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The Great Divorce Between Heaven and Hell
Last edited 13th January 2015

C S Lewis comes to the stage, and leads the audience into deep waters.

Service Groups Help Homeless Prepare for Pope’s Visit to Manila
Last edited 12th January 2015

This week, volunteers at a three-year-old program to assist the homeless at Manila’s Ermita Church made sure their clients will be ready for the pope’s arrival Thursday. The program, run by the Knights of Columbus and the Lions’ Club, offered clean clothes, haircuts and a shower.


Fr. Robert Barron Reviews "The Theory of Everything"
Last edited 11th January 2015

According to Fr Robert Barron, the new biopic “A Theory of Everything” does indeed engage in a fair amount of Hawking-hagiography, but it is also, curiously, a God-haunted movie. Watch this video for more!

Witchcraft Allegations are Creating a Refugee Crisis in PNG, a Government Officials Says
Last edited 6th January 2015

Witchcraft allegations are forcing so many women to flee their villages in Papua New Guinea that one local government worker says it is creating a refugee problem.

Let it Snow: Crowds Catch Glimpse of Ice Sculptures at Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival in China
Last edited 6th January 2015

Tourists have descended on the iciest city in China where one of the world's largest ice and snow festivals has begun.

PNG Emergency Appeal Amid Severe Food Shortage
Last edited 22nd December 2014

A Catholic bishop of Alotau, Papua New Guinea, has launched an appeal during a severe food shortage following a cyclone engulfing the Catholic diocese.


This Christmas
Last edited 22nd December 2014

This Christmas, enjoy some real face time. Switch your phones off! A Christmas message from

Christmas Isn’t Perfect – So Find Christ in Your Real Christmas
Last edited 21st December 2014

Most of us have a perfect Christmas in mind. Often it is the creation of Hallmark, Currier & Ives, and various marketers. But none of us will have a perfect Christmas, just a real one.


Australia Showed the World How to Respond to Terrorism
Last edited 16th December 2014

In the aftermath of the hostage crisis in downtown Sydney, Australians are showing the world they're not caving to racism or Islamophobia. On Monday, an armed gunman stormed a cafe in Martin Place, entering a tense standoff with police. After the hostage-taker displayed an Islamic flag in the cafe's window, many of Australia's Muslims are understandably anxious about facing retribution.


Lights of Christmas 2014 - Highlights
Last edited 10th December 2014

Some highlights from the 2014 Lights of Christmas, presented by PAYCE, St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.


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