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Year of the Priest - Fr Gordon Reigle

Last edited 22nd December 2009

The Catholic Company has been bringing stories about Priests all year, with their Incredible Priests, Incredible Stories series. In this, the joy of life, and the numerous talents (from guitar hero to volleyball) are some of the reasons Fr. Gordon Reigle of St. Andrew's Parish in Saline, MI, is loved by his parishioners.

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Year for Priests - Fr Austin Murphy

Last edited 17th December 2009

Fr Austin Murphy is a University Chaplain in Baltimore, USA - in this video, he speaks about what the Year for Priests means to him, and talks about the impact that his childhood parish Priest, Fr Fortenbaugh, had on his view of the Priesthood.

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Year of the Priest - Cardinal George Pell

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Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, speaks to Xt3 the challenges of Oxford, his sporting career as an AFL player, training in Rome at the time of the Beatles, the Pill, and the Vietnam War, working with Caritas in the aftermath of Pol Pot's regime in Cambodia, and his decision to become a priest.

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Year of the Priest - Fr Eugene O'Hagan

Last edited 3rd December 2009

Fr Eugene O'Hagan is the Parish Priest Ballyclare and Ballygowan in the Diocese of Down and Connor, Northern Ireland - and is more famously known worldwide as one of the 3 singers in the music group sensation, 'The Priests'!

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Fr Benedict Groeschel - 50 years in the priesthood.

Last edited 25th November 2009

Fr. Groeschel co-founded Good Counsel Homes, a private Catholic agency whose primary mission is to help homeless pregnant women by providing a loving family environment in a safe and secure shelter.He also hosts Sunday Night Live on EWTN. This priest has touched countless people's lives, as you can see in this touching tribute that celebrates Fr Groeschel's 50th Anniversary of his priesthood.

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Archbishop of Birmingham

Last edited 26th November 2009

Find out how the Archbishop of Birmingham felt his calling to be a priest - and what a red motorbike had to do with it! Watch here!

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Year of the Priest - Fr Roy O'Neill, MSC

Last edited 1st December 2009

Fr Roy O'Neill seeks to provide the best medicine for the sick... faith!


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Year of the Priest - Cardinal John Foley

Last edited 12th November 2009

With an easy-going friendly warmth typical of most Americans, Pennsylvania-born Cardinal John Foley is based in Rome where he holds the office of Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The order is one of the most ancient and dates back to the 11th Century and the time of the Crusades and as Grand Master, the Cardinal is charged with protecting pilgrims on their way to and from the Holy Land as well as supporting and protecting the 150,000 Christians who live in this war-torn region...

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Year of the Priest - Fr Jude Nicholas

Last edited 1st December 2009

Fr Jude Nicholas, Chaplain to the Sri Lankan Community, Sadleir-Miller.


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Celibacy for the Kingdom

Last edited 21st October 2009

Christopher West: An Introduction to the Theology of the Body.

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