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Caritas Australia's 50 Year Anniversary: Nepal
Last edited 21st October 2014

Caritas Australia has a long history of working in South Asia. Watch this moving video to witness their incredible work in Nepal!


A New Book Reveals the Pope's Hidden Years During His “Exile” in Cordoba
Last edited 12th October 2014

This book tells of how Pope Francis met Eva Perón. He was a child when the first lady of Argentina entered a center where the young Jorge Mario Bergoglio studied. Evita greeted the future Pope. But beyond that story, "Aquel Francisco” (That Francis) speaks of the years the Pope spent in the city of Córdoba, a bittersweet period in which he learned a lot.

Chiara's Story - Illuminate
Last edited 9th October 2014

What's the gift that God's given you to illuminate this world? High school student Chiara has spoken out against human trafficking with her book "I Will Fight for You" - check out this video from Friday night at Ignite Conference to hear the awesome ways God is using it to illuminate.


"The Giver" and Recovering Our Christian Memory
Last edited 14th September 2014

A popular new film, "The Giver," reveals the surprising key to the authentic renewal of society: the recovery of our lost memory of Christ. Fr. Robert Barron comments on the film in this video!

R U OK? Putting Mateship Back on Track
Last edited 11th September 2014

Australia - this is why we can be proud. This is the story of Aussie mateship.


The Game of Life - A Youth Ministry Video
Last edited 10th September 2014

Four friends enjoy some time together over a board game and learn something in the process. This is a great video for youth groups and RE classes, especially when covering the topic of discernment and vocation!


Caritas 50 Year Anniversary: Timor Leste
Last edited 5th September 2014

Caritas Australia has had a long history in Timor Leste. In the rampage that followed Timor Leste’s vote in favour of independence in 1999, many lost their lives or were displaced, as the militias destroyed vast amounts of infrastructure, houses and schools. Caritas Australia helped lead an urgent humanitarian response in the country, which marked a turning point for the agency.


ACYMC Promo 2014 - Final Days to Register
Last edited 3rd September 2014

With registration closing on Friday September 12th for the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention everyone is counting down to Australia's premier Catholic Youth Ministry training and formation event in Adelaide 3-5 October 2014. See you at ACYMC.


"Hercules" and the Modern Meta-Narrative
Last edited 28th August 2014

Our modern meta-narrative, echoed in "Hercules," says history came to its climax after a long struggle with religion and the supernatural. But Christianity offers a different story. Watch this video by Fr. Robert Barron for more!


50 Years of Solidarity: Caritas Australia
Last edited 9th September 2014

Meet the people and hear the stories that have made Caritas Australia who they are today. To mark their 50 years, they’ve produced a 50th film of Caritas' work and their supporters, including those across the Archdiocese of Sydney.


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