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A Pencil in God’s Hand: Mother Teresa’s Story Comes to the Big Screen
Last edited 23rd November 2015

Agnes Gonxhe Bojaxhiu was only twelve years old when she first felt the call to become a missionary to India. At the age of 18 she joined the Sisters of Loreto, with the hope of serving in missionary work. For fifteen years, she lived in a convent in Darjeeling and Calcutta, teaching school to local girls.


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Franciscan Sister Wins Cooking Game Show “Chopped”
Last edited 12th November 2015

Sister Alicia Torres, a Catholic religious sister from the Franciscans of the Eucharist of Chicago competed on, and ultimately won, the Food Network’s competitive cooking show “Chopped” winning $10,000 for Mission of Our Lady of the Angels, which feeds its Humboldt Park neighbors with frequent home-cooked meals.


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This Catholic Nun is Competing on Food Network's Reality Cooking Show
Last edited 9th November 2015

Fans of the Food Network’s competitive cooking show “Chopped” can look forward to a special appearance on Monday night’s episode – Sister Alicia Torres, a Catholic religious sister from the Franciscans of the Eucharist of Chicago.


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3 Ways Not to Lead Your Fallen-Away Child Back to the Church
Last edited 6th November 2015

If your son or daughter has drifted away from the Church, you're not alone. The Catholic Church is hemorrhaging young people. Half of young Americans who were raised Catholic (50% exactly) no longer identify as Catholic today. Roughly eight-in-ten (79%) who shed their faith leave before age 23.


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Smashing Stereotypes in the Melbourne Cup
Last edited 4th November 2015

The race that stops a nation quite possibly stopped the entire world today as Michelle Payne became the first female rider to win the Melbourne Cup. This in itself is a noteworthy achievement, and she is to be congratulated for her achievement.


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Mental Health Awareness Week 2015
Last edited 20th October 2015

World Mental Health Day is observed annually on 10 October, and the week preceding this annual observance is known as Mental Health Awareness Week. This year, the Catholic Church has sought to celebrate this day as an opportunity to encourage a true pastoral view that embraces our total community as the living Body of Christ.


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Boy Escapes India ‘Black Magic’ Attack
Last edited 22nd September 2015

AS he recovers in a children’s shelter in eastern India, 17-year-old Ganita Munda is haunted by the sound of his family’s screams as a witch-hunting gang killed them in their home.The teenager remembers breaking free of the attackers and fleeing his rural village home in Orissa state to a nearby forest where he hid alone in the dark for hours.

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Ashley Madison and an Examination of Conscience
Last edited 27th August 2015

You might have seen that the subscriber data taken from the Ashley Madison website when it was hacked last month has been leaked, as the hackers had promised. Just to recap, a vigilante group calling itself the Impact Team had hacked in to the site, posting a message that they would release customer records including names, addresses and email addresses, photographs and more unless the site was taken down permanently.


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Biblical Teaching on the Use of Colorful and Harsh Language
Last edited 24th August 2015

In the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord warns of using uncivil and/or hateful words such as “Raqa” and “fool.” And yet the same Lord Jesus often used very strong language toward some of His opponents, sometimes calling them names such as vipers and hypocrites.


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FRANKLY: A Game-Changer in Catholic Parish Life
Last edited 21st August 2015

Bursting onto the Catholic scene in parishes this Christmas, FRANKLY is a fresh new publication that will be a power house in evangelisation and a counter-balance to secular negativity about the Church.


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