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Papal Palates: Swiss Guard Cookbook to Hit Shelves by Summer
Last edited 24th February 2015

A cookbook featuring favorite dishes of the three most-recent popes and their elite military corps will be available this summer in English. "Buon Appetito, Swiss Guard" was written by 24-year-old David Geisser, who had worked as a chef and published two popular cookbooks in his native Switzerland before joining the Swiss Guard nearly two years ago.

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The Rewards of a Little Self-Denial in Lent are Extraordinary
Last edited 19th February 2015

A Stanford academic called Walter Mischel devised the ground-breaking Marshmallow Test. It was very simple: they put a young child alone in a room with a marshmallow. The child was given a choice: they could eat the marshmallow straight away, or wait 15 minutes and be given a second marshmallow as a reward for waiting.


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Big Hero 6
Last edited 23rd February 2015

Inspired by the Marvel Comic strip of the same name, Big Hero 6 is the 54th Disney animated film and the first since the success of last year’s double Oscar winning phenomenon Frozen.


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130 Youth Ministry Tips and Ideas
Last edited 18th February 2015

Who this ebook is for This ebook was written for the small church youth leader who volunteers their time from a huge heart for students but has very little training and even feels a little lost in this whole youth ministry thing. It’s also for the new youth pastor who is just starting out in his or her first youth ministry position and needs some pointers to help get started and tips to avoid common mistakes. However, that said, there are still plenty of ideas here that will benefit even the veteran youth worker.

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The Annual Clericus Cup Vatican Soccer Tournament!
Last edited 10th February 2015

The annual Clericus Cup competition among Rome's Pontifical seminaries has grown from a series of intramural scrimmages into a regulation 11-on-11 tournament that has drawn attention from FIFA, the sport's world governing body, and praise from UEFA, European soccer's ruling organisation.


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How Much Do You Know About St. Peter's Tomb?
Last edited 8th February 2015

For centuries, it's here, before the tomb of St. Peter where a Pope prays, before starting his inauguration Mass. Even though the resting place of St. Peter is the very heart of the Church, few people know other secrets surrounding it. For example, in its chapel there's a box full of palliums the Pope gives to new archbishops as a symbol of Church unity. Italian author Marco Agostini wrote a book titled, "The Tomb and Its Memory,” to help readers understand some of these traditions.

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50 Things to Know About "Fifty Shades of Grey"
Last edited 2nd February 2015

"Fifty Shades of Grey" is not romantic. It is about unequal power, and perverted and abusive relationships. In this video, Matt Fradd from Covenant Eyes talks about the Fifty Shades phenomenon that is now a trilogy, a musical, and a major motion picture.

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Compare and Contrast: The Super Bowl and the Mass
Last edited 2nd February 2015

This week Americans... as well as people all around the world... were in the grip of a semi-“religious” event: the Super Bowl. People donned their sacred attire and shouted praises. If only Catholics had the same dedication to the Mass and the Church that true football fans have to the game.


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New film on Pius XII and the Jews
Last edited 29th January 2015

A new film, Shades of Truth, highlights Venerable Pius XII’s efforts to assist Jews during the Holocaust. The film will be previewed at the Vatican on March 2, according toL’Osservatore Romano, and subsequently shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

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Archbishops to Receive Palliums at Home with their Flock
Last edited 29th January 2015

When Pope Francis celebrates the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in June, he will set aside an element that has been part of the Mass for the past 32 years; the Vatican confirmed he will not confer the pallium on new archbishops during the liturgy.


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