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Truth on Tap

Last edited 7th February 2012

Truth on Tap is a monthly Wednesday night event at Brookvale Hotel on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Running on the 1st Wednesday night of the month, Truth on Tap aims to bring quality Church teaching to the Northern Beaches.


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Life Week 2011 at Macquarie University

Last edited 1st June 2011

Life Week 2011 at Macquarie University addressed all the hot topics of the 21st century! So get the truth about pornography, same-sex marriage, human dignity and euthanasia in this podcast!

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iWitness Conference 2010

Last edited 4th February 2011

In 2008 the first annual iWitness conference took place as a follow up to the amazing experience of World Youth Day, with a crowd of over 200 young adults from all around Australia. This year they are coming together again to explore the theme of living life to the full, taken from Jesus’ message in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life and have it in abundance”.


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Celibacy and the Priesthood - an Inside Account

Last edited 26th August 2010

Fr Michael de Stoop, parish priest and Vocations Director for the Archdiocese of Sydney chatted in depth to Xt3 about celibacy and the priesthood. From Scripture, to Sacred Tradition, to the everyday lived experience, Fr Michael answers all our questions, and truly shares the beauty - and the challenges - of the celibate life.


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Cardinal v. Atheist: Without God We Are Nothing

Last edited 18th October 2012

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, and atheist Dan Barker debated the topic: Without God We Are Nothing, at Macquarie University. A vigorous and lively debate was had, with over 300 people in attendance. The debate was structured so that each speaker received ten minutes to present their case, then had a chance at rebuttal, and finishing off with a few minutes to directly cross examine the other. There was then time for questions from the audience. Part 1 of this audio presents the main arguments and rebuttal, with part 2 presenting the (very lively) cross examination, and some hard hitting questions from the audience.


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Religious Liberty - Does the Catholic Church Have a Role in Public Debate?

Last edited 1st July 2010

As fundamental a right as the right to life itself, today's secular society threatens the freedom of religion. Increasingly pushed out of the public sphere, religion and its institutions are being hampered by a worldview of freedom that compromises basic tenets of Christian belief.


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Hot Topics

Last edited 18th October 2012

Have you ever been asked... why do we need marriage? Shouldn't people with a poor quality of life have a right to die? Why are there so many rules when it comes to dating? What's wrong with women Priests?


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SCENE in Sydney!

Last edited 30th June 2010

The Sydney Congress Embracing the New Evangelisation took over Sydney for a week, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of WYD08.


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