Church so that it is more attractive. It isn't enough! What is lacking is a change of heart, of my heart' he stressed.

The Vatican Priests Meeting, in Photos
Last edited 11th June 2010

Thousands of priests have responded to Pope Benedict’s call to join him in Rome to celebrate the closing of the Year for Priests. Here is an inside look at the international gathering of priests in Rome in photos!

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Closing the Year For Priests
Last edited 10th June 2010

Pope Benedict, along with thousands for Priests from around the world, are gathering in Rome this weekend for the closing of the Year for Priests on the Feast of the Sacred Heart. This video reflects on the beautiful vocation of a Priest, and encourages each of us to pray for Priests!

Which Priest Has Influenced You the Most?
Last edited 9th June 2010

Rome Reports stops people in the streets to ask them: 'which priest has influenced you the most?'


Encourage Priests
Last edited 8th June 2010

In our Catholic Church, the priest serves "in Persona Christi", bringing us the saving grace of Jesus Christ through the sacramental waters of baptism; reconciling us to the Blessed Trinity in the confessional; and bringing us in full communion with Jesus - truly present in the Holy Eucharist during the celebration of every Mass.


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