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An Interview with Bishop Umbers about Our Lady of Fatima

Last edited 13th October 2017

2017 marks 100 years since the first apparition of Mary, in Fatima to three shepherd children in Portugal.


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Theology of the Body and the Saints

Last edited 27th September 2017

Madeleine Vella looks at the Theology of the Body from the examples of the saints – who lived life in chastity and purity according to their state in life.


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Faith in Action - Social Justice Expo - Xt3 Interviews those Making a Difference in Our Communities

Last edited 7th November 2014

The Social Justice Expo took place on Wednesday 5th November at the University of Notre Dame Australia's Broadway Sydney campus. An initiative of the Archdiocese's Justice and Peace Office, Faith in Action was a free event, aimed at introducing young people from across Sydney to Catholic agencies and organisations that work for justice, peace, ecology and development, and inviting them to make connections with those agencies carrying out the Church's social teaching in practical ways in Sydney, across the country and throughout the world.


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A Conversation about Atheism

Last edited 2nd April 2014

1 April has become known as "World Atheist Day" - so in today's feature, we are going to look at the meaning of atheism, arguments for and against the existence of God, and examine some of the reasoning of modern day "celebrity" atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Peter Singer.


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Urban Theology - Should Australian Catholics Change Focus?

Last edited 19th December 2013

Theology on Tap founder Patrick Langrell, lawyer Monica Doumit, and journalist Nigel Freitas discuss whether the Church needs a change of tact in how she presents herself to the surrounding culture, and whether there is anything we can do to help.

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Papal Conclave Questions & Answers - Interview with Canon Lawyer Fr. Mark Podesta

Last edited 19th March 2013

Do you have any questions about the Papal Conclave, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and what is going to happen next? Here is an interview with canon lawyer Fr. Mark Podesta and Director of Catholic Communications for the Archdiocese of Sydney, Katrina Lee.

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Sameness, Similarity and Difference: An Intercultural Theology for Human Solidarity

Last edited 7th April 2011

How do we live together and what resources does Christian theology provide to guide us in how we can go about doing this? These are themes Dr. Anthony G. Reddie explores in this forum - which is of interest not only to theologians, but to all those who are interested in exploring their own faithful practice.Dr. Anthony G. Reddie is a leading scholar in Black theology. Dr Reddie takes a practical approach and specialises in working with grass roots communities and developing innovative exercises which empower ordinary people to explore their own experiences and contexts to develop their faith. Brought to you by NATSIEC and the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Sydney Archdiocese.

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The Institute of Catholic Culture

Last edited 16th November 2010

The Institute of Catholic Culture is a  non-profit Catholic educational organization dedicated to the re-evangelization of our society through educational and cultural programs offered to the public at NO CHARGE.


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Catholicism 101: Incorruptibles

Last edited 2nd March 2010

Brendan Roberts, from, gives a detailed account of Incorruptibles, as well as a couple of Eucharistic Miracles. Listen here, or check out the site here.

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Scott Hahn Interview About Reasons To Believe

Last edited 1st December 2009

Scott Hahn began his career in ministry as a Presbyterian minister out to show Catholics the error in their ways, but his biblical and historical detective work led him to the conclusion that the Catholic church was the historical church of the bible.  In 1986, Dr. Hahn joined the Catholic church and has since come to be known as ‘Luther in Reverse’ due to the large number of protestant pastors and bible scholars who have followed him on the journey home to Rome. 


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