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Meet the Most Heroic Priests of Our Age

Last edited 10th February 2010

In the Year of Priests John Pontifex of Aid to the Church in Need hails the 'tireless and hidden service' given by priests around the world talks to him. Read more about the modern martyrs and saints who so tirelessly work in strange and dangerous places.

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Missionaries of Charity find the Suffering Christ in Each Sick Person

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For Sister Andrea Bonk, we must look into the eyes of the poor and the sick to see the suffering Christ, as Mother Teresa said. The 73-year-old German-born nun has worked with the Saint of Kolkata for decades. Born in Freiburg (Germany), she is a medical doctor. She has been with Missionaries for 50 years to serve “the poorest of the poor”.

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Priestly Celibacy

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Today the Vatican announced that an international theological congress will be held in Rome on the theme “Faithfulness in Christ, Faithfulness of Priests.” The congress is intended to mark the current Year for Priests and will address issues such as priestly identity and celibacy.

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Year Of The Priest- Fr Sacha Bermudez Goldman

Last edited 26th April 2013

Fr. Sacha Goldman is a Jesuit Priest and a driving force of the Jesuit Refugee Service in Sydney.


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The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia

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The Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation began with the establishment in 1860 of a girls' academy in Nashville, Tennessee, just prior to the Civil War. Today, over 240 Nashville Dominicans teach 12,000 students in over 34 schools from preschool to college, in 14 U.S. states and in Australia. In the spirit of St. Dominic, they continue to live a life that is traditional and yet dynamic.

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Fisher for Christ Continues his Mission

Last edited 3rd February 2010

BISHOP Kevin Manning of the Parramatta Catholic Diocese has looked after parishes from Parramatta, to Blacktown, Penrith and beyond since 1997. He retires on March 4, aged 76 and a bit sorry to be leaving, but the bishop looks on it as a new phase in his life.

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Priests on Call VI: A Call from Above

Last edited 3rd February 2010

The first confession that Fr. Joseph Rose heard would be one he would never forget...

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Year of the Priest - Father Andrew Grace

Last edited 7th February 2010

Father Andrew Grace is an Australian Parish Priest and a Member of the Military Ordinariate.


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Lay woman named to key Vatican job

Last edited 19th July 2010

On Thursday, another crack in the glass ceiling appeared in the Vatican itself: For only the second time, a lay woman was appointed to one of the three key leadership positions inside a dicastery, or department, of the Roman Curia.

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Mount Carmel in the Rockies: A 'Channel of Grace to the World'

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Beds are a small mat. Fasting is the norm. Sleep is interrupted at midnight for the first of eight rounds of the daily Liturgy of the Hours.


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