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Sister Teresita, 103 Years Old, World's Longest Serving Recluse

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This nun holds the world record for the longest time living in cloistered life. Her name is Sister Teresita, she's 103 years old and has lived 84 of them in the convent of Buenafuente de Sistal, in Guadalajara, Spain. At 19 she entered the convent of the Cistercian order in 1927, the same day that Benedict XVI was born.


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Nun Holds World Record: 84 Years of Cloistered Life

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She entered the Cistercian Buenafuente del Sistal Convent the day that Joseph Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) was born, and today Sister Teresita is 103 years old and the world's record holder for having lived the longest as a cloistered nun. After 84 years as a cloistered nun, Sister Teresita says that the greatest gift she has received has been prayer: "Without it, one cannot sustain oneself. I never cease repeating: 'Thank you, forgive. Thank you, forgive.'" Visit this article to read her story!

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Religious Missionary Women - Pope's Mission Intention for July 2011

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In addition to asking Catholics everywhere to pray for those suffering with AIDS, the Holy Father has also asked that we pray: That religious women in mission territories may be witnesses of the joy of the Gospel and living signs of the love of Christ.Fr. Kubicki reflects on Pope Benedict's mission intention for July 2011 in this video.

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Congratulations Holy Father

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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Holy Father's ordination to the Priesthood, the World Youth Day office asked a group of priests to pass on their congratulations in many languages - representing the priests of the world!

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A Week in the Life of a Priest

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Catholic priest? People have many different ideas about the priesthood - highly revered, considered peculiar, disregarded as irrelevant or simply misunderstood. Come inside the intriguing world of a priest's daily life as we walk with him through his unusual, challenging and moving ministry. Prepare to be uplifted and surprised!

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Fr Tony Percy: Theology of the Body and its link to Vocations

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Fr Tony Percy talks to a group of Parish Vocations Coordinators on Theology of the body and how understanding the Church's teaching on sexuality can help young people choose their vocation.

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Joseph Ratzinger's Happiest Day

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Today - 29 June 2011 - Pope Benedict XVI will be celebrating the "high point of his life" as he marks the 60th anniversary of his priestly ordination. Joseph Ratzinger was ordained at age 24, together with his brother Georg, and more than 40 candidates, at the cathedral of Freising, near Munich, by Cardinal Michael von Faulhaber.


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Cardinal Pell Discusses the New Roman Missal

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When Catholics throughout the English-speaking world begin to use the new translation of the Roman Missal for the first time, they will notice a change at the beginning of Mass in one of the most familiar dialogues of the sacred liturgy...

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Iraqi Sister Founding Religious Order to Serve Boston's Spiritually Poor

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Iraqi Sister Olga Yaqob is beginning a women's religious order in the Boston archdiocese this year, to carry out the Church's mission to evangelize. “Our main spirituality will focus on Jesus, and then carry His presence out into the world,” Sr. Olga of the Eucharist told CNA on June 21. “I have seen a lot of spiritual poverty in our country – people who are spiritually hungry,” she said. “They don't know what kind of loving Father we have, what kind of beautiful faith our Catholic Church has.”

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The Story Behind Joseph Ratzinger's Vocation

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In his autobiography, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, explained how the most important day of his life, was the day he was ordained. It was June 29, 1951. On that day, Cardinal von Faulhaber of Munich ordained the Raztinger brothers in the Cathedral of Freising. Georg was 27 years old. Joseph,24. His family was very religious, so their parents weren't really surprised by their decision. Watch this video for the story behind Joseph Ratzinger's vocation!

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