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Pray for World’s Persecuted Christians in Lent
Last edited 16th March 2015

Leaders of the US bishops’ conference have invited the faithful to pray for “those facing the stark reality of religious persecution in the Middle East and elsewhere”. In a statement, the bishops’ administrative committee also called on people to work to protect those who are marginalised and persecuted.


Your Love is Lifting Me Higher – A Homily for the Fourth Sunday of Lent
Last edited 15th March 2015

The readings from Mass on Sunday 15 March speak to us of our desperate condition and how God’s abiding love has not only set us free but also lifted us higher. God was not content to restore us to some earthly garden, paradise though it was. No, He so loved the world that He sent His Son, who opened Heaven itself for us and has given us a new, transformed, and eternal life.


March 15, 2015: A Day of Fasting & Prayer for War-Torn Syria
Last edited 12th March 2015

As the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian civil war approaches, the head of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church has called for a world day of prayer and fasting for peace in his country.


Come Find Me: My Spiritual Hide-and-Seek
Last edited 8th March 2015

Waiting. It’s not fun. There is a lot of waiting that goes on in our lives. We wait for mundane things, like getting tests back, YouTube videos to load, and Matt Maher’s next album. I wait for God a lot. I wait for Him to answer my prayers. I wait for Him to help me understand people and relationships. For Him to heal my heart. For Him to make things work out. For Him to tell me what I’m supposed to do with my life.I hide from God a lot.

Walking with Jesus - Some Thoughts for Lent
Last edited 6th March 2015

Every year we have the wonderful season of Lent to reflect on our lives and the direction in which we are headed. As we preapre for the greatest feast of the year, Easter, now is the moment to take a serious look at our lives and to get back on the path of walking beside Jesus. Watch this video reflection for more.

Pope's Prayer Intentions for March 2015
Last edited 2nd March 2015

This month, the Holy Father has asked Catholics around the world to pray for his universal intention: "That those involved in scientific research may serve the well-being of the whole human person."


Transfiguration - A Reflection for the Second Sunday of Lent
Last edited 1st March 2015

Every year on the second Sunday of Lent we hear the Gospel passage of the Transfiguration, where Jesus went up a mountain and was transfigured before his disciples. It is a wonderful story for Lent - find out why in this video reflection!

A Way of the Cross in Solidarity with the Persecuted Church
Last edited 1st March 2015

“Blessed Are They Who are Persecuted for justice, the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs” (Mt 5:10)


The Pope Authorized the Burial of a Homeless Man in the Vatican Teutonic Cemetery
Last edited 25th February 2015

Willy Herteller died on December 12, 2014 at a hospital near the Vatican. He was buried at this cemetery within the Vatican on January 9th. Herteller was a homeless person well known around St. Peter's Square. The Pope personally allowed him he be buried at the Teutonic cemetery, which is located between St. Peter's Basilica and Paul VI Hall. It's a centuries-old graveyard, and Herteller will rest among princes and knights.


Go Into the Desert this Lent
Last edited 19th February 2015

During this season of Lent, you are invited into the desert: a quiet place, with less of us and more of God. A video by

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