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Pope Benedict XVI Thanks Madrid Cardinal for WYD

Last edited 13th February 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has sent a 'thank you' note to the Archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela, assuring his gratitude to the people of Spain for his successful trip to their country for World Youth Day 2011. Visit this article to read more.


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City of Madrid Profits Over $200 Million from WYD

Last edited 27th September 2011

The Spanish capital city of Madrid came away with over $200 million in profits after World Youth Day 2011 held this past August, officials said. The Community of Madrid estimated that WYD produced an increase of $199 million in the region’s Gross Interior Product. The contribution made by WYD was also recognized by the Madrid Consistory, which awarded the event with the Tourism Prize of the City of Madrid for promoting the city internationally. It also classified WYD as a National Patrimony.

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WYD11 Quotes by Pope Benedict XVI

Last edited 11th September 2011

Here are some of the key quotes by Pope Benedict XVI during World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. Read them, reflect on them, and share them with your friends!


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Are You "Planted and Built Up In Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith"?

Last edited 2nd September 2011

The WYD Madrid team have created a short clip to illustrate what it means to be "Planted and Built Up In Jesus Christ, Firm in the Faith", drawing from the scripture passage Luke 6:47-49:


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Madrid World Youth Day's Shortcomings Offer Lessons for Rio

Last edited 1st September 2011

It was one of the most remarkable global manifestations of the Catholic faith in recent memory. But since pilgrims have started returning home from World Youth Day, some are talking about the disorganization they experienced and how the event could be improved. For example, around 100,000 of the 1.5 million pilgrims we refused entry into the venue for the Vigil and Final Mass, despite having the correct passes.


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Why Young Pilgrims Were Drawn to See the Pope at WYD11

Last edited 1st September 2011

Why did over a million young people travel to Madrid to see an elderly Pope? Fr. Robert Barron talks about what draws young people to WYD and the Papacy in this video!

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The Hearts of Young People - Praying for WYD

Last edited 31st August 2011

During August 2011, the Pope asked Catholics everywhere to pray for World Youth Day in Madrid. Even though the event is over, we can still pray for the WYD pilgrims - that they may bring the WYD message back home and be witnesses to Christ.

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How Pilgrims Reacted to Protestors During WYD11 in Madrid

Last edited 31st August 2011

During World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid, a number of protestors took to the streets to show their hate for the Church. The protests were confronting and at times aggressive, so how did the WYD pilgrims react? They prayed the Rosary... watch this video to listen to some WYD pilgrims recount their experience with the protests in Madrid.

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Aussie Pilgrims Wrap Up WYD11: Stations of the Cross, Vigil and Final Mass

Last edited 1st September 2011

Here are some video highlights from Aussie Pilgrimage, culminating at the WYD Stations of the Cross on 19 August, the Vigil with the Holy Father on 20 August, and the Final WYD Mass on 21 August 2011!

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World Youth Day 2011 - A Call for WYD Pilgrims to Participate in a Research Project

Last edited 29th August 2011

Pilgrims who attended World Youth Day XXVI in Madrid are invited to participate in a research project which explores how the events of World Youth Day (WYD) and its associated pilgrimages might impact upon a pilgrim’s perception of spirituality, religious practice, community and self. The research is being conducted as part of the PhD of Mr. Anthony Cleary.


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