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Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Resurrected at MWC 2017

Last edited 26th February 2017

Nokia's 3310 phone has been relaunched nearly 17 years after its debut.


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The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying

Last edited 23rd February 2017

Last year was the best year yet for my business.


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Xt3 Vox: Loving Your Neighbour

Last edited 23rd March 2017

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus proclaims the first of all the commandments, to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. He then goes on to proclaim the second greatest commandment, which goes hand in hand with the first, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these."


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The Virus (Short film by Life Teen)

Last edited 13th February 2017

Once the Virus starts spreading through electronic devices, no one seems safe. Protect yourself. Protect your family.


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Facebook to Roll Out Fake News Tools in Germany

Last edited 16th January 2017

Facebook is introducing new tools in Germany to help combat the spread of fabricated news stories.


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How Jesus Taught us to be Pro-Life

Last edited 15th January 2017



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5 Things To Make 2017 Great: Fr Rob Galea

Last edited 9th January 2017

Fr Rob Galea lists 5 things to make 2017 a great year.


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This is What Mercy Sounds Like, in Rome

Last edited 18th December 2016

Poetry, music, and art. That is what Michael Campbell has put together to produce a sensory experience of mercy in "Faces of Mercy.”


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"Silence": Thrilling new Hollywood Superproduction About Jesuits in Japan

Last edited 8th December 2016

This is the trailer of the movie "Silence,” a thrilling depiction of the persecution suffered by Jesuit priests in 17th-century Japan.


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Chapecoense Plane Crash: Team Awarded Copa Sudamericana

Last edited 6th December 2016

Brazilian club Chapecoense have been awarded the Copa Sudamericana by South American football confederation Conmebol after most of their team died in a plane crash en route to the final.


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