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Regular Exercise 'Best for Mental Health' US Study

Last edited 8th August 2018

Regular physical activity lasting 45 minutes three to five times a week can reduce poor mental health - but doing more than that is not always beneficial, a large US study suggests.


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Croatia's World Cup Soccer Coach Clings to the Rosary as He Finds Success

Last edited 11th July 2018

On Sunday, Croatia’s soccer team will play France in the championship game of the 2018 World Cup, after running victoriously through a string of soccer powerhouses in the tournament.


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Social Media Apps are 'Deliberately' Addictive to Users

Last edited 4th July 2018

Social media companies are deliberately addicting users to their products for financial gain, Silicon Valley insiders have told the BBC's Panorama programme.


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Miss America Waves Bye Bye to Bikinis

Last edited 5th June 2018

The Miss America beauty pageant is scrapping its swimwear segment and will no longer judge competitors on physical appearance.


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Winning Souls Through the Met Gala

Last edited 10th May 2018

On the one hand, it seemed odd. Why would the minds behind the Met Gala — an event attended by famously secular, “do what you want, there is no truth” minded celebrities — pick a theme that literally has the word “Catholic” in the title? Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination is a pretty ardently Catholic theme, chosen to celebrate the opening of an exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, where very obviously Catholic stuff is on display — things like papal tiaras, items from the sacristy of the Sistine Chapel, religious vestments, even a relic of St. Valentine, all while sacred music is played overhead. The entire exhibit puts sacred images and items in full view, showing how Catholicism has influenced the world of fashion and art, and how the Church’s art has played a seemingly huge role in the imagination of designers and artists.


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Rugby Australia 'Accepts' Folau's Explanation

Last edited 18th April 2018

Rugby Australia says it accepts star player Israel Folau's statement that he did not mean to hurt people when he made an anti-gay comment.


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70% of Young Brits are 'Not Religious'

Last edited 21st March 2018

Nearly three-quarters of young Brits identify as having no religion, a report suggests.


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Winner of 2018 Tropfest Film Festival Tells Beautiful Story about Self-Image

Last edited 18th February 2018

Tropfest, the largest short film festival in the world, and based in Sydney, Australia was held over the weekend. The Finalists presented a variety of styles, showcasing stories from hilarious to touching and inspiring. The winning prize of the Festival went to 'Two Piece', which tells the story of 13 year old Ava buying a new swimsuit before going to the beach with her family.


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Catholic Skater Yuna Kim Lights the Olympic Torch

Last edited 12th February 2018

Catholic Olympic gold-medalist Yuna Kim lit the torch at the Opening Ceremony for the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea on Feb. 9.


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I'm Not Anxious Anymore - A True Story about Altar Serving

Last edited 4th February 2018

"Class, I have a list of activities to help you work toward your Confirmation,"


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