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Overcoming Envy and Dealing with Jealousy

Last edited 14th February 2018

Envy and jealousy sneakily gain control of our minds. They don’t feel like other sins that give at least a brief moment of gratification, so it’s easy to dismiss these disordered thoughts. In this video, Fr. Mike explains why we need to focus in on whatever jealousy or envy we may have in our lives, because it could inhibit our relationship with God. The remedy he shares is a reminder of who we are in God’s eyes, which is all that matters.


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The 'Wilderness Years' Allow Us to Convert and Grow

Last edited 7th February 2018

Reflection for the Gospel of the First Sunday of Lent


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Pope calls for Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace on 23 February

Last edited 6th February 2018

by Linda Bordoni


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Be Courageous! How to Overcome Your Addiction to Sin

Last edited 31st January 2018

Father Ian VanHeusen presents a gospel reflection and spiritual exercise on the Gospel reading from the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Mark 1:21-28, when Jesus astonishes the synagogues by His teaching, authority and exorcisms.


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Finding God in Darkness

Last edited 30th January 2018

The phrase "dark night of the soul" is thrown around quite a bit in Catholic circles, but what does it mean exactly? In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz explains precisely what is happening in our souls when we feel this kind of spiritual darkness, and he encourages us to hang in there when it happens; because it means God is preparing our souls for much greater things.


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10 Reasons you Need to go on a Retreat This Year

Last edited 23rd January 2018

Some of my deepest and most impactful encounters with God throughout my faith journey have come when I’ve taken time to step back from the world and focus on the Father.


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6 Spiritual Lessons I Learned From the Book of Job

Last edited 17th January 2018

If you haven't read this Old Testament book, you've missed out on a major part of the Jewish spiritual understanding of pain and suffering. I won't narrate the complete story, but in summary Job had to go through tremendous calamities. He lost his possessions, his servants, and his whole family... and he even suffered a wound that stretched from his head to his feet. The explanation the bible gives of what happens to Job is that the “enemy” tempts him through trials and suffering in attempt to make him deny and curse God.


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Pope Francis Asks for Prayer in January for Religious Freedom in Asia

Last edited 7th January 2018

Pope Francis begins 2018 with a prayer intentions video asking for help in making religious freedom in Asia a reality. The pope explained that millions of people in Asia refuse to denounce their religious identity and that all religious minorities, not only Christians, must be protected so they “can live their faith with complete freedom.”

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The Pope's Prayer Intentions for 2018

Last edited 21st December 2017

As we enter into a new year, why not get organised and put all the Pope's prayer intentions for the year into your diary and calendars?


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How Do Priests Pray?

Last edited 26th November 2017

Finding the right words to pray can be difficult, and the rote prayers we were taught as children are too often not prayed from the heart. In this video, Fr. Mike Schmitz tells us about a way to pray that priests are taught in their formation years which helps make their prayers both habitual and genuine.

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