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Gambling Under the Microscope: Gains Overstated, Losses Hidden
Last edited 9th February 2014

Last week a report with the latest statistics on gambling around the world was pusblished. According to a summary of the report published by the Australian Associated Press, the annual per capita gambling loss averages in the country total $1,144, for an annual total of $21.5bn. The majority of the gambling is done on poker machines and Australia is in first place in the world for gambling per person. Visit this article by Fr. John Flynn to read more.

Chinese Catholics open New Year by Celebrating Family, Faith, Culture
Last edited 6th February 2014

Outside the wooden doors of St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in Chicago, the piercing crackle of hundreds of firecrackers ushered in the lunar new year.


#AskFrBarron - What are Fr. Barron's Five Favorite Books?
Last edited 6th February 2014

Each week Fr. Robert Barron welcomes questions through Facebook and Twitter (using the #AskFrBarron hashtag) and through his blog at Stay tuned for new answers each week! This week's question is: What are your five favorite books?

Father Robert Barron on "Bob Dylan"
Last edited 5th February 2014

Is it possible to read Bob Dylan as a "spiritual poet". According to Fr. Robert Barron, yes you can! In fact the Bible is a constant theme throughout many of his songs. When you listen to his lyrics, a multitude of spiritual themes emerge. Take a look at today's feature for more!

Catholic Mission Launches Appeal to Help Communities Turn Away from Witchcraft
Last edited 4th February 2014

Catholic Mission launches appeal to help communities turn away from witchcraft


Greater Understanding Means Going Beyond the Hijab - Comment
Last edited 3rd February 2014

It's fantastic that the world came together to celebrate the hijab. But if the aim is to foster a true connection with and understanding of Muslim women, the focus has to be on more than what they wear.


Ask for Help
Last edited 30th January 2014

It is already the end of January - where does the time go? If you made some resolutions for the New Year, and haven't followed through on them, don't give up! We can keep starting again over and over, and remember to ask for help when you need it.

Catholic Talk: An Open Letter to Rolling Stone Magazine
Last edited 31st January 2014

Visit this article for an excellent response by Catholic Talk regarding the Rolling Stone's recent article on Pope Francis...


'Superpope' Artist Acclaims Pope Francis as a True Hero
Last edited 30th January 2014

Artist Mauro Pallotta revealed that his viral depiction of Pope Francis as a superhero was done to portray how the pontiff uses his papal authority “for the good.”


500 Years of female portraits in western art (Classic Dump)
Last edited 29th January 2014

Music: Bach's Sarabande from Suite for Solo Cello No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 performed by Yo-Yo MaNominated as Most Creative Video


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