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A Recipe for Readiness – Homily for Advent
Last edited 30th November 2015

As the Advent season begins, we are immediately drawn into its principle theme of preparation and readiness for the coming of the Lord. The first coming of the Lord has already been fulfilled at Bethlehem. And while we should prepare spiritually for the coming Christmas Feast, these first weeks of Advent bid us to focus even more on the Second Coming of the Lord in glory.


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Thank You God - A Thanksgiving Day Prayer
Last edited 30th November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American followers! No matter where you are in the world, we can all pause today and say "thank you" for all that we have been given. Here is a prayer to get you started. Thank you God!


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Encountering the Word: First Sunday of Advent
Last edited 30th November 2015

Sunday 29 November is the First Sunday of Advent! The scripture readings that we here in Mass are based on the theme of the coming of Lord, and how we can prepare for his coming. In this video, Jeff Cavins explains the readings for the First Sunday of Advent.

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Advent: Jesus is the Same Yesterday, Today & Forever!
Last edited 30th November 2015

Welcome to Xt3's 2015 Advent Calendar! The theme for this year's calendar is from Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Every day during Advent, we will be sharing a different image depicting the birth of Jesus from different eras in history. The Christmas story has been told from generation to generation, and as you will see from the series of artworks that we will be sharing during Advent, Jesus really is unchanging in our ever changing world.


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A Look at the Pope's Agenda in Africa
Last edited 23rd November 2015

Pope Francis is beginning a very important week: He will soon head to Africa for his first visit to the continent. At 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Pope Francis will board an airplane to start his 11th international trip. There will be three stops: Kenya, Uganda, and the Central African Republic. He will spend about a day and a half in each country and will return to Rome on November 30th.


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Advent Is a Drama of Light and Darkness – Pondering a Season Soon to Come Upon Us
Last edited 23rd November 2015

The Feast of Christ the King signals the end of the liturgical year. This coming Sunday marks the beginning of Advent and a new liturgical year. Perhaps then we do well to prepare by taking a look ahead just past Thanksgiving.


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Start Praying Lectio Divina
Last edited 17th November 2015

Pope Benedict XVI encouraged us to go deeper in our prayer life by using a classical method—Lectio Divina. The retired Pontiff strongly exhorted followers of Christ to utilize the Word of God as fertile ground for delving into the depths of prayer. Our intention in this short article is to offer the steps the Holy Father suggests and a touch more to motivate us to never tire in growing in our union with God through a deeper prayer life. Prayer has no limits given that prayer is union with an eternal and infinite God! Here are the steps…..

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Prepare the Way of the Lord! Advent & Christmas Preparation
Last edited 17th November 2015

Christian life is one of preparation. In order to prepare to celebrate the sacred mystery of the Eucharist, we acknowledge our sins.


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Miserere Nobis: A Plea for Conversion in the Midst of a World in Crisis
Last edited 17th November 2015

The world, it seems, is falling to pieces. Each day brings ever worsening reports of war, violence, and devastation. Protests, riots, bombings, beheadings, rapes, kidnappings, persecutions—the list goes on and on. Yesterday, yet another horror unfolded in Paris, one of the most devastating yet in the Western world, and we feel with foreboding that it likely will not be the last such act of terror. The weight of such tragedies weighs heavily on us. It is hard not to be downcast when we see evil engulfing all we hold dear like a great and ominous storm cloud, its lightnings and blackness overwhelming all. Neither is it a wonder that a growing number of Americans are on anti-depressants and anxiety medication. What should we do then? How should we respond?

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Advent Bingo - Youth Ministry Resource
Last edited 16th November 2015

In the Advent Bingo center, participants will be able to recall their liturgical experiences of Advent and deepen their understanding of the Church's celebration of this season. The focus of this center is Advent practices and symbols found in Catholic liturgy.

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