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On the Demise of the True Love of Friends in an Age of Lost Innocence

Last edited 4th January 2016

One of the casualties of the sexual revolution has been the love that is friendship. The Greek language has several different words for love. The love between friends is phileo, and is different from eros (physical, sensual love), storge (family love), and agape (selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love of God or another).


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Catholic Movie Reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last edited 3rd January 2016

It is absolutely the Good vs. Evil story which we’ve grown to expect from Star Wars. There are some great additional messages, though. For example, Finn is a Stormtrooper. He is programmed to be one thing: a mindless killer. It’s when he decides to exercise his free will and think for himself that he becomes a whole person and his real journey begins. This is a wonderful example of how one’s upbringing, familial expectations, or current situation need not define his entire life. Moreover, the Force and the teachings of the Jedi have always been an unapologetic allusion to spirituality and God. There’s a great moment where Han is talking to Ren and Finn and tells them “The Force, the Jedi, it’s all true.”

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New Star Wars Villains Not Evil Enough, Says Vatican Movie Critic

Last edited 21st December 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens broke box office records and restored a new hope in the franchise to the delight of fans worldwide with a few exceptions, including the Vatican’s newspaper.


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Central African Republic Sees Positive Effects of Papal Visit

Last edited 17th December 2015

A Catholic leader in the Central African Republic has said Christian-Muslim ties were affected positively by Pope Francis’s on November 29-30 visit and his simple message of living peacefully.


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Why We Should Love the Virgin Mary: Pope Francis Minute

Last edited 13th December 2015

A beautiful animation where Pope Francis explains why we need to take care and cultivate our relationship with the Virgen Mary. This is a production.

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Why Millions of Chinese are Becoming Official

Last edited 10th December 2015

China will give official status to all of its "unregistered" citizens, many of them children born illegally under the one-child system, in plans announced this week.


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'Sensitive Santa' Brings Christmas Joy to Children with Autism

Last edited 10th December 2015

For parents of children with autism, the annual Christmas ritual of meeting Santa Claus and getting a photo on his knee can be too much to bear, but now a so-called 'Sensitive Santa' is ensuring no one misses out.


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A Spectacular Light and Sound Show in St. Peter's Square to Celebrate the Jubilee

Last edited 9th December 2015

The first night of the Jubilee of Mercy was filled with lights and colors on the facade of St. Peter's Basilica. The projection "Fiat Lux: Illuminating our common home” was an homage to nature that attracted thousands of people to St. Peter's Square. The show lasted about three hours.


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The Lights of Christmas 2015

Last edited 13th July 2016

A Sydney Christmas tradition. The Lights of Christmas presented by PAYCE illuminates St Mary's Cathedral facade with stunning projections. We welcome everyone to enjoy, reflect and celebrate Christmas. Music from 7.30pm. Projections from 8.30pm.


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A Beautiful Version of O' Holy Night by Home Free

Last edited 7th December 2015

Home Free’s brand new version of "O Holy Night" is stunning with their talented vocals singing a cappella in the setting of this beautiful church. Founded in the early 2000’s by brothers Chris and Adam Rupp, Home Free was crowned the champions of NBC’s Sing Off – and deservedly so. What a beautiful rendition of this favorite Christmas classic.

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