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Fr. Barron comments on Original Sin
Last edited 10th March 2014

The beginning of Lent is a time for a "spiritual spring clean", which sometimes means going back to the basics. So let's look at the story of creation, and the story of original sin. Why is this Scripture passage so important for Lent? Watch this reflection by Fr. Robert Barron for more.

God's Law is Not "An Abstract Set of Rules" - It's Personal!
Last edited 10th March 2014

There is a danger when we speak of God’s Law, to consider it as we might any secular law. For example, we may well consider secular law merely to be some sort of impersonal code written by some nameless legislators or bureaucrats. We have not met them, we do not know them, or necessarily love or trust them. In effect, they are an abstraction in our mind called “the government” or “the man” or just “they,” as in, “They don’t want you to park here” or “They’ll fine you for that.”


A Conversation about Atheism
Last edited 2nd April 2014

1 April has become known as "World Atheist Day" - so in today's feature, we are going to look at the meaning of atheism, arguments for and against the existence of God, and examine some of the reasoning of modern day "celebrity" atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Peter Singer.


Fr. Barron comments on The Calling of the Disciples
Last edited 6th February 2014

Jesus said to Peter, "I will make you a fisher of men". What does this mean? We are ordered by an innate natural desire to seek truth - and we are called to share this truth with others, to "fish" people and guide them towards this truth. Fr. Barron comments on the calling of the disciples in this video.

Apologetics: Is Purgatory in the Bible?
Last edited 30th January 2014

We'll begin by making clear just what we mean by "Purgatory." The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches: All who die in God’s grace, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven (1030).


Music as Theology: A Way to Evangelize
Last edited 19th January 2014

Some of the Protestant churches, along with Charismatic groups, have had success with attracting young people through their use of music to animate services. This is much more than a superficial matter, as Maeve Louise Heaney has pointed out.


Fr. Robert Barron comments on God and Morality
Last edited 15th January 2014

One of the most common objections that opponents of religion make is that there is no correlation between belief in God and morality. Indeed it is true that many atheists and agnostiocs live moral lives. However, as Fr. Robert Barron explains in this video, non-belief in God will over time result in a degradation of morality due to relativism.

How can Jesus be both Divine and Human?
Last edited 9th January 2014

"How can Jesus be both God and Human?" This is a very old question and there have been a lot of misunderstandings regarding the true nature of Jesus throughout history. In this video, Fr. Robert Barron explains how Jesus really is true God, and true Man.

Fr. Barron comments on The Nativity of Luke's Gospel
Last edited 22nd December 2013

Christmas is a good family time and a sentimental time - but if that is all we see in teh Christmas season, then we miss the real power of Christmas! Look at the Gospel of Luke... Christmas is not a time to become lazy, it a call to action to embrace the Christian revolution, and to follow Christ.

Answering Those Who Say there is Only One Mediator
Last edited 11th December 2013

Have you ever had a Protestant challenge you as a Catholic, stating that there is one (sole) mediator between God and Man, Jesus, asking the saints to pray for us is useless, wrong and maybe even sinful. It is a very common objection!


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