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Do Catholics Follow All Those Weird Old Testament Laws?

Last edited 8th October 2015

Fr. Mike Schmitz explains why Christians are called to follow some laws of the Old Testament and not others. Passing on the advice of Pope Benedict XVI, he distinguishes between universal laws, like the Ten Commandments and “case by case” laws, like those to be followed only in the kingdom of Israel and the temple.

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Are Guardian Angels Mentioned in the Bible?

Last edited 1st October 2015

In this video, Jimmy Akin explains where in the Bible and other Church documents we can find Catholic teaching on Guardian Angels. Jimmy Akin is an internationally known author and speaker. As the senior apologist at Catholic Answers, he has more than twenty years of experiencing defending and explaining the Faith.


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Five Qualities Necessary for an Evangeliser - From St. Paul

Last edited 13th September 2015

St. Paul describes a kind of modus vivendi (a way of living) for himself and for us in Col 1:28-29. It has a dynamic urgency about it that we ought not to overlook.


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What is the Devil's Favorite Sin? An Exorcist Responds

Last edited 25th August 2015

Is an exorcist afraid? What is the devil’s favorite sin? These and other questions were tackled in a recent interview with the Dominican priest, Father Juan José Gallego, an exorcist from the Archdiocese of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain.


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Fr. Barron on Nature and the Biblical God

Last edited 17th August 2015

The actress Julia Roberts appears in a new series of YouTube videos which have become YouTube sensations. Famous actors and actresses voice different aspects of the natural world, from the ocean, to the rain forest, to redwood trees. Roberts herself plays Mother Nature and though at first her video advocacy may seem to be little more than environmental extremism, the video makes theological significant points about nature's relationships to us and to God.

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Peter Kreeft - How to Win the Culture War

Last edited 10th August 2015

Dr. Peter Kreeft, professor of philosophy at Boston College, speaks at Franciscan University of Steubenville. His talk was titled, "How to Win the Culture War: A Christian Battle Plan for a Society in Crisis." His talk was part of the Distinguished Speakers Series.

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Fr. Barron on Love, Tolerance, and Making Distinctions

Last edited 9th July 2015

The ethical conversation has become, in the last fifty years, extraordinarily roiled. The problem is the incapacity to make the right distinctions between concepts such as love and hate, tolerance and intolerance - particularly when it comes to talking about topics such as same-sex marriage. Fr. Robert Barron reflects on love, tolerance, and making distinctions in this excellent video - a must see!

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Four Common Tactics of the Devil

Last edited 25th June 2015

In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in demonic possession. Movies and books, along with human fears and fascinations, are largely the cause. Although it can and does happen, actual demonic possession is somewhat rare. Most of us should be looking out for the more common ways that the devil attacks us. His usual tactics are more subtle and pervasive, and we ought not let the exotic distract us from the more commonplace.


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Laudato Si' - Encyclical Letter by Pope Francis on the Environment

Last edited 24th June 2015

Pope Francis has released his historic Encyclical Letter on the care for our common home - the enviroment. The title, Laudato Si', is taken from a hymn by St Francis of Assisi that contains strong emphasis on harmony between God and the creatures of the world.


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God is One and God is Three

Last edited 29th May 2015

As Catholics, every time we make the sign of the cross we remind ourselves of the great mystery of our faith - that God is One, and God is Three. We were made for union with God! Watch this video for a reflection on the Holy Trinity as we prepare to celebrate Trinity Sunday on 31 May 2015.

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