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Lights of Christmas 2014 - Highlights
Last edited 10th December 2014

Some highlights from the 2014 Lights of Christmas, presented by PAYCE, St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney.


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Vatican Museums in 3D
Last edited 21st May 2015

About six million people visit the Vatican museums every year. For those who can't make the trip, now there's a 3D experience where viewers can see it all up close and personal.

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New Christmas Tree Arrives to St. Peter's Square
Last edited 4th December 2014

Christmas season is now officially in St. Peter's Square with the installment of this 82 foot Christmas tree. The tree is from the Italian region of Calabria and is approximately 70 years old.

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Unity Sought at Israel Tree Lighting
Last edited 2nd December 2014

Arab Christians in Israel hope for unity among Jews, Muslims and Christians as they light a Christmas tree in the port city of Jaffa.

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Giant Christmas Tree Returns to Border between North and South Korea
Last edited 2nd December 2014

After months of controversy and judicial appeals, the government has granted the Christian Council of Korea permission to rebuild the huge Christmas tree on Aegibong peak. The hill, which is directly across the border with the North, is 165 meters high.

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How To Celebrate a Catholic Thanksgiving!
Last edited 26th November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends for Thursday 29 November 2014! In this video, Father Roderick offers 7 tips to celebrate a Catholic Thanksgiving.

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Christmas is for Sharing - Powerful Video
Last edited 27th November 2014

Sainsbury’s official Christmas advert for 2014, inspired by real events from 100 years ago, is a beautiful reminder of the spirit of Christmas and the power of sharing.

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8 Tips to A Never-Ending Thanksgiving
Last edited 25th November 2014

Thanksgiving is certainly about being thankful for all the blessings the Lord has given us, to thank Him for His goodness and mercy and most of all our salvation. But what else is Thanksgiving about? As Catholics, we are called to live out our Thanksgiving every single day. How does that work? Turkey would get boring real fast.


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The Spirituality of Surfing
Last edited 1st December 2014

"Who consistently wakes up at 4.30am every morning and does the same thing year after year, decade after decade? The answer: monks and surfers. Surfing isn’t a religion, but for many surfers I know it comes pretty close. I’ve been surfing most of my life, and as a Catholic priest I see major similarities between surfing and Christianity."


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An Interreligious Thanksgiving Feast in Israel
Last edited 23rd November 2014

As interreligious and political tensions escalated in Israel, especially in Jerusalem, more than 80 Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered at the home of a U.S. diplomat to celebrate an American tradition: Thanksgiving.


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