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Artists Interpret Stations of the Cross for ACU's Innovative Easter Exhibition

Last edited 24th March 2015

Warnum artist, Shirley Purdie's interpretation of the 16th Station of the Cross is one of the highlights and outstanding works featured in the Australian Catholic Universities' unique Easter Art Exhibition at ACU's McGlade Gallery.


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Is There Still Religious Freedom at Universities?

Last edited 22nd March 2015

Unlike non-religious student groups such as the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance or Greek fraternities, the Cal State system now refuses to recognise any religious group that requires that its leaders share the group’s mission and beliefs.


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His Love Defines Your Worth

Last edited 18th March 2015

We don't learn who we are by looking at ourselves and everything that is going on in our lives. We learn who we are by turning our eyes to our Heavenly Father. Get out of your head, put your eyes on Him! Watch this video by Christopher Stefanick for more.

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Here's What the Church in Pompei is Doing About the Mafia

Last edited 16th March 2015

Archbishop Tommaso Caputo of Pompei said that his diocese has welcomed the Pope’s recent condemnation of organized crime and has several initiatives in place to help affected families. “The Italian church has always taken into great consideration the problems relating to the South of Italy,” where mafia activity in its various forms is deeply seated, Archbishop Tommaso Caputo told CNA Feb. 28. Visit this article to read more.

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Creative Fasting - What Young People are Giving Up for Lent

Last edited 11th March 2015

Could you imagine giving up Facebook, TV, or sweets for 40 days? We are in the midst of Lent when Christians traditionally fast. The young leaders of a Catholic youth group came up with a special challenge. Instead of simply refraining from eating meat, they invented a new concept for Lent to get teenagers excited about spirituality.


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Atheism = Empty

Last edited 10th March 2015

Of course, anyone who knows an atheist knows that a faithless person can have meaningful experiences of life, and more, that they can be virtuous, empathetic, and generous people. However, it’s important to note that all of that isn’t because of their atheistic worldview. It’s despite it.


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Jihadi Brides: Don’t Overlook how New Media Market Cruelty as well as Porn

Last edited 10th March 2015

Carolyn Moynihan insightfully asks, “Why do kids desert the West to fight with ISIS?”, observing that the terrorists seem to understand adolescent psychology better than we do.

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Catholics in the Muslim World: Morocco

Last edited 9th March 2015

Catholic News Service takes an in-depth look at the situation of Catholics living in Morocco.

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A Close Shave for 50 Boys from St Mary's Cathedral College - But All in Support of their Classmate

Last edited 4th March 2015

Inspired by the strength and courage of Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral College's popular Year 12 student and the House Vice Captain, Jacques Pacifique, 50 of his classmates have banded together to take part in the World's Greatest Shave.


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Papal Palates: Swiss Guard Cookbook to Hit Shelves by Summer

Last edited 24th February 2015

A cookbook featuring favorite dishes of the three most-recent popes and their elite military corps will be available this summer in English. "Buon Appetito, Swiss Guard" was written by 24-year-old David Geisser, who had worked as a chef and published two popular cookbooks in his native Switzerland before joining the Swiss Guard nearly two years ago.

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