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30th Anniversary of Saint Pope John Paul ll's Address to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Last edited 24th November 2016

This Sunday, 27th of November marks the 30th Anniversary of the visit of Saint Pope John Paul ll to Australia and his address to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. This is an excerpt of what he said:


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John Paul II Documentary Aims to Explain Who The Pope Really Was to Millennials

Last edited 15th August 2016

The Catholic world has been looking to Poland this past week during World Youth Day. It is a country with an arduous past, consisting of Soviet communist dominance which was instituted after World War II up until 1989.


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5 Pieces of Advice From JPII for World Youth Day

Last edited 27th July 2016

Imagine millions of Catholics everywhere you turn. Flags flying, chants echoing through the streets, Pope Francis buzzing through the crowds. Imagine the zeal for Christ, the palpable presence of the Holy Spirit in the air, the celebration of the Catholic—the universal—faith.


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There's A Generation That Didn't know John Paul II - This Film Is For Them

Last edited 15th June 2016

Thousands of people gathered in St. Peter's Square and around their television sets to pray for Pope John Paul II as he passed away on April 2, 2005. They remembered the more than 26 years he served as the Holy Father; the courage he had in fighting communism; his immense love; and his adventurous spirit.


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Pope John Paul II's "Letter to Artists"

Last edited 27th April 2016

A tribute to John Paul II's "Letter to Artists", as read by students at John Paul the Great Catholic University. This video was posted in April 2014, to commemorate his canonization to sainthood, and as a gift to Christian artists throughout the world. Many of the students reading are film, gaming, or acting students who have taken up the Pope's invitation to pursue the arts.

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John Paul II's "Secret Letters" Explained

Last edited 22nd February 2016

In response to recent headlines, Jason Evert explains the story behind Pope St. John Paul II’s letters to Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, a married Polish philosopher and friend of the pope before and during his papacy. Jason points out that—despite what our oversexualized culture would have us think—it is possible to have a genuine, chaste friendship with someone of the opposite sex. As Pope St. John Paul II said, “God uses human friendship to lead hearts to the source of divine charity.”

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St. John Paul II Taught Me How to Die

Last edited 18th February 2016

I met a man with Parkinson’s’ Disease last week. He lay sunken into his hospital bed, face blank as he watched the tiny television screen in the corner. Slowly, he was helped to his feet.


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The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II

Last edited 16th February 2016

Pope John Paul II was one of the most influential figures of the 20th Century, revered by millions and made a saint in record time, just nine years after he died. The BBC has seen letters he wrote a Polish-born philosopher Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka, that shed new light on his emotional life.

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The Saint and the Synod – John Paul II’s Legacy Still Seen in Church Teaching

Last edited 22nd October 2015

Though it has been more than 10 years since the death of Pope John Paul II, the saint’s impact can still be seen in those working to uphold Church teaching at the Synod on the Family, said his former secretary. “The teaching of the magisterium of the Church and of John Paul II is always current,” said Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki of Lviv.


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John Paul II's Visit to Australia 1986

Last edited 22nd October 2015

On 22 October the Church celebrates the feast day of Saint John Paul II, patron of World Youth Day! To celebrate this feast day, take a look at this awesome footage of his visit to Australia in 1986.

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