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Thinking About Drinking? The Bible, Alcohol, and You
Last edited 18th September 2014

Posted by Mark Hart from Life Teen: I talk to teenagers just about every day, and the conversations are often the same. They deal with the Bible and what the Church teaches and how challenging it can be to live a holy life in an unholy culture. I’d say that most teens that I talk to are truly looking for the Lord; some, however, are looking less for the Lord and more for the loopholes.


Pope Francis Blesses Vatican's Cricket Team Ahead Of Their First Ever Overseas Tour
Last edited 11th September 2014

Pope Francis has officially blessed the Vatican's Cricket Team and yesterday he also signed the bat the team will use during their first ever cricket tour of England where the Papal XI are set to play five matches including a much anticipated showdown against the Church of England's formidable First XI on 19 September.


RUOK Day: A Conversation Can Change a Life
Last edited 11th September 2014

Today, people around the country will be asked to turn to their friends, family and work colleagues and check in on their mental health - R U OK Day has arrived, encouraging people to start a conversation that could change someone’s life.


Depression Is Disabling, Debilitating & Devastating But Lives Can Be Turned Around
Last edited 3rd September 2014

With a smile that can light up a room, 25-year-old Renee Lena comes across as a confident, happy and outgoing young woman. Having just landed a job in the fashion industry she is full of excitement and hopes this might be a stepping stone to a future career in fashion.


Adelaide to host Australian Catholic Youth Festival 2015
Last edited 28th August 2014

The Australian bishops have announced that next year's national Catholic youth festival will be held in Adelaide, the capital of the state of South Australia.


Vinnies Stores Joins National Op Shop Week Celebrations
Last edited 25th August 2014

From Monday 25 August until Sunday August 31, St Vincent de Paul Society is celebrating National Op Shop Week at its 250 stores across NSW. Now in its third year, National Op Shop Week not only encourages canny shoppers to hunt out bargains and great one-of-a-kind finds at the nation's thrift stores and op shops, but also encourages us to think about donating quality goods we no longer use to help those on the margins.

Keep the Change Giving Money to Child Beggars is the Least Generous Thing a Tourist Can Do.
Last edited 25th August 2014

"I still remember him vividly. He was a little boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old, who navigated the streets of New Delhi by lying, stomach-down, on an old skateboard, and pulling his body along with his arms. He didn’t have any legs. He rolled over to me, looked up into my eyes, and asked for money. Struggling not to cry, I reached into my pocket and handed over the equivalent of $10, less than what I spend on coffee each week. Giving him those $10 might be among the most destructive things I’ve ever done."


Saints Who Suffered from Depression
Last edited 13th August 2014

With the topic of depression very much in the news this week, it seems a good time to remember that even the holiest of people have suffered from periods of despair, including St. John Vianney, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, and St. Dymphna.


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National Missing Persons Week, 3-9 August
Last edited 8th August 2014

This week is National Missing Persons Week in Australia. 35,000 people (or one person every 15 minutes) are reported missing each year. While the overwhelming majority of these are found, there remain around 1600 people in Australia who have been missing for six months or more.


At AIDS Conference, Catholics Worry About Reduced Funding for Programs
Last edited 22nd July 2014

Catholics gathered for the 20th International AIDS Conference worry that medical advances against the HIV pandemic are leading to decreased attention and less funding for the struggle against the deadly virus. Msgr. Robert J. Vitillo, a special adviser on HIV and AIDS to Caritas Internationalis, said major strides in AIDS treatment have caused many to think it is no longer a fatal disease.

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