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How God Got Gloria’s Attention: Lightning, Hell’s gate and a Vision of Purgatory

Last edited 19th March 2017

When Gloria Polo was struck by lightning in 1995, her internal organs were so badly burnt that the doctors believed there was no way she could survive. They wanted to turn off her life support and let nature take its course.


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7 Prayer Postures For Encountering God

Last edited 19th February 2017

No matter how spiritual we are, we cannot ignore our bodies when we pray. Indeed, we pray with and through them, not only with our voice and thoughts. If we are happy, our face expresses it, and our body does, too; if we’re worried, we put our head in our hands. When we meet someone whom we’ve missed, we embrace them and we get close. We don’t just tell them that we’ve missed them. In our encounter with God, it is the same; our postures express something.


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Vox Pop: What do you eat on Fridays during Lent?

Last edited 9th March 2017

For someone who finds meat to be a staple in their diet, abstaining from meat on Fridays can be tough. And that's the whole idea! We are called to abstain from meat on Friday as a form of penance and a reminder of Christ's love for us on the Cross.


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Last edited 1st March 2017

What is temptation? Is it a fleeting thought or a nagging itch? Is it a sin to be tempted? In this short video, Xt3's Laura Bradley explores how we can overcome and defeat temptations in our life through three powerful weapons.

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Yes, I’m Single. And Yes, I Celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Last edited 13th February 2017

I refuse to get angry or question God’s timing in my life. Except I will place it all at the foot of the cross. And completely surrender everything to Him.


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4 Reasons to Grow in the Virtue of Gratitude

Last edited 17th February 2017

By Patty Yaji


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Give God a Moment This Lent with the 2017 Xt3 Lent Calendar App

Last edited 21st February 2017

Give God a moment this Lent.


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A Drop in the Ocean: Why Missions Matter

Last edited 6th February 2017

As I stepped off the plane during my first mission trip, I hardly expected the ways in which my understanding of poverty was about to be challenged. I left that trip with many different emotions and takeaways, but above all, with the realization that I had a lot to learn. And I still do.


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Blessed the Beggar: Who Are the “Poor in Spirit”?

Last edited 30th January 2017

A couple years back, I was downtown in a big city (that will remain unnamed) rushing to get to a weekday morning Mass. On the way up the steps of the Cathedral I passed a homeless man asking for money.


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Bishop Barron on the Rise of the “Nones”

Last edited 26th January 2017

By now most of you are probably aware of the depressing statistics regarding the "nones," that is to say, those in this country who claim no religious affiliation. I have written frequently regarding practical steps that religious leaders ought to be taking to confront this rising tide of secularist ideology, and I will continue to do so. But for the moment, I would like to reflect on a passage from the Gospel of Luke, which was featured on the Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God, and which sheds considerable light on this issue.


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