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St John Vianney - The Curé of Ars
Last edited 6th August 2010

August 4th is the feast of St John Vianney, who in 2009 was named the Patron Saint of all Priests. On his feast day, let us pray for all Priests everywhere in the world.

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Australians and Uganda United in Faith
Last edited 4th August 2010

On Sunday 4 July 2010, two Ugandan Deacons were ordained as Catholic Priests for the Archdiocese of Kampala. Frs. John Ssemaganda and Simon Kitimbo completed their theological studies at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd, Sydney, Australia. They will return to Australia for a few years of pastoral work before returning to their native country.


Kampala and Sydney Rejoice Together over the Ordination of Two Sons
Last edited 4th August 2010

Two former seminarians from the Seminary of the Good Shepherd in Sydney have been ordained at Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kampala (Uganda) by Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala. Deacons John Ssemaganda (29) and Simon Kitimbo (29) returned to their home diocese (Kampala) for their ordination ceremony which took place on Sunday 4 July.

John Paul II Continues to Inspire Vocations
Last edited 17th January 2011

One of Hong Kong's four new permanent deacons says his vocation is linked to Pope John Paul II, and particularly to the Pontiff's death. Deacon Stephen Kwok Ping-fai was one of four to be ordained July 24 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Hong Kong.

Religious, Clergy Find Renewal in Celibate Vocation
Last edited 2nd August 2010

The theology of the body is often seen as something for married couples, but many clergy and religious are finding renewal in their celibate vocations through John Paul II's teachings!

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Letter to Priests of China
Last edited 29th July 2010

The prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, Cardinal Ivan Dias, and secretary of the Congregation, Archbishop Robert Sarah, have written a letter to the priests of China.

Year of the Priest - Fr Matt Digges
Last edited 10th November 2010

Even though the 'Year for Priests' has ended, Xt3 will continue to put up interviews with Priests who have done amazing things around the world. Fr Matt Digges is the Administrator Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Broome, which is a remote community in outback Australia, with a predominantly Aboriginal population. As Fr Matt celebrates Mass in Broome, rather than English, he sometimes uses Kukatja, one of two Aboriginal languages. Read more in this article!

Vocations Increase in India Despite Religious Persecution
Last edited 29th July 2010

Despite increased persecution, vocations to the priesthood in the north region of India are continuing to grow. Bishop Anthony Chirayath of Sagar Diocese in the state of Madhya Pradesh reported that the number of candidates to the priesthood in his diocese has been on the rise for the past decade.

The Carmelites
Last edited 19th July 2010

July 16th is a major Feast Day for the Carmelites -  a group of people all around the world who are praying for each one of you. On this feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave us the Brown Scapular. Find out more in this video!

Pope's Astronomer: 'Science Helps Me As a Priest'
Last edited 24th August 2010

José G. Funes studies extragalactic astronomy. He has been director of the Vatican Observatory since 2006. Have a read of a brief interview with this fascinating man in this article!


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