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Confessions of a Girl Who Sucks at Praying
Last edited 8th February 2016

Look, I’m by no means an expert here but I know I got hung up on the idea of there being a right and wrong way to pray and obsessing over that made me scared to pray for a long time. It can be too easy to psych yourself out and think you don’t have the right words or the right location to pray and then what happens is your just end up not praying! Jesus just wants to talk to you! He knows you might not always say the right thing but as long as you make the effort to converse with Him then you’re heading in the right direction! The more you pray the better you get at it and if you do it every day, you’ll be awesome at it in no time!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Adoration
Last edited 26th January 2016

I walked up the hill to this tiny little chapel, opened the doors, and stepped inside. It was dark, chilly, and extremely quiet. I slid into a pew, knelt, and began to pray. I thought I could hear myself thinking. I looked down at my watch... 3 minutes had passed. 3 minutes? I could hardly believe it. I looked next to me at the only other person who was in the chapel - a monk, who was sitting, barefooted, eyes closed, and smiling. He made it look so easy, so peaceful. I, on the other hand, was in agony. I had promised myself I would stay in adoration for an hour - since that's about how long Mass was. I closed my eyes, tried to relax. "Pray, Caitlin," I coached myself, "it's not that hard." I opened my eyes. Another 5 minutes had gone by. 52 minutes to go, but who was counting?


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Pope in Santa Marta: “It is Not Us Popes Who Carry the Church Forward, but the Saints”
Last edited 12th January 2016

Pope Francis reflected on the power of prayer during his Tuesday morning homily at Casa Santa Marta. He said that prayer prevents the heart from hardening. He recalled women who achieved miracles through prayer, like Saint Monica who was able with her tears to be granted the grace of conversation with her son, Saint Augustine.


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7 Tips to Pray More This Year
Last edited 12th January 2016

Sometimes, I think we confuse God for Santa Claus. No, it’s not the beard or the potbelly, the kind heart or jolly attitude. It’s not the magical flying reindeer or whimsical North Pole. It’s the manner in which we view the white haired man… as the one we ask for all the “pretty things” from.


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Pope's Prayer Intentions for January: Dialogue, Peace, Unity
Last edited 3rd January 2016

Pope Francis wants 2016 to be a year of dialogue, openness, and peace. That's why his first universal prayer intention of the year is "that sincere dialogue among men and women of different faiths may produce the fruits of peace and justice.”


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Angels We Have Heard on High - ThePianoGuys
Last edited 22nd December 2015

MERRY CHRISTMAS Everyone! Here's a version of "Angels We Have Heard on High" by the Piano Guys, with a few other Christmas favorites mixed in. Can you name them all?

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A Summary of our Salvation – A Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Advent
Last edited 21st December 2015

On the Fourth Sunday of Advent we are close to the unfolding of the great mystery of the Word made flesh. It is easy for us to look right past it, but we do well to pause and ponder what is taught to us today about the salvation that is to unfold. One significant way we can do this is by reflecting upon the first reading today from the prophet Micah. In four short verses, we are presented with a kind of summary of our salvation, a snapshot of what ails us and how God heals us.


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Five Steps to Better Mental Health – A Homily for the Third Sunday of Advent
Last edited 13th December 2015

In modern times, we tend to link our notions of happiness and inner well-being to external circumstances and happenstance. And so we think that happiness will be found when the things of this world are arranged in the way we like. If we can just get enough money and creature comforts, we think we’ll be happy and have a better sense of mental well-being.


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How to Pray: 6 Tips for a Better Prayer Life
Last edited 13th December 2015

How Important is Prayer?


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Making a Good Confession: Advice from Fr Mike Schmitz
Last edited 9th December 2015

If you have ever wondered how to make a good confession, Fr. Mike Schmitz has some solid advice for you. He points out that preparing for a good confession starts when we recognize that being a "good person” in our own eyes is not enough—we are called to holiness, which is something much greater. In this video, Fr. Mike offers four powerful ways we can examine our consciences so that our experience of reconciliation moves us towards that holiness to which we are called.

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