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Church at the Front Line Fighting Ebola in West Africa
Last edited 29th October 2014

A health adviser for a top global Catholic relief agency stressed the Church's key efforts on the Ebola front in West Africa: helping people overcome panic and avert devastating social stigmas by providing accurate information.


Catholic Schools in Rich Areas of Sydney to Charge Higher Fees
Last edited 27th October 2014

For the first time, there will be different fee structures for the 150 schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney. For about 35 schools in richer suburbs, fees will rise by as much as nine per cent, while some schools in the poorest areas will have a fee reduction. Discounts for siblings will also be phased out gradually.

Catholic Answers to Your Halloween Questions
Last edited 20th October 2014

Is Halloween an evil holiday? is it okay for Catholics to celebrate Halloween? What am I supposed to do if all of my friends are wearing “sexy” costumes? Christina Mead from Life Teen answers your questions about Halloween in this article...

Canada at a Deadly Crossroads
Last edited 16th October 2014

On Wednesday, October 15 the Supreme Court of Canada will hear the appeal in the Carter case. It will decide whether the Criminal Code’s prohibition of assisted suicide is constitutional. If the prohibition is struck down, doctors will be involved in assisted suicide and euthanasia. As physicians, we have followed with a growing sense of dismay the public debate over whether to introduce into medical practice the act of inflicting death. We write to you today to give a medical perspective on this crucial debate.

How an Incorrect Translation of the Synod Report Created Chaos
Last edited 15th October 2014

An incorrect translation into English of the original midterm report of the Synod on the Family may have spurred controversial interpretations of the document itself. The document's original version was written in Italian, which Pope Francis directed to be used as the official language of the synod. In prior synods the official language had been Latin, esteemed for its precision and lack of ambiguity.


October is Mental Health Month
Last edited 8th October 2014

October is Mental Health Month and the theme for this year is 'beYOUnique,' meaning promoting the positive impacts that self-acceptance and self-pride can have on wellbeing.


Jesus was a Feminist: Catholocism and Gender Equality
Last edited 1st October 2014

An ideal feminism incorporates the virtue of humility. It’s saying we all have something valuable to offer whether male or female but neither of us have everything, therefore we respect our differences and build each up. We need each other (Genesis 1:26-28).

Thinking About Drinking? The Bible, Alcohol, and You
Last edited 18th September 2014

Posted by Mark Hart from Life Teen: I talk to teenagers just about every day, and the conversations are often the same. They deal with the Bible and what the Church teaches and how challenging it can be to live a holy life in an unholy culture. I’d say that most teens that I talk to are truly looking for the Lord; some, however, are looking less for the Lord and more for the loopholes.


Pope Francis Blesses Vatican's Cricket Team Ahead Of Their First Ever Overseas Tour
Last edited 11th September 2014

Pope Francis has officially blessed the Vatican's Cricket Team and yesterday he also signed the bat the team will use during their first ever cricket tour of England where the Papal XI are set to play five matches including a much anticipated showdown against the Church of England's formidable First XI on 19 September.


RUOK Day: A Conversation Can Change a Life
Last edited 11th September 2014

Today, people around the country will be asked to turn to their friends, family and work colleagues and check in on their mental health - R U OK Day has arrived, encouraging people to start a conversation that could change someone’s life.


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