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Hanging Out With God
Last edited 10th November 2010

Nicknamed the Singing Seminarian, Robert Galea, who was ordained a priest last week, speaks to Ariadne Massa about his rebellious teenage years, celibacy and his excitement to spread the Word of God through his music.


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Would-be Pro Golfer on Path to Priesthood
Last edited 7th November 2010

It’s easy to imagine a six-foot, tanned, 32-year-old Peter Hannah on the golf greens. But instead of an Izod shirt and khaki pants, he’s wearing the long, white habit of a medieval Dominican friar - and he’s heading into winter in Alaska.

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Pope Celebrates Mass for Cardinals and Bishops Who Passed Away this Year
Last edited 4th November 2010

While celebrating Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, the Pope prayed for the six cardinals, and 122 bishops and archbishops who have died since October last year.

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From Woolloomooloo to Ethiopia with Love
Last edited 4th November 2010

When Sister Bridget Harley left Australia for Ethiopia in 1967, she had already had a long career in the Daughters of Charity order and thought she was going to Africa for only four years. It was 38 years before she came home, leaving behind a mighty legacy of education in the poverty-stricken country.


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US Bishops Head to Cuba for Seminary Opening
Last edited 28th October 2010

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops announced that it will send a delegation to attend the opening of a new seminary in Cuba. The island has not held a ceremony such as this in over 50 years.

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New Seminary Is Cuba's First Religious Structure in 50 years
Last edited 27th October 2010

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will send a delegation of its Church of Latin America Subcommittee to Cuba in recognition of the new seminary to be opened in early November. The National Seminary is the first religious structure built in Cuba in half a century!

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Washington, D.C. to Open New Seminary
Last edited 20th October 2010

The Archbishop of Washington, D.C. is seeing an increased interest in the priesthood in his Archdiocese, despite a culture that is often at odds with the teachings of the Church. As a consequence of this increasing interest, the Archdiocese is opening a new seminary!

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The Habit of Witness
Last edited 20th October 2010

"The Habit of Witness" series features essays written by consecrated Catholic women and men sharing their encounters and experiences while dressed in the habit. In this second installment, a monastic nun explains the meaning of the habit, and how it is a daily witness to the sister, herself.

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Priesthood: Men with a Mission
Last edited 22nd December 2010

Listen to men talk about their priesthood, their call and why they are men with a mission. Where are YOU going?


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"The World Needs Priests Until The End Of Time" - Pope Benedict XVI
Last edited 13th February 2013

Pope Benedict released a letter to seminarians today, encouraging them in their vocation. It starts with an incredible story from his youth in Nazi Germany, explaining why priests are so desperately needed -- "today, tomorrow, and always":


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